James Arthur Dies, World's
Foremost Ethno-Mycologist

It is with regret that we announce the loss of James Arthur under circumstances which remain clouded and suspicious. A terse news report, disputed on a number of counts by his associates and family, states he was 'found dead in jail with a sheet around his neck.' His death has been ruled a 'suicide' according to police. No other details were released. He was arrested on charges of alleged 'sexual misconduct' with a minor...charges his associates claim were conveniently made by a recently-terminated 'secretary' who had reportedly been hired to type the manuscript of a new book...and then fired.
There is much more to this story and we will present further information as is becomes available.
James Arthur made his first appearance on national radio on our program and his extraordinary knowledge of human history and Ethnomycology were truly a marvel.
James subsequently became a regular and anticipated special guest every Christmas season and made a fascinating illustrated presentation on how the little red-capped amanita muscaria mushroom has been not only a staple of Christmas cards since the first cards were produced, but has, in fact, been pictured in illustrated history since Roman times. James' visits were always fun and intriguing, and unquestionably opened new doorways through which to reconsider many fundamental aspects of human experience for over two millennia.
James Arthur was a unique and gifted researcher and will be missed by many. The work he leaves behind, however, will continue to enlighten and stimulate all those who seek the truth of our history on this troubled planet. -Jeff Rense
The following Bio of James by our friend and colleague Jordan Maxwell is well worth reading...
By Jordan Maxwell
Having become fascinated with religions of all types at an early age James Arthur hurtled into deep study for 25 years. Having discovered works by such Pioneers (in Ethno-Mycology) as (1) R. Gordon Wasson and (2) John Marco Allegro. James set out on a quest to unravel the mysterious meanings and implications of sacramental ingestion of plants in a religious context.
In 1976 R. Gordon Wasson told James, in his opinion, James was the world's leading expert in the field of Ethno-Mycology, as it pertains to Christianity. He also referred to James as his dear friend. This was over 20 years ago and James has never stopped studying since. James devotes his work to his Mentor and friend R. Gordon Wasson and considers Gordon's life's work to be "The roots for the most valuable study of all".
James Arthur has been a long time Student of Tibetan Buddhism (under the Guidance of Lama Tharchin Rimposhee, Lama Lodro, and many others). James' Tibetan name "DORJE DROLOD" has deep meaning in itself.
James is also an ordained Christian Priest. This is not meant to be a condoning of any priesthood or Christian religion but is only mentioned for reference purposes to show an in-depth familiarity (due to extensive study) with Christianity. James advises against joining any priesthood, religion, church or organization that requires a sworn oath or acceptance of a belief system.
James exposes faults as well as positive aspects of religion, a necessary step for anyone in the type of position he is in. As a teacher he releases the bonds of religious upbringing and indoctrination; empowering the individual. He considers study of all religions valuable as long as one is careful to discern between fantasy and reality and understand that the only universal law is the "Golden Rule".
James is/has been friends, and/or is associated with: R. Gordon Wasson, Terence McKenna, Sasha Shulgin, K. Trout, Dan Russell, Thomas Lyttle, Myron Stolaroff, David Hatcher Childress, William Bramley, Acharya S., Arthur Horn, Richard C. Hoagland, Stan Tennen, Lloyd Pye, Jordan Maxwell, Zechariah Sitchin, Neil Slade, Iona Miller, John Major Jenkins, William Henry, Jason Salzmann, John Allegro, Amado Crowley, David Aurora, Paul Stamets, Wade Davis, Peter Furst, Jace Callaway, Jochen Gartz, Giorgio Samorini, Christopher Dunn, Alan Alford, Karena Bryan, Abd el' Hakim Awayan, Stephen Mehler, Alan Alford, Ananda, Jack Barranger, Robert Eisenmann, John Allen, Paul Kroeger, Dale Pendell, Ann Shulgin, Andrew Weil, Manny Salzmann, Wade Davis, Bo Holmstedt, Gary Lincoff, Dennis McKenna, Taylor Lockwood and many others who have helped him to piece together the fabric of one of the most fascinating quilts of understanding. The quest for the meaning of life. It is highly recommended that you further research the names on this list.
James has lectured at conferences, given instruction, and advised in the fields of Ethno-Mycology, Shamanism, Religious Theology (Ancient and Modern Religions), Psychology, and Soul Healing in The United States and abroad for the last 19 years. A long time member of the M.S.S.F., N.A.M.A., An Ordained Priest, and qualified reader of the Tibetan Book Of The Dead, he has appeared on Radio talk shows such as Coast To Coast AM, "The Heart of The Matter" a "Perceptions Magazine" Radio show with Host Ivie West, "Hilly Rose" (The Master of Talk Radio), "Strange Universe" with host Sean David Morton, Santa Cruz based radio show "The Night Hawk" with host Dave Allen, The Jeff Rense Program, "The Laura Lee Show" with host Laura Lee, "The Lou Epton Show" with host Lou Epton, "The Jack Stockwell Show" with host Jack Stockwell, "The X-Zone" with host Rob McConnell, KPFK's "Roy of Hollywood" with hosts Jordan Maxwell and Eben Rey, various programs broadcast world-wide on WWCR (World Wide Christian Radio), "The Mythos Freethought Radio" with Host Wade Mythos, "Parascience and Beyond" with host Uri Geller. Co-guest appearances with Jordan Maxwell, and John Rapoport discussing Secret Societies and Initiatory Rites are the types of programs that have sparked considerable thought. Special appearances at the Mycological Society of San Francisco's (M.S.S.F.) 30th anniversary fungus fair, The Consciousness Technologies Conference in Sisters, Oregon, The Breitenbush Mushroom Festival (Oregon) and the Ancient Wisdom Conference in Gizeh, Egypt are examples of the various live speaking appearances in the last few years.
James has theories that have been making many knowledgeable people stand up and listen. He pulls no punches when it comes to explaining the origins of and establishment of religions and the usage of plants as spiritual tools throughout human history. Controversial and stunning, mind blowing and thought provoking he is a dynamic speaker that interjects some great humor into otherwise devastatingly serious topics. As he puts it and I wholeheartedly agree:
"The time has come for this knowledge to be revealed into plain sight. It is no longer the property of those few elite to keep hidden from the general population. The sleepers must awaken"
--James Arthur 1998
I invite you to read very closely a message of profound importance in our times.
Jordan Maxwell - 1998
From Scott Brown
An email to Lloyd Pye...

I suppose you might have already received this news, but it's very sad. I've more than once been to his web site and spent hours there; in fact, he's the one who first made me aware of the work of Gordon Wasson and Carl Ruck, whose books I regularly (as recently as yesterday) cite for my interpretations of Plato and Nietzsche (Birth of Tragedy; i.e., the style and potency of the intoxicants involved in the development of ancient tragedy (a word that means "goat song," in reference to the role of the Satyrs and the choric origin of tragedy, which Nietzsche says the ancients tell us was in origin chorus and nothing but chorus--which I've of course also confirmed from more standard sources). I even write the titles of Wasson and Ruck on the board for those students interested in following it up.
James Arthur is entirely responsible for my becoming aware of this work, which is actually something I've learned about since the time you and I have corresponding. From his site, I gathered he wasn't near the accomplished writer that I presume Mckenna was (not able to afford his books) from the fact that transcripts of his speech, as well as what I heard live of him on Art Bell on more than one occasion; but talk about lucid insights: James Arthur conveyed avenues of the relevance of hallucinogens to philosophy in ways that made it possible, even necessary, to incorporate this work directly into my lectures even to introductory philosophy students.



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