Capitalism &
America's Obsessions
By Kirwan
There are two kinds of Capitalism. The original grew by mutual cooperation, and prospered by mutual agreement. It was a very successful ideal. The New Capitalism is what will be discussed here and it grows by brute force, by massive intimidation and by murder on a strictly human scale. Internationally the New Capitalism feeds on unending war, on terrorism, and on outright lies about every aspect of whatever they are doing.
This is the shadow that was imbedded in our psychic core, back in the 1880's and it is solely devoted to the new Capitalism. That shadow that left its larva in the heart of this government and it is creating a swarm of metaphorical locusts that will rape this country and the world as never before. This plague actually arose from the failures of government and the people, to hold onto a system of values and standards that was created for something far more than just money. Thanks to our corrupted media, we had a bit of help in staying blind to what is happening. Now many have accepted every aspect of this evolving creed and have apparently embraced every fallacy as well - as if all the lies we,re told are true. The new Capitalism is what it's called and it is not a religion, but it serves many of the same purposes in a world too complicated, too controlled for anyone in search of simple absolutes, within a system that's devoid of personal responsibility.
Any discussion of money and the promise of more of it, too often tends to trump all other considerations. Money has become the alter and the sacrament for this new master in our midst, and part of its charm is that everyone already has a membership - and gets to ponder the privileges - whenever they handle cash. This devotion solely to money conflicts with real values and complicates everything, in a world with literally millions of competing passions and trillions of competing souls.
Over the last few decades media has covered politics, as if Democrats and Republicans were still who they pretended to be back in the 50's. But at least since Nixon, not only have the former labels become obsolete, even the activity they supposedly once represented has been taken over by this new obsession with MONEY. Many speak of right or left, conservative or liberal, but all that died with the death of self-responsibility, and no one seemed to notice. Meanwhile behind the curtain, the Corporatocracy and the Capitalists have bleed the workers pension funds and drained the future from the slaves that gave them all they could. There will be a reckoning for that when the enormity of this theft becomes apparent. But for now just as in "1984" lies are truth, and war is peace, and there is no one left to speak for ordinary people.
The new Capitalism is not a philosophy, not even a political affiliation - it's a disease that has infected the majority now in office. With the onset of this new influence all pretence about "the public trust," or the will of any voting bloc has vanished in the rush to grab the money, wherever it can be found or stolen. Once this finally dawns upon the diehards, then everyday politics will be seen for the what it is: nothing but the lipstick on that feral wart hog, that now represents our way of life.
Money can mean many things to many people. To those not capitalistically inclined, money simply means survival, it's the currency that staves off hunger, and it's the buffer that keeps privation at bay. But for the high priests of this new Capitalism, money is far more than a means, for them, MONEY is the literal measurement of power, a proof of worth that has a recognized and accepted meaning the whole world over. No one knows when this money-craze began to move from larva to the full-grown locusts that are no doubt part of the coming blight that will soon be here. One thing is certain this poison pill has been embedded since at least the late1880's. From that time to this the larva have been inching toward the day when they can finally devour all within their path.
In the nineteen-fifties Communism became the symbol for our worst persistent fears. It was our standard for a god-less world. Communism was that forever-darkened place where freedom's torch could never shine. We fought that construct as though it lived within our every waking moment. Documentaries and studies were done about every facet of Communism, - the greatest of danger to the Free World of that time. Compared to the crimes committed by new Capitalism, that creed was only smoke and mirrors.
After the Cold War we reverted to national isolation, unaware of this nightmare-future that had even then, been planned for all of us. Now we,re living in that future time, and Americans are integral in this recast nation-state of mind - by our silence we are part of this international thugery still allows the USA to masquerade as global cops. There has been no in-depth study of Capitalism till now. But today there is a film: "Orwell Rolls In His Grave," that dispels any illusions that might still exist - see the link at the end of this.
With Reagan's "Morning in America" the new Capitalism was sanctified and took the path of national purpose, only to very soon betray its unnatural hunger for Global Empire. It was about this time that money became MONEY, and was no longer just a currency. With Newt's "Contract on America," that first public effort to take control, by quasi-legal means, the Neo-Con's dream of global conquest was born. This set the stage for Act II with a "nuclear option" that the Senate's Republican leadership now demands in order to crush all opposition to the Bush agenda on judicial appointments. This is clearly unconstitutional, and overrides 200 years of established rules in the Senate. If this happens then the government must be shut down, as it will have disenfranchised nearly half the country.
