An Act Of War! - 911
By Ted Lang
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It has been termed a "terrorist act," and unquestionably, it was. What is questionable, however, is its having been a possible act of treason, even if prescience and the resultant failure to act upon such foreknowledge may be better described as a product of general incompetence, readily and consistently attributable to government. But what the "terrorist acts" of September 11, 2001 are beginning to emerge as, are a series of prearranged events, planned and executed at the highest levels of government within the Bush administration.
Before the articles and events providing the most recent evidence can be assembled to logically provide the circumstantial tie-ins that are so vital in making such an "astonishingly absurd accusation," a trip back through history might prove valuable in analyzing similar events.
President Abraham Lincoln tricked the Confederacy into firing the first shot at Fort Sumter launching the deadly, so-called American "Civil War." We now know that the War of Northern Aggression against the Southern States was in violation of the very compact and agreement signed by the states that created the federal union. Their expressed right to withdraw from this union was guaranteed by Amendments 9 and 10 of the Bill of Rights, which was objected to by Lincoln and his Whig-Republicans. The Republicans had saddled the South with a ruthless and economically strangling tariff.
But to win support from the public and the Northern newspapers, Lincoln sent fortifications and supplies to Fort Sumter knowing that the South had no choice but to fire on the Northern military expedition because of the armed invasion in violation of the borders of the formerly sovereign State of South Carolina. Lincoln, in effect, purposely sacrificed the lives of over 600,000 of his own fellow Americans in that totally unnecessary war.
Consider the Lusitania. Winston Churchill, "'was ready to break the rules whenever the very existence of his country was at stake'" wrote Professor Ralph Raico quoting a German historian in his five-part essay on Churchill included in the book, The Costs of War by John V. Denson. The German historian related also that Churchill was always able to manufacture the necessary crisis.
Raico points out that Churchill masterminded a blockade of Germany after the outbreak of World War I. "The hunger blockade had certain rather unpleasant consequences. About 750,000 German civilians succumbed to hunger and diseases caused by malnutrition. The effect on those who survived was perhaps just as frightful in its own way. A historian of the blockade concluded: 'the victimized youth [of World War I] were to become the most radical adherents of National Socialism.' It was also complications arising from the British blockade that eventually provided the pretext for Wilson's decision to go to war in 1917."
Raico considers, "Whether Churchill actually arranged for the sinking of the Lusitania on May 7, 1915, is still unclear. A week before the disaster, he wrote to Walter Runciman, President of the Board of Trade that it was 'most important to attract neutral shipping to our shores, in the hopes especially of embroiling the United States with Germany.' Many highly-placed persons in Britain and America believed that the German sinking of the Lusitania would bring the United States into the war."
Raico goes on: "The most recent student of the subject is Patrick Beesly, whose Room 40 is a history of British Naval Intelligence in World War I. Beesly's careful account is all the more persuasive for going against the grain of his own sentiments. He points out that the British Admiralty was aware that German U-boat Command had informed U-boat captains at sea of the sailings of the Lusitania, and that the U-boat responsible for the sinking of two ships in recent days was present in the vicinity of Queenstown, off the southern coast of Ireland, in the path the Lusitania was scheduled to take.
There is no surviving record of any specific warning to the Lusitania. No destroyer escort was sent to accompany the ship to port, nor were any of the readily available destroyers instructed to hunt for the submarine. In fact, 'no effective steps were taken to protect the Lusitania.' Beesly concludes: 'Unless and until fresh information comes to light, I am reluctantly driven to the conclusion that there was a conspiracy deliberately to put the Lusitania at risk in the hope that even an abortive attack on her would bring the United States into the war. Such a conspiracy could not have been put into effect without Winston Churchill's express permission and approval. In any case, what is certain is that Churchill's policies made the sinking very likely.'"
The Germans had guessed right: the Lusitania sank after only one torpedo, and the ammunition and explosives that were aboard exploded with such force that the ship rolled over and sank. It was gone in eighteen minutes! Churchill slaughtered 1,170 of his own people and 128 Americans to force America into World War I.
Then there is Pearl Harbor. President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, a staunch communist sympathizer, as was Churchill, tried to provoke naval hostilities with Nazi Germany in the North Atlantic. Frequent encounters took place, with the American Navy always firing upon the Germans without any provocation. The Germans did not return fire because of Hitler's implicit instructions to Admiral Erich Raeder not to engage the provocateurs. Obviously, this drove the "war lover," Churchill, as well as FDR, nuts. So, FDR focused on the Pacific and Japan.
