The Discovery Of People In
The Invisible Part
Of The Universe

From Michael Roll
"I anticipate that the future of psychical research lies with revolutions in the physical sciences, not with psychology." Professor John Poynton: President of the Society for Psychical Research.
April 2005
To Stephen Cox: Executive Secretary of The Royal Society.
This statement from the current President of the SPR, together with the recent report in the New Scientist about bringing back the ether, completely vindicates the former President of the Royal Society - Sir William Crookes. Please refer to the "Quarterly Journal of Science" July 1st, 1871:
"Experimental Investigation of a New Force"
Further to your letter to me dated 17 December 2004, things are now getting very exciting on the scientific front with regard to providing a rational explanation for why our ancestors invented all the divisive religions.
Everything now rests with The Royal Society abandoning their 17th century pact with the Vatican never to make a study of forces in the universe that are beyond our five physical senses - so-called spiritual matters.
All the religious killing will stop when people find out they are only fighting over supernatural mythology invented by priests who knew nothing about cosmology. The paradox is that the religionists are basically correct, we do possess a soul that separates from the dead physical body.
It's the materialists who are desperately wrong, orthodox scientific teaching that starts from the false base that the mind and brain are the same - that death is the end of everything.
Supernormal Phenomena: "I strongly applaud your statement that, if such phenomena were demonstrated to exist, they would not be supernatural but natural."
--Professor Richard Dawkins, letter dated 22nd January 1992
Michael Roll
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From: Michael Roll
To: Robert Morrell
Sunday, April 03, 2005
Subject: The scientific discovery of the "spirit" world has been censored!
To Robert Morrell: Founder of The Thomas Paine Society.
Robert, Thomas Paine's age of reason has started to dawn on this appallingly backward planet. 200 years late, but better late than never.
The American broadcaster Jeff Rense is putting this on his website that receives 7 million hits a month. As you know he has a special section on Thomas Paine -
From: Michael Roll
To:Peter Wadhams
Sent: Saturday, April 02, 2005
Subject: The scientific discovery of the "spirit" world has been censored!
To Professor Peter Wadhams (Ocean Physics) Cambridge University:
Well done, Peter, this is your victory. You are the only scientist inside academia with the courage to come out in the open and support the published experiments of Sir William Crookes.
Front cover of New Scientist: 2 April 2005
Wind of Change
For over 100 years we have rejected the idea that the universe is filled with invisible ether. But no longer...
The British scientist Sir William Crookes discovered the so-called spirit world when he published his paper in the Quarterly Journal of Science in 1874. Needless to say this revolutionary scientific discovery in physics really upset two very powerful forces that decide what information comes before the public - those who are running the religious and scientific establishments.
The priests will lose their monopoly on the lucrative life after death industry. They know there is no room for a faith or a supernatural belief system when the scientific proof of survival after death comes along.
Top scientists will be made to look silly. Scientific teaching across every discipline starts from the false base that death is the end of everything. They are all pretending that Sir William,s discovery of people in the invisible part of the universe never happened, that it will just go away.
Exactly 100 years ago a scientific disaster took place. In 1905 Einstein,s theory of special relativity came on the scene and did away with the ether - the 'spirit' world. Thanks to the Internet and genuine seekers after knowledge who are fed up with all the religious hatred that is tearing the world apart, censored scientific discoveries proving that we all survive the death of our physical bodies are now reaching millions throughout the world.
Not even the full weight of the Vatican and its materialistic allies will be able to block uncomfortable discoveries in physics that belong to every man, woman and child on Earth.
Michael Roll
The censored experiments proving survival with the mathematical backup. How and why they are being kept from the public.



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