Coyote Attacks, Bites MA
Cop, Daughter In Yard

A police officer and his 4-year-old daughter are recovering from a coyote attack that happened Saturday morning in Wilmington, Mass., in the family's backyard. NewsCenter 5's David Boeri reported that Louis Martignetti and his daughter, Tia, both were bitten on their legs by the animal. The father and daughter have begun a series of shots to prevent rabies in case the coyote was sick.
Martignetti, his wife and two children were beginning spring cleanup when the animal emerged form the woods and made a straight line for his daughter.
"He was so focused on my daughter. Finally, I looked down and he went right for her leg. I got on it right away and started hitting it with the aluminum shovel, which was not doing too much. I got him moving around a little bit. He was adjusting his mouth on her, and I was able to kick him a couple times. I moved him off to the side,"
Martignetti got his two children into the garage. The coyote made a second run at the little girl.
"Then he charged me two or three times trying to bite me. I was able to fight him off. Then he finally got me on the leg. When he was in nice and close grabbing on my leg. I had dropped the shovel to grab my kids to carry them into the house," Martignetti said. "I had my hands up waving, trying to look as big as I can. I was trying to yell as loud as I can. I figured with the noise and the size of me he is going to take off."



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