For Whom Art Bell Tolls...
He Tolls For The New World Order

By Judy Andreas
Let me begin with a confession. There was a time when I was enthralled with Coast to Coast and thought that Art Bell was the "real deal" I believed that "The Bell" rang for truth and justice and exposing the lies and cover-ups of the government and mainstream media.
There were stimulating shows on which great minds like Dr. Michio Kaku, a theoretical physicist, talked about The Superstring Theory, or unique minds like Terence McKenna, talked about D.M.T.
Sure.....I was aware that there were times when Coast to Coast verged on the absurd and I had to question my loyalty. For example, there was the evening that a certain Dr. Reed relayed his "incredible" story about the "Alien Burrito."
Dr. Reed had come upon an alien in the forest. Luckily, he was carrying his tape recorder and was able to record the alien's scream. He played it for Art. That "proved" (?) the veracity of his story. Reed took the alien home and put it in his freezer. The freezer? Do aliens taste better frozen and reheated? Wouldn't a call to the authorities have been more in keeping with the situation. Art's comments, however, were a series of "oh my" (s) and "gee"(s) Strangely, (appropriate word) the alien escaped from the freezer leaving Dr. Reed with no other alternative but to go on talkshows. I do not recall whether he was selling anything. (but I was glad I didn't step in it)
And then there was the show on which Major Ed Dames (who we affectionately called Major "Head Games") was remote viewing Satan. Art seemed genuinely concerned for the safety of Major Con.
Ed, a regular guest on Art Bell's Coast, was teaching "Technical Remote Viewing" to anyone who had the money to buy the tapes. For a few hundred dollars, you too could remote view Satan, the Tooth Fairy or Santa Claus.
Art's career skyrocketed and then......suddenly...without warning.....he retired. The rumors abounded on the Net. Finally, Art spoke out and revealed what had happened with his son and why he needed to take time to be with his family. However, Art's retirement turned into a hiatus and, before long, "Mr. Conspiracy" returned to the airwaves. The substitute hosts had been an abysmal failure and I was very happy Art was back . But, speaking of "back" ..... before very long, a debilitating "back" condition once again silenced the man from the "high dessert." People began to question what was really going on.
Finally, out of the ashes, appeared George Noory. Not only was he personable and knowledgeable, he offered airtime to guests that Art viewed with disdain. He gave voice to David Icke, Jim Marrs, Alex Jones, and Dave Von Kleist to mention a few. Perhaps the guests were instructed to stay within certain boundaries.........perhaps the leash was a bit shorter than I would've preferred.....yet they were able to state their positions without the mockery of the neocon talkshow host.
Last weekend, Art Bell hit a new low.
His guest was author Ben Chertoff, who has written an article in Popular Mechanics Magazine. (Mr. Chertoff, interestingly enough, is the cousin of the newly apppointed head of Homeland Security) The article is a feeble attempt to prop up the government's version of the horrendous occurrences on September 11, 2001. The article is an attempt to quell the voices of the alternative media who have shown the official story to be filled with impossibilities, anomalies, lies, lies and damn lies.
Art Bell danced along with Ben Chertoff, mocking the conspiracy "wing nuts."
"Why do they hate this country?" "They just want to bash George Bush !" "They must be anti-Semites" (always a good one to throw in...when all else fails) "They are certainly anti-American."
The statements were ludicrous. The program was a travesty. On Saturday, March 5, 2005, Coast to Coast was an insult to intelligence. But the worst part of this sick display was the manner in which it treated the memory of those who lost their lives on that fateful day in September of 2001. Don't they deserve better than this? Don't we owe them that much?
It was difficult for me to stay tuned to Coast to Coast, but I knew that I had to. I knew that I had to listen to the distortions out of respect for my fellow truthseekers ...... all the courageous people who are working tirelessly to shine the light of truth on the cesspool of distortion.
I am truly saddened by the behavior of Art Bell. Perhaps he has been placed in this circumstance by situations of which I am unaware. Somewhere, deep inside me, I believe that somewhere deep inside him, he knows the truth.
I wonder if Art Bell dreams. I wonder if he is haunted by what he is doing. I would hope so. If not........maybe someone should contact Ed Dames and tell him that if he wants to remote view Satan, he might try focusing his attention on Pahrump Nevada.
Copyright 2005 Judy Andreas



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