Throughout it all the corrupted MONEY made or stolen has been the driving force behind this shot aimed at taking down the rest of the world - by force. In the last quarter century, new Capitalism was both the midwife and the mentor for these thoughts of unimpeded Empire. From this pretentious beginning, G.H.W. Bush declared a New World Order in 1991, and that day marked the birth of the Neo-Con agenda
This disease of new Capitalism lives in the cracks between the categories that rule our lives, so it avoids the spotlight. For the most part it has remained completely hidden while the larva hatched and began their rise to dominance. This was possible because it does not conflict with party labels, or religious affiliations, it pertains to a state of mind: an attitude that considers only how much more can still be stolen from that dying corpse of what the world used to be. New Capitalists stand for the rush of the hunt and the thrill of victory over whatever might resist them: they are the forces of madness that prowl the world for opportunities, behind the headlines. Rich, "powerful" by some accounts, but they are nothing more than semi-conscious appetites consumed by their ambitions for the goodies and all the cash as well. Yet these dogmatic predators got lots of help from an able old enforcer that has proven invaluable, in their wanton destruction of this society!
In the eighties Reagan brought us "Greed is Good" and the "Me Generation," he also rammed Privatization and Deregulation down America's throat. But Ronnie too had help, and every president that followed him has only added to the breakdown of what remained of us, and of the world. Hooked on MONEY, we followed where he led.
This shadow that is killing us, began by consuming that birthright of imagination that dooms personal creativity to a future without promise or reward. Who will remain beneath the boots of these Barbarians, after they turn everything into poverty and then obliterate the dying dreams of the millions they have starved into oblivion. What will happen when there is only one of everything left standing? When there is no longer any competition, will we stagnate first, or merely die the solitary death of collateral damage? We are down to a handful of companies now that own almost everything already. When there is nothing left to buy or merge with - everything will fail!
How did this disease get started? First there was the "Act of 1871" which provided for a separate Government over the District of Columbia, by congressional decree, with no constitutional authority for their actions. This legislation created a Corporate State that actually controls the United States, and governs the Constitutional version of our, formerly Democratic Republic.
This was followed by an 1886 Supreme Court decision that freed American corporations from individual responsibility for their actions and became the basis for our two tier systems of both law and life. The new Capitalism was built on the destruction of personal ethics and the perversion of legitimate enterprise. This was accomplished by building on what happened in 1871 and 1886, in order to convert everything to illicit MONEY. The final criminal part of this Axis of Evil was begun in 1910, and was called The Federal Reserve Act, but it has no reserves and it's never been part of the federal system.
Today's obscene profits come directly from the above criminal conspiracies, and these are the grand dreams that these thieves have lusted for, since they first crawled out from under their rocks. In today's unilateral world of continual war, big business has never been better. That is part of what they had in mind when they stole the last two presidential elections. Since they succeeded in that theft, what is left for them to fear? These corporate thugs are everywhere now, seeking secret contracts as just another opportunity, to fix what was devastated by those preemptive strikes that made all their profits possible.
How much will anything be worth in a world where trust is non-existent and where all the Corporate lies are spun as truth - will war become peace once we have forgotten how to question anything at all? What will ultimately matter if all we seek is MONEY?
The principles that underlie new Capitalism have always been there, but this has only just come-of-age, thanks to computers. Borders no longer matter, because of the internet, and funds can be moved around the word with the click of a key, in less time than it takes to blink. Add to this the breakdown of law and order, the pervasive and continuing financial scandals, the fraud and the crime: then credit this to the new cynicism outlined in the Bush Doctrine of 2002. Our lives have been forever changed by the crimes these thugs committed when they stole this country!
Looking at this thing - this new Capitalism that we tolerate - it's sometimes difficult to see how any nation that has come this far on the road to Empire and has become so addicted to the MONEY could ever alter course. This society depends on the involvement of the people most directly affected by government policies - yet too many remain uninvolved - so the opposite is true. MONEY has replaced political involvement and bypassed whatever else we might have cared about today. Street sense says "it's over" - but these are human institutions, so literally anything is possible, and while it seems most unlikely at the moment: tomorrow could really be "another day" entirely! These thugs want us all to FORGET EVERYTHING, just like "1984" they want to rewrite all the histories - curb all behaviors and control every action - Remember this, and live to see this changed!
"Orwell Rolls In His Grave"



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