Corrupt Bank-Courts -
Bankruptcy Bordello - Part 7

By Sherman H. Skolnick
They are in a position to know about these things. But the oil-soaked, spy-riddled, massive tax-cheating Monopoly Press will not tell you about these matters. Why? As the mouthpiece for the Anglo-American Aristocracy, they have too many financial hang-ups, too many conflicting interests.
Contained here is an overview and summary of the U.S.Bankruptcy Courts in principal cities in America; New York, Miami, Chicago, San Francisco, Los Angeles, among others.
Some of the details have been in previous stories on Other details are from undisputed State and Federal Court records, such as summaries and transcripts of interviews by independent-minded journalists, for example, with principal officials of the Criminal Division, of the Chicago Regional Office, of the Internal Revenue Service and other interviews, sources, and witnesses.
Other details are from not-to-be-disclosed reports of federal grand juries inquiring into runaway corruption of America's bankruptcy courts.
"Bankruptcy Clubs", in the various Judicial Districts consisting of principal U.S. Bankruptcy Judges, including Chief Judge, U.S. Trustee (under Justice Department supervision), Trustees, Auctioneers, Assignees, principal Creditors' Attorneys, principal Debtors' Attorneys, and Court Clerks including one with password key to change, without notice, computer-generated docket entries; consisting usually about thirty persons total. They meet in secret every month or so.
Bankruptcy Club fees to be paid by Bankruptcy Court attorneys monthly, to get run of the court without legal complications:
For juniors and starters, One Thousand Dollars Per Month;
For full member lawyers who can expect to make profits of a quarter million dollars per year; Three Thousand Dollars per month member fees ; PLUS to guarantee success in Court on special projects or large deals, "Assessments" to be paid without question, to insure "smooth sailing" by Bankruptcy Club attorney-members.
Fee cash totals, minus local district expenses, are sent to offshore tax havens, usually arranged by Chief Bankruptcy Judge or proxy. According to court records, not disputed by the IRS, or the Justice Department, for example, the Chief Bankruptcy Judge in Chicago, handled the "skim off" of the court rackets in the sum of 141 million dollars.
That Chicago Chief Bankruptcy Judge, John D. Schwartz, for example, had been a functionary of the First National Bank of Cicero, which to get the stink off themselves, kept changing their name. Cicero has been the "Land of Al Capone" enclave adjoining Chicago. The bank there for many years was dominated by Catholic Bishop Paul Marcinkus, who went on to run the Vatican Bank. The Vatican Bank corruption opposed by Pope John Paul 1st caused him to be poisoned dead after 33 days in office [See, "In God's Name" by David Yallop, 1983 published. For, in part, similar reasons, Pope John Paul 2nd was shot, survived but seriously wounded, 1981. Marcinkus was reportedly guarding John Paul 2nd when he was shotr right in Vatican Square. ]
The body of assassinated federal grand jury witness and whistle-blower, Wallace Lieberman, a Bankruptcy Court Auctioneer, was found near the First National Bank of Cicero, a reputed adjunct to the Bankruptcy Court rackets and "cash transport agent" to offshore locations.
Expenses of the Bankruptcy Club:
From "assessments" and other payments, "gifts", "bribes", or "fixers' fees", conveyed to FBI agents receiving complaints but doing nothing about misdeeds in Bankruptcy Court within the jurisdiction of the FBI District office. Average yearly total about Two Hundred Thousand Dollars.
Similar "gifts" to some assistant U.S. District Attorneys, in the Office of the Chief Federal Hang-Man, in the District of the Bankruptcy Court: Average yearly total about Three Hundred Thousand Dollars.
In one Federal Grand Jury report, the Chief Federal Prosecutor himself in the District failed to act on numerous complaints of Bankruptcy Court corruption. Yet, according to witnesses appearing before the grand jury, the Chief Prosecutor had bulging files, with lists of specifics, by eyewitnesses. His hang-up? His own relatives were into the Bankruptcy Court dirty business.
Other "excuses" for failure of Justice Department action, is that some of the "skim off" from the corrupt U.S. Bankruptcy Courts is done, in part, by foreign intelligence agents. Such as, for example, by renegade operatives in Chicago, and other Federal Districts, of Israeli Intelligence, The Mossad.
Regardless of the political party occupying the Oval Office, the permanent White House policy is not to interfere with or publicly comment on bloody, evil business of foreign spies on U.S. soil, silence even on shoot-ups and airplane and other deadly sabotage, between competing foreign intelligence operatives on U.S. soil. [For example, complete news black-out, of Britiish Counter-Intelligence, MI-6, murdering IRA and other Irish activists on U.S. soil.]
[For background, visit, scroll down to extensive series on "Red Chinese Secret Police in the U.S.", and "Wal-Mart and the Red Chinese Secret Police". Also, "Coca-Cola, CIA, and the Courts".]
Also granted immunity by the Federal authorities, including the U.S. Justice Department, are U.S. Bankruptcy Judges and other such officials who have actual or reputed links to the American CIA, such as William A. Brandt, Jr., a take-over expert who at one time put himself in as headman of some fifteen Bankrupt firms, including a gold smelting firm formerly operated by the traditional mafia. According to documents obtained by Freedom of Information Request, Brandt was trained to quietly overseas fold up CIA front firms, called proprietaries, when they no longer were needed.
Chicago Bankruptcy Judge Robert E. Ginsberg had an apparent CIA background. He was a chief assistant to Securities and Exchange Commission boss William Casey who went on to head the American CIA in the Reagan Administration..
When Judge Ginsberg was facing possible Federal Criminal Indictment for various corruption, he was permitted to be quietly defrocked as a Judge and resign and disappear from the scene.
More coming. Stay tuned
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