Placing Americans In Danger
By Frosty Wooldridge
The terrorists on 9/11 who flew airplanes into the WTC presented driver's licenses to authorities for proof of their identities. They killed 3,000 people by showing authorities their licenses obtained illegally in such states as Virginia. Today, nearly four years later, illegal aliens in 14 states gain driver's licenses against the wishes of 90 percent of the American public. What is it about the rule of law that our leaders don,t understand?

The success of the Minute Man Project on the Arizona border which embarrasses President Bush and Congress--along with Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger's call for closed borders--citizens of Dade County Florida Immigration Control attempt to stop two bad bills: S.2040 by Florida State Senator Rudy Garcia. Garcia had a bill like this last year and was blocked.
There is a companion bill in the House, HB1174CS by Florida State Representative David Rivera that sailed through three committees and must be voted on at the House "State Administration Council" and if it passes, will go before the full State House of Representatives for a vote.

Enos Schera, director of Dade County Florida Immigration Control, said, "Both bills would permit any Cuban refugee criminal who entered the U.S. under the 1966 Cuban Adjustment Act to be permitted to obtain a Florida Drivers License. Both bills do not explain what the 1966 Cuban Adjustment is or does. These two slick Cuban-American State Legislators from Miami, Florida deliberately conceal the fact that the 1966 Cuban Adjustment Act is an antiquated cold war federal immigration law that gives only Cuban refugees leaving Cuba preferential treatment by their ethnicity which is not supposed to be permitted under the U.S. Constitution and U.S. Civil Rights Act.

"It permits Cuban refugees to leave Cuba and enter the U.S. illegally and if they stay one year and one day, are then permitted to remain in the U.S. and apply for citizenship and receive it in two years while all other ethnic groups must enter the U.S. legally and receive citizenship in five to ten years! The only reason I see for permitting this preferential treatment law is pandering for Florida's Cuban-American votes! This law should be abolished as unequal treatment to all 200 other ethnic classes."

Both bills call for a criminal background check by the Florida's Department of Law Enforcement, FBI and Homeland Security! Both bills create a false security because U.S. News & World Report (Jan.16, 1984) quoted that Castro emptied his jails and 50,000 highly dangerous, criminally insane, psychopaths, murderers, rapists, prostitutes and misfits came in the illegal invasion of 125,000 Mariel Cuban refugees into the U.S. and wound up in Miami.
Schera said, "One year after they arrived they made Miami the "murder capital of the world" with 615 murders and so many maimed bodies that Miami-Dade County Medical Examiner Joe Davis had to rent a refrigerated truck to store the bodies because the morgue was full! Then in 1994 there were another 36,000 Cuban refugees that fled Cuba who came to the U.S. In both massive illegal invasions of Cuban refugees, none came with any immigration papers."

"It is a crime to leave a country without immigration papers and a second crime when entering without papers," Schera said. "There also were several hundred thousand Nicaraguan, Salvadorian and other Latin American refugees that entered the U.S. illegally in 1987 who came to Miami at the rate of 800 per week, all without immigration papers. In the past several years there were also several thousand Colombian, Haitian, Venezuelan and Mexican illegal aliens who invaded Miami-Dade County, all coming "without any immigration documents." If these several hundred thousand illegal aliens "committed other crimes but were not caught, they are a high terrorist risk" but there will not be any information the Florida Department of Law Enforcement, FBI or Homeland Security will obtain on them. So, merely stating these agencies will check backgrounds of hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens with any immigration papers is a farce and Florida State Legislators who voted for these bills in their committees have been duped into thinking the bills would eliminate terrorists and criminals."
Because the 1966 Cuban Adjustment Act permits Cuban refugees to get legal status after one year and one day, several terrorists in Miami, Florida may qualify for a drivers license under the Cuban Adjustment Act such as Orlando Bosch whereby a 1988 document from the U.S. Immigration & Naturalization Service states that he was one of the worst terrorists who headed CORU and MIRR groups responsible for over 50 bombings in Miami, New York, Venezuela, Panama, Mexico and Cuba. These countries want him extradited for trials. Luis Posada-Carriles testified to Ann Louise Bardach and Larry Rohter that he and another Cuban exile placed a bomb aboard a plane leaving Barbados in 1996, killing all 73 persons including Venezuelans.
"He also admitted that he directed a man from Paraguay to set off bombs in Cuba in 1999, killing an Italian tourist," Schera said. "Luis Posada-Carriles was illegally pardoned against the wishes of a judge in Panama where he was serving nine years in prison with three other Cuban exiles for entering Panama in 2,000 with 33 pounds of C-4 plastic explosives, machineguns, two-way radios, maps and disguises! A wealthy Miami Cuban exile sent a charter plane to Panama to pick up the four convicted bomber terrorists who are all said to be in Miami and planning to file for "political asylum under the 1966 Cuban Adjustment Act."

"State Senator Rudy Garcia' bill # S.2040 and State Representative David Rivera's bill # HB1147CS would permit these terrorists to obtain Florida Drivers Licenses, to permit them to drive around Florida to plant more bombs!" Schera said. "I don't understand why the Florida legislators voted for these two terrorist bills, but they should hang their heads in shame for voting for driver's licenses that terrorists can obtain. I'm taking note of each one of these legislators and will announce that they are "weak on crime" when they run for election. There are hundreds of members of Bosch' two groups who participated in the bombings and were never caught and they are potential terrorists who should not have Florida driver's licenses."

"Bosch was freed from a Miami federal prison when then Florida State Senator Ileana Ros-Lehtinen and her campaign manager Jeb Bush met his father, George H. Walker Bush and convinced him to free Bosch who was trained by the CIA in explosives as was Luis Posada-Carriles," Schera said. "Ileana Ros-Lehtinen's husband Dexter was the U.S. Attorney in Miami at the same time she went on five Miami Cuban Spanish radio stations and collected $256,000 legal defense funds to pay Raoul Cantero-III, Bosch' attorney to free Bosch as he went on several Miami radio stations pleading for Bosch's release."

These two slick Miami legislators have inserted the clause all foreign nationals who came to the U.S. under the 1966 Cuban Adjustment Act may apply for a Florida driver's license because they know many Cuban exiles have committed crimes and cannot adjust their status to get U.S. citizenship which is required by the Florida drivers license bureau to obtain a license. This is another way to let Cuban exiles bypass Florida state laws and give preferential treatment to Cuban exiles, proclaiming they can not return to Cuba. Both bills break federal immigration laws because state bills may not encumber federal immigration mandates and Federal immigration laws such as the 1966 Cuban Adjustment Act and the I-94 Immigration Document are outside the legal jurisdictional boundaries of state legislators. Leave Florida driver's license requirements as they are, without any changes.

"I'm calling for no special preferential treatment for Cuban refugees," Schera said. "Let them get their U.S. citizenship, which is the present requirement to obtain a Florida driver's license, no exceptions for one ethnic class which is prohibited by Constitutional and Civil rights laws."

Frosty Wooldridge is a teacher and author who has bicycled 100,000 miles on six continents to see overpopulation up close and ugly. His explosive book is 'IMMIGRATION's UNARMED INVASION - DEADLY CONSEQUENCES' Copies may be obtained at: 1-888-280-7715 at and
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