A Climate Of Suspicion
By Jim Kirwan
In this Climate of Suspicion, we have become very much like a dumb and unsuspecting herd of cattle that can be easily driven to whatever destination our 'leaders' choose for us. About the only thing still going for the human race are the outriders that accompany the herd, to help, to push occasionally, and to watch for greater dangers. Each of us - and there are literally thousands of voices that have taken up the task - has taken up a personal niche wherever that individual is most comfortable.
A Parable
On a bright blue day on the open plains of the great Southwest, a group of cowboys is herding Mustangs toward a distant railhead. The work is hard, and the outriders need to stay alert for any sign of threat, any hint of anything that might cut-short their journey. These men are used to herding cattle, but these are Mustangs, wild eyed with flashing hoofs and well developed senses, and while this is a herd they are not as docile as the cattle they are used to. The group moves gently over the range, pausing here and there to graze, or just to scent the air for anything that might be interesting.
Then suddenly, the sky begins to change and there is now a scent of storm, and in minutes the temperature has dropped. The riders exchange hurried glances, and each one takes up their self-appointed task. One lingers, looking for the fallen fold, or the stragglers that cannot be left behind while the others try to keep the unsettled herd together. The scouts search for any sudden precipice that might spell death for many of these animals for which they feel responsible. The bulk of the riders remain near the leaders, to watch for any sudden shift in the direction of the herd. It is their job to let the Mustangs have their head, but to keep panic to a minimum. An hour passes - that seems like three, and the lather of their mounts, coupled with the sweat upon them, mixes with the smell of well-worn leather - as their journey continues.
All traces of the blue abruptly vanish from the heavens now and the thunderclouds are building to tremendous heights. The air about them becomes pregnant with the coming storm, and the thermometer continues to plummet - but now the Mustangs have the scent of danger in their flaring nostrils and all know that danger is approaching and soon it may be that every man and horse will need to do whatever can be done, just to stay alive.
It is at this juncture that unknown riders appear in front of the herd, riding full out toward the oncoming mass with weapons drawn, and soon their rifle fire begins to echo in the wind. The leaders split and the herd begins to scatter with the outriders fighting to keep pace, until one or two of them go down. Apparently the shots from the strangers were fired with purpose and direction. The trail-boss returns fire, but his pistol is no match for the rifles - he signals his crew and very soon they leave the horses to the oncoming riders and thunder back the way they came. The outlaws scatter the herd, knowing that the Mustangs will soon regroup and vanish into that vast and distant prairie, where they will find the food and freedom that will delay that day - when they will all be rounded-up again, by other men, just to be turned into pet food for people.
* * *
This unfinished jigsaw puzzle that resembles the current global situation, needs every one of us to do the job at all. So, when Victor belittles Alex Jones, he is diminishing the efforts of all of us. Jones is one of the outriders for the herd, he takes stock using his skills and his well-developed senses to attempt to warn the grazing herd, of things that may indicate that "trouble is not always obvious" - that's what Alex does. No self-respecting writer can write about anything if he or she chooses to remain completely unaware of the goals and circumstances that are being directly brought into play, by one side or the other.
Fear, is a necessary and delicate sense that all of us have. The Bandits want to use that as a bludgeon, a battle-axe to threaten and to beat the reluctant with. What Prison Planet does, is describe in detail what has been prepared, and what is being done - continuously - to create that climate that the Corporados want created; so that they can bring the herd to slaughter by the shortest possible route. No self-respecting outrider would even begin riding herd without a clear idea of what dangers to expect or what changes to watch for: That's what Alex and so many others do when they publish articles that might scare the faint of heart, or the weak of mind. Only Bush believes that any course can be dictated, despite whatever might be waiting for those who fail to make 'corrections.'
Thorn would have us believe that we must be organized (not mentioning that we can then conveniently all be found together). He also does not bother to mention the obvious: that when and if we begin to speak with just one voice - under just one umbrella - then we are all much easier to control.
As outriders from the herd, it is our job to remain the individuals that we are. Because our strength lies not in speaking with a single voice, but rather with being a well-informed and wary group of people which can remain alert to a multitude of events and issues all at once. The reason "organizing" simply doesn't work is because whoever controls the voice of the organization can be captured or co-opted, and that voice might then be otherwise directed. Controlling a group of fiercely independent minds, each looking at different facets of the greater threat, is a hell of a lot harder to do than when the group has been led into a 'unified' configuration. Strength through independent thought and expression is the strongest posture possible for the alternative news media.
According to Victor, "Here's the cold hard truth: the government doesn't care what 99.999% of the populace is doing because nobody's doing anything!" I beg to differ.
He might not remember when Al Qaeda supposedly beheaded that first person, on video. Within forty-eight hours, outriders from around the planet (including Alex) jumped on the story and disproved it totally - from virtually every angle possible. There was no blood to be seen, the dress the captors wore may have been Arab, but it was incorrectly worn. The men themselves looked more like ex-NFL players than starving rebels. And to top it all off, the video they used to take the pictures came from the same camera that shot the torture photos inside Abu Ghraib...there were Kodak serial numbers on every frame that proved the point beyond all question. The government backed off, but we continued probing.
Had we been 'organized' - none of that would have happened, because it would have taken weeks or months for the 'group' to mount a complaint - instead, we saw what happened, and each of us took the aspect that caught our individual eye. We then shared what we learned, and within hours the government was exposed AGAIN - as nothing more then the incompetent, lying fools we all know it to be.
The unmentioned part in almost all I write here is that for all their attempts to corral, to capture and destroy - the bandits have been almost hopeless when it comes to results. They fail and fail and fail: succeeding only in destroying, but not in gaining very much at all from all their treasonously criminal efforts - at least when compared to the scale of what they try to steal or control. In the end, they seem to have become only spoilers instead of the vainglorious victors over all that they set out to conquer.
The current efforts of the NWO are like the lashing out of a teenage pack of discontents that cannot stop rebelling against what they seem to see as outmoded authority, primarily because this 'authority' is what has blocked them from taking whatever they choose - for at least the last 50 years. Still, the end result of this struggle to the death has to remain in doubt - given the above. Yet we must each continue to continue until we can no longer participate - otherwise we make their effort easier: and that is something that no sane person really wants to do.
There is one other thing that seems to go unmentioned these days. It is that we have entered a completely foreign realm, a land far different than any place we've ever been before. There are no familiar landmarks in this dark and forbidding anteroom to Empire, and all we have for guidance in the storms that rock this land are the powers of our senses, and the individual skills and strengths we each possess. If we use those skills effectively, we may just survive this nightmare in one piece.
When one finds oneself in danger, it is better to have as much of the truth about what is being planned - to guide you - as it is possible to know...rather than to simply choose to remain optimistically supine while just continuing to graze with the docile herd. If we choose to act like cattle, we will go through life on all fours and shall deserve whatever might befall the herd. But if we are men and women and we stand and challenge these traitors for what they truly are - we can send them back to that dark and slimy place where they were spawned.
Sorry, Victor, a happy face and a back-slapping organizing session is just not enough to make a difference here - but it would play directly into the hands of those who'd like to see us all corralled. Take a look at Prison Planet, with the above in mind - then decide which is the most promising course to follow. It's important because if we get it wrong, we may not get another chance to make a different choice.



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