As was the case with Germany in World War I, and probably a Churchill idea as well, FDR decided to turn on the Japanese by initiating an embargo of war materials and supplies against Japan, and also by threatening a blockade of Japanese shipping that trafficked in Dutch petroleum siphoned off by the Japanese Imperial Army after their conquest of China, Korea and Burma. Japan needed the oil [similar to the primary reason for the Bush invasion of Iraq] to feed its imperial war machine. To enforce his threat, FDR ordered the fleet to Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. Repeatedly, the high-ranking Army and Navy brass at Pearl warned Roosevelt that the base was totally unprotected from air attack and very vulnerable. Roosevelt replaced the officer in charge of the fleet.
Immediately preceding the "sneak attack" and after US military intelligence had just broken the Japanese code, a desperate message from Tokyo to Berlin was intercepted. The Japanese government was pleading with its embassy in Berlin to get Hitler [Ribbentrop] to sign a mutual protection treaty immediately. There was more than ample indication to US military intelligence that the Japanese fleet was already underway to attack our fleet; and there is no question whatsoever that FDR knew it!
President Franklin Delano Roosevelt deliberately, and with malice of forethought, allowed over 2,400 Americans, mostly American Service men and women, to perish in that easily preventable American Holocaust. He did it to enrage the American people and the Congress to justify his and Churchill's war to protect communism by helping to destroy Nazism.
Look at the death tolls. Look at the wars and the outrageous destruction. Look at the cost in lives and wealth; and all because politicians use war and death to their advantage. Never is there the slightest concern echoing the West Point creed: "Duty, Honor and Country." This moral badge of courage is reserved for the youth who are duped by the immoral code of corrupt, evil, and completely immoral politicians.
Considering the foregoing, is it really all that difficult to conjure up a scenario of conspiracy against US by our own government? Even if conspiratorial pretexts where identified as such at the time of their original commission, would the people really have believed such "astonishingly absurd accusations?" It's doubtful! And what of the common denominator influence of the non-investigative and complicit Zionist press - would such truths ever really come out? Isn't the so-called "American" media covering up even now for "Uncle Joe" [Stalin] and FDR? Aren't Walter Duranty's photo and 1932 Pulitzer Prize for his creative writing, in deliberately covering up the mass starvation murders by Stalin, still hanging in the lobby of The New York Times building even now as you are reading this?
Politicians kill people, even their fellow citizens, to score political points with moneyed interests that can and do enrich them! Why should any number of deaths and extensive property damage and misery stand in their way? Don't be so dammed sentimental - shut up and wave your little flags! And don't forget to support our troops!
Let US now consider the farcical so-called "9-11 Commission." As Internet investigative journalist Tom Flocco pointed out, a connection between 9-11 Commission Chairman Thomas Kean and Osama bin Laden's brother-in-law had been established involving their mutual oil interests. This was an obvious conflict of interest, but the media spiked it.
The Commission never identified the perpetrators conclusively, never addressed Building 7 that "collapsed" because of small fires on two widely separated floors of that building, and never fully looked into or explained why our skies were so totally unprotected for over one hour, offering only that it was human error. They never really addressed the "stand down" circumstances wherein both civilian and military radar surveillance was suspended.
And now, irrefutable concrete evidence and photographs prove beyond any shadow of doubt that the Bush administration planned, plotted and carried out successfully the slaughter of over 3,000 of our fellow citizens on September 11, 2001! And as usual, the research, pioneering journalism, as well as the courage to stand up to our cruel, dangerous, and astonishingly EVIL EMPIRE, originated with Jeff Rense and other Internet journalism pioneers! has not only provided actual photographs of one of the engines from a Boeing 737, NOT a 767 as offered by "our" government, but has reinforced that photographic evidence with a realistic explanation from a government-trained aviation expert. COL. George Nelson (ret) graphically and in detail explains that aircraft parts, all of them, are identified by serial numbers that are then tied into the main serial number of the aircraft itself. And the photo of the engine shows, when compared to the downed "Murray Street" sign, and with a carpenter's square inserted in the compressor fan area, that it is a small jet engine, which could never have come from a large Boeing 767 airliner.
The aircraft identification system and its logic are carefully explained by Nelson. Obviously, the FBI confiscated this indestructible and damaging important piece of evidence - but they cannot "disappear" the ID system, its logic or that horrifically incriminating and damaging photograph! And corroborating the photographic evidence and Nelson's expert input are eyewitness accounts and recorded testimony and videotapes from CNN. And of course, even these corroborating observations and testimony are carried on!
Perhaps there are those who believe Mr. Rense has an agenda other than merely honest journalism along with the noble intent of simply informing the general public. Karl Schwarz, a former highly-postured Republican Party operative and insider, offers his support as well to this "astonishingly absurd accusation."
