Adjusting To F.A.C.E.
By Jim Kirwan
A single ray of golden light came streaming through the torn misshapen window shade, as dawn announced the end of yet another dream tormented night. Winston rolled over into wakefulness, and thought about that place that he had only just escaped from - but then immediately he began to wonder if this was only more of that disjointed universe that he,d just been living in - that place they called the world of F.A.C.E.
For the hundredth time he glanced at his computer and wondered if was possible to actually convey what he had seen? His father had thundered on the importance of things like this, but his father had been a very old man when Winston was still a child. Young Winston thought of himself as a sometimes writer, but he knew that he was nothing special - and with so many really intelligent and well-educated minds that were still dealing with these topics daily, how could something as fleeting and fragile as his dream bring anything of consequence to all of that?
As dawn moved off, the broader azure blue of morning began to settle in, and Winston made a second cup of victory coffee. Had his father actually lived that whole thing; all that terror in that strangely twisted novel? What was the title - he,d only had a father for the first ten years or so and - Oh yeah "1984"- that was what they called the book! And now it looked like his generation, was headed straight back into that setting of his father's crazy novel. What the hell, thought Winston Slade: "What's left to lose!"
There was a pulsing from the crowds outside, and he could just begin to see coming tide of signs (a white gloved fist firmly gripped the hammer - like the Hammer & Sickle of the USSR), this was centered on the intersection where the two beams of the crimson cross intersect. The White Hammer, held by a white gloved hand, against the blazing red cross on a black field surrounded by a golden laurel wreath, borrowed from the old UN flag, without the globe of course, as there is only one nation that matters now - all the rest is black - like the surrounding nothingness that stands for "others!"
Somewhere a radio is murmuring in that soft familiar purr of Bill Fist, rather "Frist," as he confirms for the millionth time "the birth of our new nation. "We are," he says: "a nation without derision, without dissent: a nation where all the people know their places and each delights in staying where they belong. This harmony is maintained because anyone who fails to stay where they are put will have to answer to the Hammer, whom God himself made perfect and who is immune to all other laws or tribunals, and hence he, (The Hammer) has become the perfect arbiter of absolute justice, there being no longer any need for any laws in FACE, except the holy bible."
Brother Bill continues, about that now very-distant day, when he himself went Coast-to-Coast on National Christian Television, to announce on "Justice Sunday" that there needed to be changes in this godless, hedonistic haven for radicals, that several of the tired old "lawmakers" still seemed to think was part of why there was this country called the USA. Seems the outlaws were outraged that the Godly in this country wanted to bring their beliefs to work with them in the courts - and thereby allow the courts to have some real Christian merit in the otherwise useless decisions that they routinely hand down.
"But as we know now" Bill continued, "These outlaws also had another agenda in the works. There were some then who actually sought to charge the churches a tax because they said that the churches were in reality political parties that were only pretending to be churches. These heathen congressional people also alleged that - ALL churches needed to pay not only current taxes, but also ALL the back taxes that the Churches owed to all the other people, for crossing the line into politics: This transgression they said, was proven both by my speech, and by those Faith Based Initiatives that came from the Oval Office, way back in 2000. Now you KNOW this stuff is nothing but lies, because you KNOW the constitution was put there to make sure that the Christian religion gets into every corner of American life - right?"
Well,, Winston thought, "Congress has certainly been cleansed of all those unbelievers, after the tax war caused a minor rebellion, since many believed that if the churches had paid what the churches actually owed, then there would have been no need for any further taxes anywhere. The taxes had been illegally withheld, over the decades, while this practice of pulpit politics that masqueraded as a religion was so great, that had the public been able to collect on it: all future taxes could have been eliminated in the USA.
The holdings of the churches, their properties, their secret partnerships, not to mention silent participation in so many major corporate enterprises, governments, and plots - the complexity and the wealth at stake in all of that, quite literally, boggles the mind!
How was it, the people wanted to know, that those institutions could call themselves religions and still continue to practice politics while being funded by their tax-exempt status? But it was not only that: the brand of politics they were pushing on the rest of the country, was a view that actually sought to outlaw all other points of view except their own, doing away with the laws, and replacing the courts with the bible, so that all of this was to be done because it was "prophesied" thousands of years ago, and contrary to any thought or argument, this "Rapture" must be catered to no matter the cost! So were these fanatics stopped?
