New Revelations About
White House's Gay Hustler
By Paul Johnson Washington Bureau Chief
WASHINGTON -- Despite assurances by the Bush Administration that the gay hustler who posed as a journalist was given only limited access to the White House new evidence shows that over a two year period he visited 196 times.
James D. Guckert, who wrote under the name Jeff Gannon, was Washington bureau chief for Talon News, a conservative online news outlet associated with another Web site, GOPUSA.
Questions began to circulate within the White House press corps almost as soon as "Gannon" arrived on the scene.
During news conferences he was regularly called on for questions by President Bush. But, invariably "Gannon's" questions would show an extreme right-wing and often anti-gay agenda. On one occasion he asked Bush how he could work with Senate Democratic leaders ìwho seem to have divorced themselves from reality.î
White House press secretary Scott McClellan also would regularly call on "Gannon" whenever he would be under more aggressive, hostile questions from the press.
During last year's election campaign "Gannon" wrote in Talon that Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry ìmight someday be known as ëthe first gay president.'"
He then noted that Kerry has enjoyed "a 100% rating from the homosexual advocacy group Human Rights Campaign since 1995 in recognition of his support for the pro-gay agenda.î
While the White House press corps winced at "Gannon's" lack of objectivity and began to wonder if he were an Administration "plant", John Aravosis, who operates the AMERICAblog Web site, began to probe his background. (story)
Aravosis and other liberal bloggers discovered that "Gannon" was really J.D. Guckert and that he owned a number of extreme conservative websites. They also found that Guckert owned gay sex sites - all with a military theme and all offering his sexual services.
Following his exposure Guckert quit Talon and GOPUSA and Talon subsequently closed. (story)
McClellan, responding to media questions earlier this year said "Gannon" received only infrequent day passes, and denied that he had been a GOP "plant".
But, Democrats in Congress took up the issue. Democratic Reps. Louise Slaughter of New York and John Conyers of Michigan filed a freedom of information request and were given Secret Service records of Guckert's visits.
Today's revelation that "Gannon" had visited the White House nearly twice monthly raises even more questions.
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