China Desperately Hiding
Qinghai Human Bird Flu Deaths
8 Boxun News Reporters Arrested

From Patricia Doyle, PhD
Helllo Jeff - Please bear in mind that Dr. Niman uses a software program for translating the abundant news/boxun Xining reports. Translation into English from the Chinese is a bit rough.
China is desparately trying to hide the extent of bird flu in the country and especially hiding the fact of the human deaths. The last figure we had was 121 however a news blackout took place after the intial report and there might be many more human deaths.
Given the extent of the infection of H5N1 and also documented Foot and Mouth Disease outbreaks in China, it is not prudent to import stray dogs from China to place in shelters around the US.
Wouldn't it have been more prudent to control ownership thus monitoring pet owners to be sure that they keep the pets they had purchased. If dogs were to be transported outside of China I would think that it would have been easier to transport them to other Asian countries. The US was specified as the country to be given the dogs.
A real head scratcher.
Patricia Doyle
3rd Photo of 1000's Of Bird Flu Deaths On Bird Island, Qinghai

Recombinomics Commentary
By Dr. Henry L. Niman
After the two photos of 1000's of dead or dying birds on May 27 on Bird Island on Qinghai Lake was published, the associated reporters were arrested. A third photo was added to the June 3rd report.
This photo appears to be more of the same, except more birds are standing and it appears to have been taken mid-day because the shadows of the standing birds are very short. The two earlier shots appeared to have been near sunrise or sunset because the shadows of the birds were long.
The pictures of the birds are in marked contrast to Bird Island tourist pictures showing many birds walking around and sitting birds with heads much higher in the air.
The recent photos look much like the suffocating bar headed goose in the May 5 official media report describing 178 bar headed geese who had died but were reported to have not died from bird flu.
The arrest of reporters in association with these pictures is alarming and will fuel speculation on the scope of the H5N1 bird flu outbreak and its spread to humans and other mammals.
Media source
Eight Arrests Increase Alarm Over Bird Flu Deaths in China

Recombinomics Commentary
Dr. Henry L. Niman, PhD
On June 5, 2005, Chengdu retransmits Xining to retransmit the news, when carries on the epidemic situation news verifies, participates in nine young center eight people which the Qinghai birds and beasts flu information disclosed already to be arrested:
* Pakistan uneven Soinam 26 year old of Xining Ji in June 4 day and night are arrested in Xining (abundant news
* Wang Daiqi 31 year old of Xining Ji in June 4 day and night are arrested in Xining
* South the rope prosperously reaches 29 year old of Lhasa Ji on June 3 in the small north lake to be arrested
* Wears South of Tibet 26 year old of Chengdu Ji on June 3 in the small north lake to be arrested
* The cloth and the forest 30 years old make to breathe out Ji on June 3 to be arrested in Gill Meng
* Day Qinghai 28 year old of Lanzhou Ji on June 4 is arrested in Gangcha County
* White horse with a black mane Dan river 33 year old of 乌兰 county Ji on June 4 is arrested in Gangcha County
* Sun Chengjie 31 year old of Golmud Ji on June 3 blue is arrested in the storehouse
The above detail on the eight arrests indicates that they are eight of the nine who have been reporting on H5N1 in Qinghai. All of the arrests are shortly after the release of the May 27 photos showing 1000's of dead or dying birds on Bird Island.
The two pictures include a long shot with no birds flying, and a closer shot with birds sitting. Very few birds are standing and many of the non-standing birds may already be dead.
The pictures suggest that the list detailing the deaths of over 8000 waterfowl may be low. H5N1 rarely kills waterfowl, so the massive die-off in and around Qinghai Lake is unprecedented.
The arrest of those providing information is cause for concern. China has issued blanket denials and provided little detail on reported human cases. Even for the bird cases, where H5N1 has been isolated and sequenced, only general information indicating the sequences are different than H5N1 in Southeast Asia has been released.
The deaths of over 1000 water birds infected with H5N1 have been acknowledged. The 1000 deaths are cause for concern, and require an investigations. China's arrest of those providing independent information increases the alarm level.
Only an investigation by third parties will end the speculation on the massive bird die-off and potential spread to humans.
Patricia A. Doyle, PhD
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