In an article posted by by Greg Szymanski entitled, "One-Time GOP Insider Claims He Has Sept. 11 'Smoking Gun,'" Szymanski begins: "A former Republican Party insider turned Bush basher thinks he has stumbled across what might be the 'smoking gun,' proving the U.S. government's official story about the WTC attacks as an 'unequivocal lie.'"
Szymanski writes, "Karl Schwarz of Little Rock, Ark., who several years ago began exposing corruption amongst the neo-conservative movement in a book entitled A One-Way Ticket to Crawford, Texas, now has set his sights on proving government complicity in 9-11."
Szymanski continues, "For years, the successful business entrepreneur and conservative Republican, once asked by the RNC to run against Bill Clinton for Arkansas governor, has been using his inside political and business clout to expose corruption among the neo-cons in the Bush administration. He strayed away from the Bush agenda two years after being one of the lead orchestrators in the Republican Party takeover of Congress during the Clinton administration."
Szymanski reveals further, "After his political reawakening, Schwarz began blasting the neo-cons where it hurt most-in their pocketbooks-coming forward with evidence regarding oil deals and government involvement with the Taliban and Pakistan. In his book and his ongoing seven-part series of articles entitled 'Pop Goes the Bush Mythology Bubble,' he provides inside information about countless financial scams, essentially revealing that the Bush motive behind the Middle East invasion was more about oil profits than the war on terrorism."
The article goes on to point out that Schwarz is so disenchanted with Bush and Republicans, that Schwarz believes that Bush and his "neoconservatives" are destroying America for their own corporate-global benefits. Szymanski writes, "Schwarz doesn't mince words and is calling for the impeachment of Bush, as well as the removal of any member of Congress who aids and abets the corrupt powers."
The "smoking gun" referred to in the article is a segment of video tape with a running length of one minute and 52 seconds that was originated by an amateur photographer. The video unmistakably shows the WTC being hit by a Boeing 737. This information corroborates the CNN evidence pointing to a Boeing 737 striking the building, and not a Boeing 767 as is the government's version. Combined with the photo evidence on Rense, the only reason for the deliberate falsification by our government of the facts is to prevent any chain of inquiry ever arising from the total impossibility of a 737 bringing down either former World Trade tower.
Szymanski quotes Schwarz: "'This segment, however, conclusively shows a 737 hit the south tower, not a 767 as previously reported. This in itself should be the smoking gun, which proves the whole story given to us by the government about 9-11 is untrue.' Originally, the government claimed the second jetliner en route to Los Angeles was a Boeing 767. However, Schwarz said the video will not only show the airline dimensions to be those of a 737, but that he also has evidence that the engine recovered in the WTC wreckage was a model type CFM56, which propels a 737, not a 767. 'Not even two CFM56's could get a 767 off the ground,' added Schwartz."
Basing his arguments on common sense versus the lies, falsehoods and misinformation provided by the Bush administration, as well as their totally senseless and sophomoric explanations, Professor David Ray Griffin, speaking at a gathering at the University of Wisconsin, Madison, and recorded and broadcast on C-Span 2 on April 28th, begins by explaining the three proponents of his speech: 9-11, American Empire and religious people. He exposes the fantastic contradictions and omissions of the 9-11 Commission, leading to the obvious conclusion that the Commission was called into existence only for the purpose of covering up the Bush administration's heinous crimes against its own people.
Professor Griffin calmly and purposely delivers a low key, factually correct and irrefutable logic that clearly proves the Bush administration's total involvement in every aspect of the 9-11 attacks. He delivers a step-by-step development, purpose and execution of each event that cannot be disputed, even without the evidence produced by and The mounting evidence has now far surpassed blockbuster, bombshell, glaring red headlines; yet, the corporate mainstream establishment media will do everything in its power to shield and protect the Bush administration.
Unlike others that have identified the problem of the criminal activities of this administration, as well as the Bush family history of war mongering, war profiteering, oil theft, CIA drug distribution and Nazi Holocaust-funding, Griffin offers a four part solution:
1. Find an alternative to the current media news sources;
2. Join a citizens group, and if necessary, generate your own news media;
3. Combine with other citizen groups;
4. Get actively involved in religion ecumenically, joining together with all religions to bring about the renunciation of our criminal state.
As regards a commonality in dealing with the real EVIL EMPIRE, consider Griffin's last recommendation compared to Schwarz's closing remarks: "I am conservative, fiscally responsible, an ecumenical Christian and an American patriot who clearly understands fascism and clearly sees this is exactly what is going on within the Bush administration. [Emphasis mine.]
And always remember Pogo: "We have met the enemy, and they is US!"
Theodore E. Lang
© 2005 Theodore E. Lang All rights reserved
Ted Lang is a political analyst and freelance writer.



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