The Overthrow Of The American
Republic - Part 71
Gangster Assassin Terminated!
By Sherman H. Skolnick
After more than forty years, the American Secret Political Police iare throwing away their helpers.
The Federal Office buildings are located downtown Chicago. Originally, residing and headquartered just West of that, across the river, was the traditional Sicilian, Italian, Jewish, and Irish underworld.
Well-informed and astute independent-minded commentators were well-aware there was a nexus between "The Mob" and the Chicago Federal Hang-Man, the Chicago Federal Bureau of Inquisition, the Chicago Federal Banker-Judges, the Infamous Revenue Scissors, the Chicago Federal Narcotics Police, and the American CIA Chicago Station Chief, among others of the top-level of the Federal Bureaucracy acting at the behest of the Anglo-American Aristocracy.
"The Boys" aided the dirty work, foreign and domestic political assassinations, like JFK and RFK, Mexico, Central America, and South America; like dope importation into the U.S.; like penetrating hostile foreign governments through dope trafficking; like helping to topple "enemy" foreign governments by flooding the place with superior quality counterfeit paper money; like smuggling high-tech weapons and gold; like "putting the arm" on radio and tv network mass media sports events through bribery, extortion, and murder, covered up by the CIA-linked, highly corrupt CBS, NBC, and ABC Networks.
No question about it. Certainly not amongst those in the know. The usual criminal underworld has gotten old and obsolete.. So the liars and whores of the press now announce that the FBI is rounding up a great number of the mobsters. They are being charged with perpetrating supposedly many of the "Mob Hits". The press fakers do not bother to remind anyone that in the 1970s, there was likewise a bloody purge of Chicago mobsters. The peddled story at the time was that there was mob in-fighting. Not so. The American CIA, having used Chicago gangsters for various bloody business, silenced some of their low-life assistants, many of them ten years after their aid in the murder of President Kennedy.
So now what some prefer to call the Chicago Federal Gestapo is engaging in a final purge of their collaborators.
The American Gestapo, empowered by the treasonous excuse of 9-11, have found themselves new helpers, more trained and experienced in what years ago started out as "The Black Hand Society".
A recent book states on its cover, "An expose of the never-ending lap-dance between organized crime and the national security establishment...."
The book heavily-details a small corner of the matter.
"The Strength of the Wolf---The Secret History of America's War On Drugs" by Douglas Valentine, Verso Books, 2004, New York, N.Y.
The American Gestapo prefers the well-trained, highly disciplined, experienced Russian mafiya, many of whom were in the Soviet Secret Political Police, the KGB, or the Russian sort of Delta Forces, being the Spitznaz.
Strange, but the headquarters of The Russian Martial Arts Center, on the northside of Chicago, openly announces they train persons for the Russian Spitznaz. That headquarters is near the residence of Chicago Federal District Judge Joan Humphrey Lefkow whose husband and mother were found murdered in her residence.
Although the murder of the Judge's family members was blamed on a "lone assassin" by Homeland Security and the FBI, we believe it involves the immune and FBI-protected Russian maifya. [Visit earlier parts of this series.]
As a typical example, in the Chicago-area, granted complete immunity by the Chicago Police and the Federal Gestapo, the Russian mafiya controls the Red Light District, the business solicited through protected nightspots and arranged through certain taxi and livery services, some secretly owned by top-level police officials; peddling of stolen valuables including jewelry, "fenced", through stores acting as fronts supervised by local and federal police; some supposed come -from-nowhere "mortgage companies" laundering as loans, offshore illicit funds; cocaine circulating in the dope underground, a leaked by-product of the manufacturing of the secret base of Coca-Cola.
[As to Coca-Cola and dope, see the extensive series, "Coca-Cola, CIA, and the Courts", ]
Tired of living a peaceful, uneventful existence? Fine. Go to your local FBI or Homeland Security office. There complain about the Russian mafiya in your district or area. Find out who the Federals run after. Most likely YOU.
There are good reasons to believe that the Russian mafiya, operating with impunity in the U.S., consist in part of renegade elements of Jesuits and members of Israeli Intelligence, The Mossad.
More coming. Stay tuned.
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