The Overthrow Of The American
Republic - Part 72
911 Murder Triangle

By Sherman H. Skolnick

A principle of reality is that great secrets are right in front of you. You go right past them, not knowing or realizing what you have been looking at.
In its simplest form, the great horror of September 11, 2001, is just an equal-sided triangle. On one side is Berkshire Hathaway, long operated by Warren Buffett. Another side is Americasn Insurance Group, AIG, for many decades operated by Maurice "Hank" Greenberg.
The bottomside is Coke and Mickey Mouse, that is, Coca-Cola and Disney.
They, in part, are the mask and financial hammer for the Anglo-American Aristocracy. They are the surrogates for those who do not wish to be seen in public with their bloody hands.
Warren Buffett likes to entertain Business School students with his fairy tales how he became a massive money bags starting with a furniture store in Omaha, Nebraska. Never discussed---certainly not by him---is how his heavy ownership of Wells Fargo Bank made him a front for the American CIA in the Pacific Basin.[The Rewald spy case in Hawaii almost unraveled Buffett and Wells Fargo.]
With a long-time grand-fatherly-look, he seems supposedly harmless. What would HE know about the funding of political assassinations and the use of the dope trafficking to penetrate into places and nations otherwise difficult to enter?
Government Employees Insurance Company, its original name, now called Geico, long owned by Buffett, is still the best way to spy inside the U.S. Government bureaucracy, domestic and overseas. For espionage, it is almost as useful as American Express and their credit card crawl-under-your-skin apparatus. Neither one of them, however, is as useful as the Mormon geneology records and tracking, for creating false identities for spy operatives.
The Buffett octopus, Berkshire Hathaway, has their tentacles inside the Washington Post, promoting the Big Lie on behalf of the American CIA, the Secret Political Police, and as a permanent fixture, on American soil., along with sister mouthpiece Newsweek, of the British Monarchy.
Maurice "Hank" Greenberg for a number of years was the financial chieftain , manipulator, and fixer, as Chairman of the Federal Reserve New York District Bank. Owned by about a dozen foreign families, it is the most important of the twelve units of America's private central bank masquerading as a supposed U.S. government entity. They reportedly have a huge gold horde, at times belonging to other countries, housed some fourteen floors below ground level in New York City.
The New York District unit actually is the most important. It owns the entire Federal Reserve Bank system. Of course, in brain-washing fancy business schools they teach the phantasy that the member banks own the Fed.
Greenberg can be described with the German word, hofjuden, a Royal Court person with a Jewish name, who can be thrown in the street and dirtied up, to save the House of Aristocracy. In simple terms, he is a useful traitor to his tribe.
Greenberg and his gang have, by hook and crook, branched out their American Insurance Group, worldwide. They have been built skyward as a huge hollow statue, reportedly by massive book-cooking.
The third side of the triangle consists of Coca-Cola and Disney. Coke has long been an adjunct and proprietary of the American CIA. Their sales in U.S. soared up to about 1989. From its inception in the late 19th Century, Coke had a trace of cocaine. That gave it that zip, causing people to say, "Hey, what is in it? It really has a kick to it."
Sales of Coke in the U.S. sort of leveled off after 1989. but continued to soar overseas. Why? For U.S. consumption, they cut down the cocaine in Coke's secret base. Stepan Chemical Company, Northfield, Illinois, through its New Jersey unit, has been the largest importer of coca leaves for Coke's secrert base. A by-product was cocaine, which was sold to the pharmaceutical trade, such as Eli Lilly & Co., of Indianapolis, of which for some years Daddy Bush was a Director. Some of the cocaine leaked out into the dope underground.
Overseas, however, Coke still has that zip. It still has that trace of cocaine in it. Traveling folks notice that. Recently, Mexico President Vicente Fox, previously head of Coca-Cola for Mexico, Central America, and parts of South America, arranged to ship to the Mexican communities in Chicago and other large U.S. cities, Coke bottled in Mexico. The excuse? Mexicans preferred Coke in containers in Spanish. Bunk. Coke from Mexico like that overseas, reportedly has cocaine in its secret base.
In December, 2000, funds, some disguised as insurance loot, were used by Coca-Cola and Disney to corrupt the five-judge majority on the U.S. Supreme Court which corruptly and arbitrarily installed George W. Bush as the occupant and resident of the White House in the case of Bush versus Gore.
High Court Justice Antonin Scalia, Fuehrer of the gang of five, had his son Eugene's private law partner, Theodore B. Olson. present the case of Bush versus Gore. Later, in the Bush administration, Olson was msde Solicitor General and corrupted a copyright case so that Mickey Mouse's rights were extended some 75 years, worth billions and billions of dollars.
Earlier, Coke and Mickey Mouse were instrumental in corrupting the Florida
state officials, in falsifying the vote totals, necessary for the Presidential winner to obtain the Electoral Collee vote and hence be President.
Warren Buffett has been a major Coke stockholder and has been a Director.[Visit <> for extensive series "Coca-Cola, CIA, and the Courts". ]
This was all part of a plan figured out in the 1990s as follows:
[1] By corruption, and murder, as necessary, install George W. Bush in the Oval Office in the year 2000 Election, pushing all challengers out of the way, or to the graveyard.
[Visit <> series "What Happened To America's Golden Boy?" The sabotaged plane crash murder of intended presidential candidate John F. Kennedy, Jr., in July, 1999, a week after the attempted plane crash sabotage murder of presidential candidte, Albert Gore, Jr., then vice president.]
