The Tobacco Holocaust

By Steve Davis
The one issue that needs to be pounded on EVERY DAY is the Tobacco Holocaust. It'sjust not possible to overemphasize the magnitude of this Holocaust which is at least 25 times the high estimates of the Jewish Holocaust. Tobacco Facts
Nothing even comes close to the horrors of this Corporate/Gov't. Genocide. Death from Tobacco has never been shown on TV or most other Media, even though all other causes of death are routinely shown in graphic detail, and novel causes are always featured in the Media. Effects Of Lung Cancer
5 Million die each year from Legalized Tobacco, a license to kill
while TB, the current most deadly bacteria, kills 2 to 3 Million and HIV the current most deadly virus kills about 3 Million.
All the rest are just wannabies and experimental forms of genocide whose sum is large but nothing likeTobacco's hundreds of millions. The last 100 years of regular genocide killed between 60 and 150 million, which took billions of tons of explosives and ammo, poison gas, nuclear weapons and real expensive hard fought efforts. Tobacco accomplished the equivalent so easily by corruption, mind control and addiction, without a shot being fired, unless you count their War on Cannabis.
We implore folks to get more focused and active in the fight against Tobacco, starting with your family and friends who smoke, helping children avoid starting etc. It's a global genocide plan that needs constant education, vigilance and struggle.
The legal case against Tobacco is overwhelming, yet no legal solution or justice is in sight.
The recent WorldTobacco Day was helpful, and this year focused on getting Doctors more engaged and trained to help patients quit, but that assumes that folks even get caring health care early enough to have a chance to avoid death. One third of all those who smoke will die from smoking realted disease.
As long as Big Tobacco can commit such atrocities, it encourages all other parts of the Genocide Plan, and shows that folks are easily murdered like unaware chattel. The S&P 500 list of perpetrators of the Genocide Plan is too long to litany here, but suffice it to say, virtually all life support systems have been captured and cut off, and Nuclear, Biological and Chemical Poisons are dumped on folks by the Billions of tons each year. Still, with all this onslaught it is Tobacco that is still the main tool of Genocide.
Tobacco is so effective, that it wouldn't surprise anyone if Gov't.s began dropping cluster bombs of cigarettes on unsuspecting villagers, or cheap plastic land mines bursting out cigarettes at the feet of children. Now these would truely be Weapons of Mass Destruction.
What has always amazed researchers about Genocide is that it causes a dramatic rise in the Birth Rate. ie. Palestinians have suffered massive Genocide for over 30 years, and now have the highest Birth Rate ever seen, 11 per woman ! Other cultures show sharp rises, while the death rates skyrocket from these global coordinated attacks on Humanity.
Will the meek inherit the Earth? ... they may well, but what will be left will be a Tobacco Road through the Graveyards.
Steve Davis,
Science Researcher



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