Are 'TOPOFF' 1, 2 & 3
Preliminary 'Tests' For
Another Illuminati
Mass Casualty Event?
By Michael Shore
Tel Aviv
For such a huge effort by the government that cost $16 million dollars, was two years in the making and utilized over 10,000 people, something BIG could be going on here.
TOPOFF 3, which recently took place in April 2005, was a large scale MOCK biological and chemical weapon and other weapon simulations of a large scale "terrorist" attack in the U.S.A. and other countries. It was supposedly designed to give police,firemen and emergency and military service agencies the chance to observe how ready they are to respond to such an attack
Observing how the Illuminati work, TOPOFF 1, 2 and 3 were not done for the benefit of the People, quite simply because the Illuminati controlled government does not work for the benefit of the People. Governments covertly work for the Illuminati agenda of establishing a One World Government, organized as a global fascist police State, ruled by a so-called "elitist" dictatorship!
There are 5 TOPOFF multi-million dollar planned simulated exercises:
Performed in May 2000. Simulated airborne release of plague at the Denver Performing Arts Center
Simulated radiological or biological weapons attack performed in Chicago and Seattle in May 2003. The game involved a hypothetical attack by a radiological "dirty bomb" in Seattle and a biological attack via infectious pneumonic plague in Chicago, officials said.
Described in this article
To be held in Phoenix in May 2007
A nationwide large-scale weapons of mass destruction exercise.
Last of the TOPOFF exercises. Details forthcoming.
Unrelated events like the Payne Stewart plane incident, the Oklahoma City bombing and the first attempt to bomb and destroy the World Trade center, could all have been trial balloons and tests related to the final well orchestrated gigantic 911 horrific massacre. Plus there were other 911 U.S. government related "simulated events" performed prior to 911, like the Pentagon MASCAL exercise, which was a MOCK "terrorist" attack of a plane crashing into the Pentagon performed on November 3, 2000 {that is the year 2000 folks, one year before 911}.
And let's not forget the VIGILANT GUARDIAN exercise, which was a simulated war games plane hijacking exercise that was planned well BEFORE 911 and was performed on the morning of 911 right at the same time the real 911 supposed "hijackings" were taking place; and which was covertly designed by the perpetrators of 911 to cause military and government personnel to become confused and NOT realize that a REAL "mass casualty producing event" was in fact happening at that time. This caused the U.S.military and other government agencies to not respond properly and timely and gave the perpetrators the cover and time they needed to pull off their crime.This is one of the biggest RED FLAGS of government complicity in 911.
Plus the anthrax happening right after 911 could've set the stage for the Illuminati's next possible planned biological attack on the People. Conveniently no one was "caught" for this anthrax crime, and many top bio scientists have met strange unnatural deaths over the last few years. Are you starting to get the picture yet of how these guys operate? One can observe how the Illuminati plan and TEST their large scale sinister acts BEFORE they actually carry out their MAIN action. This is why TOPOFF 1, 2 and 3 could be so important to investigate NOW before the Illuminati possibly go into action with another large scale "mass casualty producing event", which may be even greater in scale than 911.
While most researchers on the net are still preoccupied with 911 {and rightly so}, the Illuminati could be slipping by these astute researchers their next MAJOR so-called "terrorist" act that is now probably in the works.The Illuminati take years to plan and coordinate the various pieces to the puzzle that help them to achieve their hideous agenda. Hopefully a lot of the good investigative reporters out there will get involved and investigate the TOPOFF exercises so that we may actually be able to expose the TOPOFF SIMULATIONS for what they most likely arelive tests of the weaknesses in the defense systems and capabilities of the USA and other countries so that the Illuminati can pull off and get away with their next sick and insane "mass casualty producing extravaganza", which based on the TOPOFF exercises, most likely appears to be a biological, chemical, and/or "dirty nuke" attack and multiple other weapon attack styles, all happening in several different countries at approximately the same time period.
Observing how the Illuminati operate with their slow methodical pace to insure their "success" in getting away "scott free" with their large scale sick "satanic ritual human sacrifices", TOPOFF1, 2 and 3 must be looked at and investigated NOW for any anomalies that may pop up and be easily identifiable by the good investigative reporters, who are currently still focused on 911. Perhaps the next planned Illuminati generated "terrorist" attack can hopefully be exposed and the possible deaths of thousands of innocent children, women and men can somehow be prevented!
All of these large scale so-called "terrorist" attacks are very sophisticated and would take millions of dollars to plan and pull off "successfully". Where are these supposed "terrorists" getting that kind of money? It even has come out that Defense Secretary Rumsfeld and the U.S.government have put together "fake terrorist" groups to supposedly "help" in the "war on terrorism". These "fake terrorist" groups have a license to kill from the U.S. government. So it is conceptually possible that these so-called "fake terrorists" could be utilized to pull off the next Illuminati "mass casualty producing event" just like the government "team" that pulled off the horrific crime on 911.
One must only ask the question of "WHO BENEFITS?" from all of these so-called "terrorist" attacks in order to possibly identify the perpetrators of the crime. 911 benefited the war industry to the tune of hundreds of billions of dollars. The OIL industrialists benefited by TRILLIONS of dollars from the OIL in Iraq and in the Caspian Sea near Afghanistan.The individuals who had prior knowledge of 911 benefited by over a TRILLION dollars from the successful stock, option, bond and derivative trades that they made.The so-called "terrorists" didn't benefit that much at all. They didn't make billions or trillions of dollars. Some men who were called "terrorists" were tortured, killed or incarcerated for acts they never committed.
The CIA "created terrorist", Ossama Bin Laden, is supposedly in hiding for almost 4 years now. But he could either be dead from his kidney ailment or he could've shaved off his beard and been allowed, by his C.I.A. handlers, to "escape" to some island to live comfortably with his four wives. This may sound far fetched, but this is what happened at the end of WW ll in 1945, when the Illuminati controlled U.S. government allowed many well connected Nazi SS and high ranking military and intelligence officers and Nazi scientists {and possibly even Adolph Hitler} and their families to escape from Germany to the U.S.A. and South America. This was called OPERATION PAPERCLIP and ODESSA. As one can see the Illuminati covertly orchestrate wars and 21rst century supposed "terrorist" activities in order to achieve their long term agenda.
Project Paperclip
Operation Paperclip
Instead of reacting to such a possible 'mass casualty producing event" AFTER it happens, it might be worthwhile for investigative reporters to investigate the preliminary "identifiable" Illuminati modus operandi leading up to the day of their "dirty deed". Quite possibly the Illuminati are so arrogant after their past "successes", including 911, that they may be leaving a lot of clues in TOPOFF 1, 2 and 3 that a good investigative reporter could jump on and expose. So all of you good investigative reporters out there, get into the TOPOFF simulations and see what you can find out? Maybe this could help prevent a sinister Illuminati "mass casualty producing event" from happening in the future.
A main question that comes to mind is: "who are the individuals in the U.S. military, F.B.I., C.I.A and all the other government agencies that carry out these horrific 911 style killing acts and what is going on in their minds as they do their killing of American and non-American citizens for the government?" How sick can they be? Most if not all the members of the 911 Commission had to know the TRUTH about 911 because their job was to "cover up" the crime of 911 and they did a "good" job of that. Plus how amazing it is that none of the individuals, who helped perpetrate 911 or who witnessed the covert acts of their government colleagues, have come forward to expose 911 for what it truly isa "mass casualty producing event" designed to enable the so-called "elite" inner core of individuals who control the banking, war and oil industries to make TRILLIONS of dollars, while at the same time advancing the Illuminati agenda for a One World Government.
Michael Shore



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