When Did We Change From
Being Innocent Victims
To Willing Accomplices?
By Judy Andreas

The question slipped off the lips of Sophia Salis, the morning host on our local radio station, as Sophia and I sat in the quiet studio. The broadcast was finished. The callers had lobbed their softballs across the plate and the hosts had fielded them within the parameters of the station's rules. Many of the calls reflected local concerns. Every so often, however, someone voiced support for President Bush and/or talked about how we are bringing democracy to the Middle East. Yes, friends, it was just another day in "paradise" for many "good" Americans.
However, now the show was over and Sophia and I could question the unquestionable. There was no longer the fear of fleeting sponsers or the wrath of irate listeners. We had both been deeply affected by Terri Schiavo's struggle for life. The prospect of her starving to death filled us with horror. We wondered about the complicity of her husband, Michael. We wondered about the cold indifference of a great part of our society. We wondered how far downhill our culture has gone. What have we come to? Do we judge our fellow beings' worth solely by their productivity? Are the old and indigent merely burdens.......useless feeders.....drains on our economy? Have far have we sunk?
Sophia and I talked about 911 and the eagerness of people to ingest the blatant lies that are cooked up and reheated daily. This diet of lies has led to the slaughter of countless human beings. This diet of lies has led to the destruction of a country and the poisoning of its people. This diet of lies fuels the fires of bigotry, hatred and cruelty as people point to the enemy du jour.
"It's the Muslims." "It's the Jews." "It's the Blacks." "It's the Chinese." "It's the illegal aliens." Sorry friends, the blame game is officially over and YOU have won the prize. The prize is responsibilty and it is time for you to accept it. I know that it is more seductive to point to an enemy separate from oneself. I know that it is more comfortable to project greed and cruelty and murderous rage onto an illlusory "other." Yes....the game is over and guess what? There is no "other." The cosmos is having a laugh at your expense, while you have been staring at your own reflection. So, the time has come for you to take the finger of blame that you point so angrily outward and turn it around so that it points squarely in your direction. Who is responsible for what is happening in this world? Look in the mirror.
Tempus Fugit. The people have been lulled to sleep in front of "Desperate Housewives." It is time to wake them up.
Sophia is a beautiful 28 year old with the wisdom of the goddess whose name she bares. What does her future hold? She is straining to see hope but only the reflection of despair is visible, as it sadly shakes its head.
At 28 I was a mother whose life revolved around her children. My day was predictable: it required no thought. Trips to the pediatrician, the supermarket and the playgroup filled my world. The President had his duties and I had mine. I rested comfortably in my present ..while I planned for my future.
Sophia's 28th year frowns in sharp contrast. Her innocence has been robbed. Her plans have been crumpled up and tossed into the global garbage pail. There's no need to recycle.
Look at Terri Schiavo trapped in her body........look deeply into her eyes. Watch how she responds to her mother. She is a living, breathing, feeling, human being. Don't you see that?
Have we forgotten how to love? Have we ever known how to love? Has "what's in it for me?" always been our mantra?
When did we change from being innocent victims to willing accomplices? Perhaps the change was so subtle....we did not see it happen.
Copyright 2005 Judy Andreas



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