'Twas The Eve Of Destruction...
And All Through My House

By Judy Andreas
It's no surprise to the people who know me that I spend a lot of time listening to Internet radio. On many nights, I fall asleep with the computer on and awaken at some point during the night to a voice yelling about the New World Order and Big Brother. I suspect this is not the best form of sleep programming and I'd be better off with the sound of rain or birds chirping.
However, in my never ending quest for "the truth" I have traded in the "white noise" machine for a voice that sounds a bit like someone gargling on Drano. And yet, the Drano voice keeps me aware of the "news they loose" ("they" meaning the mainstream media) The result is that I am living in a parallel universe. In my universe there are bird flu scares, possible cataclysmic disasters, a looming financial bust and, of course, a 911 that was not perpetrated by a group of Arabs with tweezers (I know, I was box cutters...but that is just as ridiculous) And so....while the world sleeps and visions of sugar plum fairies dance in some peoples mind is being flooded with a Tsunami of alternative facts.
Perhaps, this is why, during a recent trip to London, my sister, whom I hadn't seen in 20 years, looked at me aghast.
"Why do you waste your time with this crap?" she questioned as a fiery discussion erupted concerning the truth of 911.
"Because I ran out of Danielle Steele books."
No....I didn't say that but I must admit those words crossed my mind. Even without my glasses, I recognized the need for self control. And so, I took a deep breath and exercised that rather flaccid muscle.
"You may think it's a waste but that's your opinion. Some people watch sitcoms, some people read trashy fiction and some people research the official story of 911. To each his own."
A silence befell the room as two sisters began to dismantle the wall of tension. There was a sudden change of topic. Perhaps it was my five planets in Libra, but I felt it was important to keep the peace. In addition, it would have been a long walk back to The United States. Maybe it was the tone of my voice. Maybe it was my lack of histrionics and flailing arms. Whatever the reason, it was not long before the warmth of sisterly love once again permeated the room. If you can't keep peace in your own family, how are you going to handle the Middle East?
Don't let this brief interlude with my sister confuse you. I sometimes wish that I was not one of the people who "wasted" their time perusing the Internet in search of "truth." Sometimes I wish I could pop a Prozac and turn on the "boob tube." Sometimes I actually envy people who don't think about doom and gloom. I envy people who think that "the bird flu" is merely the past tense of "the bird flies." I envy people who do not live in a world in which the specter of microchips looms dangerously close to body parts. However, my case of envy does not last long....and, before you can say "New World Order" I am back on the Net...........feeding my lust for truth.
Since I am still living on Planet Earth (for the most part) I occasionally turn on the mainstream media. It verges on the absurd. Personally, I would rather watch Jon Stewart's The Daily Show. At least he is intentionally funny.
Lately, the Mainstream Media has had a focus....the death of the Pope. Since I have a minuscule papal understanding I will resist the desire to begin pontificating. I will instead recommend an article by Mark Owens. <>
My dislike of Organized Religion is fairly clear to anyone who is familiar with my essays. I believe anything that divides..........weakens. It's interesting that our English word "religion" comes from the Latin verb religare, which simply means to join together, to connect. Perhaps it is time to rewrite the dictionary or, better yet, our behavior.
But alas, I have a person with a grievance will often do.
The other morning I was listening to an Internet show . (just an average morning in the Andreas home) The phone lines were open and the arm chair pundits were telling the host exactly who they felt was responsible for the condition of our world. Some were convinced that the Vatican was orchestrating the New World Order Symphony. Others pointed the finger of blame at the Jews, Others stated that it was the Zionists. The host summed it up by saying that it was the Globalists and they come in all religions, races and sizes. Although the bodies are different they have one important similarity........they are suffering from terminal greed. Their greed occupies the place where their conscience used to reside. They are as clever as they are ruthless ....and they have gained control of the minds and souls of the unsuspecting populace.
Sadness filled my room and my world tilted on its axis. It was a familiar feeling. I was starring in The Matrix and had a desire to put my finger down my throat and cough up the red pill.
Yes.....we are all being manipulated. Some of us are being manipulated to hate. Some of us are being manipulated to kill. Some of us are being manipulated to pop an SSRI and head over to the mall.
Who is doing this? Does it really matter? Of course it does. People must be held accountable for their actions. They must suffer the consequences of their misdeeds. But don't expect the terrain to change dramatically. You see, if you were to take all the perpetrators and send them to some outer star constellation, a new group would simply emerge in their stead. It is similar to the drug dealer on the corner. Arrest the scoundrel and his/her replacement appears the following day. Avarice, cruelty and gluttony are not the domain of a select few. They are not confined to a race ...a religion ...a bloodline. They are a condition of a consciousness that has only one direction in which to go and I'll give you a's not "down." Removing the "enemy du jour" will not solve the problem. The pieces may rearrange but the game will go on until the participants cease to participate.
I did not mean to dig a hole of hopelessness and bury you inside. I did not mean to minimize the impact that we all can have on life. In my world ..the journey never ends. I may not be certain that Planet Earth will survive under the weight of humanity's lack of humanity yet I do not believe that the end of the planet is the end of the journey.
Allow me a moment or two in which to wax esoteric. I doubt that it is possible for us to create a "heaven on earth." ...although it's certainly a noble effect. We are inhabitants of a dualistic plane and therefore cannot have "good" without "evil" any more than we can have "up" without "down." We may not be able to change the world but we can certainly impact it in dramatic ways. We can help to raise the consciousness of our fellow beings. We can gently awaken our fellow beings from their sonambulism. We can refuse to mindlessly follow along to get along.
Every act of kindness, every loving gesture, every word of encouragement sends ripples throughout the universe. Do not minimize the power of these ripples and the effect that they have on consciousness. Do not underestimate the power of consecrating a life to truth and integrity. Do not fall prey to the anger and fear that leave you impotent and loveless.
c. 2005 Judy Andreas



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