Bill Helps Another Race
Horse Find The
Winner's Circle

From Ellen Robertson
My husband and I have 3 race horses in training. Our trainer is wonderful; she does her best to make sure the horses are fat, shiny, fit and most of all happy. We were winning some races. Yet there seemed to be something missing. And what was missing was Bill Northern.
Bill started having "conversations with these horses about 1 year ago. And as most humans we really did not think that what he was saying the horses were saying was really so. After all I was talking with him on the phone and he was talking to my horse through his angels. How strange is that?? Why would I do something for my horses based on this?
He told me things that only I, my trainer or the horse would know. Such as my mare did not like her jockey because during the race he hit her on the right side and she was sore on that side, and after all she knows what she is doing and does not need anyone to hit her. OK fine! So Bill and I and my mare had another conversation. She told Bill which jockey she liked and how she wanted to run. She likes to trail the field and come on at the end and no hitting. We told the new jockey to carry his whip in his left hand and when it is time for her to make her move shake it at her. She won by 4 lengths and on the backside was 6 lengths behind the last horse.
Now I am back on the phone with Bill to find out about the other two horses. One of them wanted to run up front, not the best place for a distance horse. He had had a bad bump into the rail and almost went down so he wanted to be away from all the other horses. We got the jockey he wanted and he won.
The other one during a conversation with Bill a year ago told him she was sore and she was. We turned her out for a year. When we brought her back I am on the phone with Bill. We found her the jockey of her choice and how she wanted to run. She runs the short distance and she wants to break easy and settle for a few strides before starting to run. A lot of the shorter races are lost by settling at the break. But this is how she wants to run and we honored it. Out of 3 starts since her year off she has been second twice and won her last race by 6 lengths.
When I finally started to really listen to what Bill was saying my horses were saying the results have been amazing. We have had 6 starts; we have been first 3 times, second twice and one third and they all did it their way.
I thank you Bill, but most of all my horses thank you.
Ellen Robertson



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