Who Will Tell The People

By Jim Kirwan
Where is the outrage from all those who demanded morality from the leadership of this nation - just ten short years ago? Bush claims the international mantel of moral authority, yet he personally embraces a sect of Christian extremism that is not only, not moral, it is a political party whose mission is to convert everyone who disagrees with them! Those who bow to this new and ancient cult will be "saved" - and the rest of us must die!

These people do not come to help they come to convert us, and to crush all who stand in their way. Make no mistake the survivors of this hostile take-over will have to learn to live without freedom, with censorship, with bigotry, with misogyny, with racism, and with religious intolerance. We will have to endure poverty, privation, and the destruction of even our most private dreams. Our children's children will inherit a planet that is hostile to life and growth, and there will be a rigidly against all forms of anything that gives anyone personal pleasure or contentment. Free expression will be something seen only under glass in the mausoleum of the past, as something that must be prevented regardless of the cost. If we continue to ignore the facts of what happened since January of 2000, we may soon lose any chance of any relief from the advancing shadows of our own demise.

The Bushwhackers have plunged this nation and the world into unending war under a flag of lies and deceit that is unequaled in modern history. We have slaughtered hundreds of thousands of people, for a lie. We have marked a third of the world for extermination because they might resist the gluttony inherent in our greed. Now the bandits want to "move on," with no regard for what they,ve done to date: If the USA was a business, they would have to account for not only the money and the treasure spent, but they,d have to have a plan - as things stand now - they have done neither.

When Bush speaks to the nation or the world, he does so as if he is addressing an audience of fourth grade students, complete with all the necessary body language and exaggerated gestures. Bush is a drunk who reels and postures before captive audiences about things that are no longer true. This is a national fantasy that no one can afford.

The might of this nation was in its people, and in the potential of our ideas, in basic fairness, and in our collective imagination: yet Bush believes only in the power of blackmail and of weaponry. He is a deluded puppet, a "useful idiot" who is hypocritical, bigoted, and fanatic in the extreme. How much longer will he continue to hold sway over what this nation does with our money and with the treasure of human life, everywhere around the world?

Some of what is not being reported here: Gannon-gate, makes Monica Lewinsky look like an Alice-in-Wonderland fantasy of no consequence at all. This scandal, that has continued for two years running and although it has emanated from within the White House Press Corp, it still has yet to be reported here. Why? Because of the extent of complicity from most who now sit in government.

There are also the Faith Based Initiatives that seek to give tax dollars to various religious groups to help the poor and the addicted, in order to convert them to their form of religious faith. This hypocrisy could be clearly seen if Jeff Gannon were to be the "reporter" who announced the awarding of our tax dollars to the Christian right, for their missionary work with those who are in need of government assistance.

This last five years has been an outrage! To understand the obscenity, imagine what would happen if the government advocated giving tax dollars to a bunch of people that wanted to convert the disadvantaged and the poor to the worship of nature and to all things sexual? Heads would roll - so why is this different when the stated goal is, "to find love in Jesus," at taxpayer expense? There is no morality in any of these latest Bush nightmares.

The Evangelistas want to eliminate the wall between religion and the state, but in the instance Bush has chosen, there are very specific differences that make this action completely unconstitutional. The First Amendment proscribes religion from forcing anyone to believe in any particular religion - in essence this represents the right of "freedom from religion" which is supposed to be guaranteed to all Americans. The particular brand of "belief system" involved with the current reception of tax dollars, tends to believe that it is their duty to convert all people to their religious point of view: thus making them not a religion in the traditional sense, but a political party that seeks total dominion over the beliefs of one and all. To subsidize his Faith Based Initiatives with tax dollars is as obscene as giving a day pass to Jeff Gannon, for two years running, solely to avoid a background check that would have eliminated him from the White House Press Room, and from the White House Press Corp where he served only the needs of this president.

To not have hearings or investigations into any of this squalid behavior by the White House - is an affront to sweat and blood that went into paying all those taxes not to mention the perversion of the use of our money for partisan political purposes - all round.

The White House is now touting the Bush plan for the desecration of Social Security. This is being done without even mentioning that Bush actually has a functioning version of his plan way down in Galveston, Texas - a leftover from when he was playing at being dictator there. If his "new plan" is so fabulous, why is this being kept off the wires that are supposed to bring the public what it needs to know to make intelligent decisions?

Couple this with the Bush Plan to bankrupt the nation, and the image of exactly how corrupt this administration is - is clear. Why is none of this reported?

Most of this has been reported globally but these grand plans and schemes of this nation's insider politicos have fallen short internationally - and are only supported by the YES team, that Bush has chosen to surround himself with, in this his second and final shot to finish off this country. What is reported by the cringing-dogs of journalism here has had nothing to do with reality!

Unless and until the public can become aware of what exactly has been planned for this nation, there will be no outcry - no scream of anger at the sheer arrogance and duplicity that has been allowed to continue as some kind of patriotic exercise in what has become USA Incorporated.

Those who refuse to know the truth, or who insist on remaining blind to the realities that are being manipulated daily by the corrupted organs of the US media, do so at their peril. The world has waited overlong for us to awaken from our stupor. They have planned accordingly, and those plans are beginning to become facts. Our money, our prestige as a world power, as well as the lies that pass for our national word - are all in play: and we,re losing on all fronts. No amount of double-talk or double-speak can conceal these facts much longer. Go to the enclosed links and then ask yourself why these stories aren,t on the front pages of any paper in this nation.

Perhaps we should begin to wonder where we will be when the bottom falls out of this manufactured bubble of contrived consent.




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