In January, 2001, Gore was the President of the U.S. Senate to whom was to have been submitted the Electoral College vote certification. Some House members complained, to no avail. The law required at least one U.S. Senator to step forward and object to the Electoral vote certification acceptance. Huge funds from Berkshire Hathaway, AIG, Coke, and Mickey Mouse, corrupted the U.S. Senate. Not a single Senator stepped forward, Democrat or Republican.
[2] A further part of the plan, formulated in the 1990s, was to have a "Pearl Harbor" style event, by shock and terror, to jolt half-awake Americans, to get them to accept the virtual cancellation of the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights, and to install Hitler's America. In December, 1941, there was White House prior knowledge that the Japanese fleet with aircraft carriers was steaming toward Pearl Harbor to bomb our fleet and facilities.
Some three thousand American lives were thrown away on December 7, 1941. Supposed benefit? Previously, Germany was reluctant to attack America, a huge industrial power. But Germany, part of the Axis powers, was forced to declare war on the U.S. America joining Europe's war was to save Britain from being further blitzed by the Nazis and invaded. England was no fair match for well-prepared Germany. In the 1930s, England permitted their war-making weaponry to be far out of date and rusted out.
As to September 11, 2001, Daddy Bush was part of the prior-made plan. There was to be three or more mock attacks. The real attack was to use these scheduled maneuvers, for the same early morning September 11, 2001, to confuse those in the FAA, Norad, and the U.S. Military. The result was a military stand-down. Like Pearl Harbor, 3,000 American lives were thrown away.
From offshore aircraft carriers, were launched missiles and/or drones or other craft painted with windows to look like airplanes. To finish the confusion, used were holograms and other technology, twenty years ahead of where Americans think such technology is currently; this, to overlay a fake large airplane image on top of the missiles or drones.
[Prior preparation may have been the supposed artists living inside one of the twin towers of the World Trade Center. They had special equipment to remove a heavy window on the 91st floor. This was detailed in a Saturday, August 18, 2001, strange story in the New York Times which did not refer to it after 9-11. We are the only ones that referred to it, atttaching from their archives the New York Times story, to one of our stories, two years later. Visit <> ]
On 9-11, Warren Buffett flew a plane-load of Manhattan businessmen to a supposed charity fund-raising party at Offutt Air Force Base, Nebraska, site of a reputed CIA underground mind-control experiment station. On that same morning, George W. Bush was informed that two craft had crashed into the twin towers of the World Trade Center in New York. Despite that, Bush continued to sit with grammar school children in a Florida school, listening to their stories about a pet goat.
Not really alarmed, Bush finally got on his plane and ended up---guess where? At Offutt Air Force Base.
Shortly after being hit by something, both towers in Manhattan collapsed, from internal explosives, particularly super-duper sub-atomic weaponry in the 7th sub-basements, destroying the pillars and foundations from the bottom. Weeks later, there was still molten steel in the sub-basements.
Get this non-coincidence: an expert in imploding old hotels and such upon themselves, knocking down buildings on the cheap with expertly timed internal explosives, Controlled Demolition, Inc., got the contracts to remove the debris after the 9-11 disaster.
For several hours prior to drones or something hitting the twin towers, many millions of dollars were remotely put through the super computers located in the twin towers. These were huge funds ostensibly arranged to be concealed for the financing of some aspects of the 9-11 project, by Buffett, Berkshire
Hathaway and American Insurance Group and various subsidiary units, insurance firms and other entities part of their operations. Also done in part with the reputed connivance of Greenberg and his arm-lock on the Federal Reserve New York District Bank.
New York State Attorney General Elliott Spitzer and his staff have apparently uncovered massive book-cooking by Berkshire Hathaway and American Insurance Group and units, subsidiaries, nominees, and corporate joint deals both to funnel assets and conceal the same. They accidentally or otherwise dug a little too deep and have ostensibly come across the funding in part for the 9-11 Project.
Cynics laugh. Spitzer is in a jam. His staff has apparently been confiding to others that Spitzer and his staff are worried and may have to flee the country. Furthermore, If Spitzer starts to go public with what he has uncovered about the 9-11 Project, his life insurance carrier may cancel his policy on the basis he is getting to be too great a risk.
If Spitzer even hints at all this, as some of his confidants have, well, how can he run for New York Governor as he has planned for the near future? Spitzer's Wall Street fund-raising for him to run for Governor may just suddenly disappear.
Simply put, Spitzer is in a box. Meanwhile, Spitzer has given the public impression that it is just a book-cooking spat between Greenberg and Buffett.
The Federal Prosecutor in Atlanta has compiled data for a Federal grand Jury, a massive case of book-cooking against the former top officials of Coca-Cola. Most of Coke's top management has fled. The Federals are shocked that they have accidentally or otherwise uncovered a link of Coke and Mickey Mouse and how they corrupted the gang of five on the U.S. Supreme court, particularly with their fascist-like evil orchestra leader Antonin Scalia, in Bush versus Gore, December, 2000. In whispers among the Bench and the Bar, Scalia is an arrogant "Go To Hell" Judge.
Another group of Federal Grand Juries are inquiring into apparent book-cooking done by Mickey Mouse. And like Spitzer, they have found financial links to the 9-11 Project and the corrupting of the five judge majority on the U.S. Supreme Court in Bush versus Gore, December, 2000.
Who in the oil-soaked, spy-riddled, massive tax-cheating Monopoly Press will ever tell you that in seeing these front people, you are looking right at the blood-drenched secrets of the 9-11 Murder Triangle?
More coming. Stay tuned.
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