The Rest Of The 911
Street Engine Story

By Jon Carlson

In the Rense article, Is Popular Mechanics Hiding 911 NYC Engine In Street Photo?, the street engine was identified as a CFM56, the sole powerplant of the Boeing 737 after the 737-200 series. HOWEVER, UA175 that was alleged to have crashed into the South Tower was a Boeing 767-200.
In this screen capture from the CNN video of the South Tower crash the engine (circled) is seen as it heads for the intersection of Church and Murray. A flame can be seen following the descending engine.
This photo shows smoke still coming the rear end.
The Standard of 9/11 videos, the Naudet brothers, "9/11", is chuck full of clips of the white jet, the ST helicopter, WTC demolitons, the street engine below and portrays that fateful day as only a documentary shot inside the Towers can. A collector's item. (
In the Rense article, WTC Jet Engine Confirmed NOT From Boeing 767, the FBI was photographed at Church & Murray. In the hardest hitting investigative journalism since 911, The Power Hour Radio in their completely revamped video, 911 in Plane Site, the Director's Cut ( reported that the FBI roped off the area and photographed the street engine (circled).
The heavily damaged engine cracked the pavement on impact, highlighted in yellow. The Murray Street sign is circled to verify its location.
Somebody has placed a carpenter's square in the opening so the size is that of a CFM56. This is the definitive photo of the street engine.
The FBI and FEMA were named as defendents along with officials in the Federal government in the Rodriguez RICO lawsuit.
The court filed Answer and Brief is interesting reading. One source claimed the street engine was buried in Fresh Kills Landfill on Staten Island . No matter the FBI and FEMA has photos.
In the Rense article, Missing Pentagon Jet Engine Identified, a JT8D engine was identified in the Pentagon crash debris. HOWEVER, a JT8D engine is NOT the powerplant the Flight 77 Boeing 757 that is alleged to have struck the Pentagon. IN ADDITION, the alleged Flight 93 Boeing 757 had an engine blown off that was recovered. Anybody betting it was Boeing 757 engine? No doubt the AA11 engines were also recovered as they weigh 5-6 tons.
Karl Schwarz reported on the missing aircraft and passengers:
KS: I can answer your question, in part. Two air traffic controllers came forward and started talking. Both of the flights that took off that supposedly hit the World Trade Center were actually directed to the east and they disappeared in a single sweep of the radar out over the Atlantic.
This cropped photo shows the CFM56 engine portion.
Another engine part lying in the NYC street from the Naudet documentary:
KARL SCHWARZ has the big Pentagon picture in more hard-hitting analysis
(Note the html link ending.)
Visit for the big 9/11 picture and more.
In the hardest hitting journalism since 9/11, THE POWER HOUR RADIO SHOW has totally revamped and added new analysis to an earlier video. 911 IN PLANE SITE, The Director's Cut. Visit to order. A quote from their South Tower airliner video analysis: "...there was some sort of incendiary or explosive that would serve as a match to ignite the enormous amount of fuel (when the plane hit the ST.)" has the full story.
Craig Hill also has revamped his dynamite video, Treason, Inc.
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