Bloomington Indiana -
Unknown Objects In The Sky
Brian Vike, Director
HBCC UFO Research
Date: April 3, 2005
Time: Early a.m.
Conditions were clear
Witnesses: Self, Alice Evans, and John Tosti..
time early a.m.
After we taped the cigar shaped object behind the farm, we traveled to the front we sat there for a good 2-30 minutes, seen several planes in the distance but nothing exciting, Alice said a car was coming so we jumped in the Van and took off down the road. What she thought was a plane was what looks like a helicopter on camera but it changed shape to something else. (I'll send that later) and we chased the object but ended up losing it.
We went back to the farm and sat there for some time again.. I kept my Camera running in Nightshot "infra-red" and just moved it around.. Then to the west I see a plane and decided to tape it for the heck of it. I placed the camera on the hood of the van, and off to the left "I didn't notice this at the time" a object comes in fast then descends, I go to tape the plane. End of story.
We came back to our place, I wanted to see the cigar shaped craft and the morphing chopper, after watching that we just watched to the end of the tape, and noticed real fast the object. In the clip I slowed it down many times and you can actually see it come from the south then drop.
Thank you to Mark for the footage and photos.
Video footage and photos are © 2005 Mark Evans
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Video clip Bloomington Indiana Unknown Objects In The Sky - Video 1.06 mbs
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