No - there were no real consequences for this fraud, but at the same time these questions were being raised - others were calling for trials and prison, not only for the congressional thugs that had let the so-called churches worm their way into the government, but for those members of those churches that considered themselves above the laws of the country: because they answered to F.A.C.E. (the Fundamentalist American Christian Empire), and not to the United States of America. It was thought that hearings ought to be held. But all of that was simply laughed away - into oblivion!
Needless to say the good people of FACE swiftly rose up to put the godless heathens in their rightful places, which was out of government and out of the country all together - one way or the other. And of course the churches could never be compelled to pay the same taxes that everyone else (except the corporations) must pay - why should they - so that was dropped as NOT having any sort of real possibility for collection - ever!
This whole rebellion was actually very brief, and FACE members found it so comforting to see how the old guard just disappeared, like dry land being swallowed by a Hurricane. Which just proved to them, that the time was more than ripe for F.A.C.E. to take control.
Everything is so orderly now. Now that there is no longer any inter-racial mixing of the peoples; no more of that confusion brought on by so many different languages; now that there is only one language and only one set of customs; and of course only one religion - now at last this country can finish what was begun with Manifest Destiny (the domination of the entire world)!
Of course there was so much to do at first, back when all those screaming Banshees from the radical left accused the righteous leadership of trying to convert the women into Stepford Wives: That was ridiculous of course! The women did become resistant, when it was explained that their new jobs would begin at the feet of their husbands, and that they personally would not be needed in business, but only in the home.
Once all this was clarified, discipline began to work it's magic, and calm returned to life between the sexes. Soon we were able to eliminate all challenges and to return to divide and rule or as we say to divine rule - and then, well then things really tend to work very well! No one can really measure success or failure just by counting transfer tubes, and besides, we,ve liberated so many nations that this concept of freedom is new to - well - it will just take some time for everyone to get used to their new circumstances. In the meantime each new group seems to need to slaughter a few thousand of us, just to show the world that they aren't just being used as America's lackeys. But the jobs market thus created is filled with endless opportunities, for the right kinds of people - if you know what I mean!
"Out there" which is anywhere that is not here, it is rumored that our legions continue on, in their consecrated task of cleansing all the continents of foreigners. There are persistent rumors that we are losing whole armies, but this of course is false. We know this because Brother Bill whispers the truth to everyone - to every one, on every Sunday morning - and we know he never lies!
The most recent rebellion over "fairness." was soon put to rest, after the initiation of the latest tax program: This was about making money by turning-in those that might be hiding money, (proof had to be furnished - in receipts or videotape) hearsay was unacceptable! As the new "information to control the cash" began coming in, it became clear that the children were busying themselves with spying on their parents Once snitching becomes more of a way of life, for the young, then it is assumed that more women will become more docile, too. The program has just begun and so much has been sent to Brother Bill's coffers or to the registrar who keeps the tally of those who are Living in Sin, (against the day when they shall be called to be sacrificed) for the improvement of our flawed and sometimes wrongly practiced ways of life.
These "sacrifices" are so much cheaper than prisons, and so much more effective, whenever they are used to improve the public's attitude about what is needful and right in this very conflicted world.
Also in the new world of F.A.C.E., there is simply no need for cops, given that we now have "The Legions of the Righteous" who just go about the world liberating all that godless loot that the heathens amassed during the bad old times - when people were actually allowed to think for themselves. Just imagine that! No "Sheppard - no holy and infallible guide to fondle the genitals of the young and trusting among us? Those must have been very strange times indeed, so unlike now when everything is PERFECT!
Then Winston awakens just as touches of the acrid smog begin to stain the morning breeze, but somewhere he also detects the smell of roasting coffee - out there in the real world, and so begins to dress. Thank god, "IT" hadn't happened yet, as that talking wooden fool that leads the senate was still babbling on about the rightness of not challenging Christian Judges, just because they are ________. Winston wondered if the day would come when there might be something similar to F.A.C.E.?
Time would have to answer that: but he was nearly certain that most of this might very well be coming true: This time - he really wanted to be wrong!



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