Taxation Without
Representation Is Tryranny

By Jim Kirwan
To tax the people of this land without giving those same people the benefit of a voice in how they are treated is tyranny. The money earned for Social Security, has already been taxed, and paid for over a lifetime of work experience. For the federal government to play with that earned income, after the fact by changing the rules, is criminal. Federal government employees removed themselves from Social Security long ago, so this matters not to them.

The compact between the governed and the government is a delicate instrument that is predicated upon trust. That "trust" has been shattered and replaced by an open tyranny that knows no bounds. Today we have pyramid schemes of federal, state and local taxes that stager the mind and crush the imagination of all but the most connected and the most determined. In these various governments, there are now only a handful of people who still attempt to represent their constituents - all the rest only represent themselves.

Under the current administration what has been done to the American economy, in four years, has been something that the Russians couldn,t do in fifty years. This nation had a major budgetary surplus until these bandits plunged us into debt-beyond-belief. Now with just three more changes, these imposters will finish preparing a hangman's noose to finish off the American Republic, and turn all our efforts into more profits for the privateers of the New World Order.

The first component of the noose deals with Social Security: This seeks to take trillions from Social Security payments and redirect that money into private accounts where an individual can "play" the market, supposedly for a far greater return on that money than Social Security could offer. In the stock market only 17% of all who play are winners - all the rest are losers. This is the business version of gambling. In the Casinos, the odds are always stacked in favor of the house; the same is true of these markets. This "solution" here is based on the same stock market that shattered so many people at the beginning of this corrupt administration: Where's the security in that?

The bursting of the dot-com bubble was due to manipulations created by Enron's Ken Lay, who has still not been charged, coupled with an nation wide accounting fraud, as well as investment and insider trading scams that all came together in a massive fraud upon millions of people. This marked the entrance of Cheney-Bush upon the national political stage. Is this elusive bauble what they want "to give to people," as a hedge against their financial futures?

Bush says that there is a crisis. Had the government invested the Trust Fund, as they were supposed to have invested it - there would be more than enough money to continue and even lessen the burden? But that could not happen because they are spending the money as fast as it comes in. The interest lost on the hundreds of billions that should have been used as collateral, is unconscionable! This is just like the huge pool of the elderly that need prescription drugs, which the government refused to use to bargain with the drug companies, to obtain lower prices for prescription drugs. In both cases the government sided with major corporate interests against the needs of the tax-paying public. There is a crisis - it's called "Cheney-Bush!"

Bush has been so vague about his Social Security plans that he forgot to tell us he activated this plan in Galveston, Texas - back when he was governor there. Some people in Galveston want the nation to know that the Bush Plan does not work as advertised.

The second component of the government's noose, are the newly proposed revisions for the Bankruptcy Laws. This is complex, but is clearly explained by Molly Ivins:

The third part is only a proposal. This new federal tax on consumption was suggested by FED chairman, Alan Greenspan. It may only be 6%, but it will apply to every single thing that can be purchased. It will be present whenever money changes hands - so that everything we buy will cost 6% more! Gasoline, medicine, food, nothing will be exempt from this government's greed.

To this government, the people of this nation are actually worth more dead than alive: because if you check out before you collect, the government gets to keep the money. Who really controls what happens to the money you earn - you or your silent partner? To an ever-increasing degree, government is taking control over your ability to provide for yourself and also over your plans protect what you earned. Whenever you have a problem, the government sides with those that seek to crush you. The Insurance industry, (an extortion racket), deals in paper guarantees that you MUST have, but companies do not have to protect their policyholders. You must make your payments, but they do not have to honor that contract - especially when and if - that may cost them real money. The same is true of medical insurance, and a host of consumer contracts across the board. There are also legal reforms afoot to stiffel relief even in the courts. This will become true of Social Security now, unless there is real public resistance!

As citizens, we are losing our options. We cannot declare bankruptcy, and survive - there are too many people in this government's view - and this can rid them of some of us, and pay off a favor to political backers in the process. When unemployment stops, there are dead-end jobs instead of continuing support, because the government wants the taxes this generates: the fact that people cannot live on the minimum wage is beside the point. Most jobs are permanently uncertain thanks to outsourcing, and our personal futures have been blunted, as we no longer are in charge of very much, possibly now including our Social Security checks. This government wants all that we have. Why do they want all this money? They want the money for long-range illegal plans (and private profits) from their war upon the world that can never be won by military force.
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Lately, Condi has been touring the Middle East to inform the planet that the next two targets of the American War Machine, Iran and Syria, are "Out of Step with the world." But, other nations are not states inside the USA; they are separate and distinct nations. And unless they have attacked us militarily, they cannot be of militarily concern to us, as this violates all international law.

If Bush were serious about stabilizing the Middle East, he would demand immediate action with regard to Israel, and all the UN resolutions that Israel has ignored since 1948. Israel is a nuclear power, yet they have not undergone IAEA investigations of their offensive nuclear weapons. Israeli compliance with UN resolutions and with a balanced approach to the Palestinian -Israeli accords could bring the world closer to real peace in that region. Yet what the White House is doing now only paves the way for future attacks on Iran and Syria.

Foreign Affairs are one thing, but Social Security affects every American directly. The presidency of this land has a responsibility to insure that this country operates in a fiscally responsible way: that duty has been vaporized and the needs of most of those affected have been ignored. Time and again Bush has said that we will rebuild infrastructure, replace water and sewage treatment plants, build schools and hospitals, and guarantee the peace. None of that is present here in the USA any longer - especially when it comes to "freedom & democracy." This administration has been one long series of impeachable offenses, and altogether these crimes have become a blasphemy that has stained this Republic and damaged our place in the community of nations.

Hundreds of thousands of our men and women have been sent to fight for corporate and private profits, under cover of the flag. Our treasure has been squandered, our national honor decimated, and we regularly insult the intelligence of the world with banal banter. Nothing this White House has done or desires to do is worthy of a great nation - rather the stigma of these Barbarians - bears the mark of an insecure and crumbling empire whose greed is as endless, as its promises have been false.

This administration has outlived its usefulness to the people of these United States. Cheney-Bush is our common problem, and our greatest burden. It is too expensive by half, too intrusive to be viable, too paranoid to succeed at anything; and because seven-eighths of the public now have no representation in the halls of congress, this government, has become a farce!

Whether this shall continue depends solely on how much resistance rises from the general population that is entitled to real representation. What do we get for our tax money, from this outrage that calls itself our government? Do our taxes pay for education or health care, infrastructure or criminal justice: what about the environment, clean water, breathable air or viable soil - not to mention the social fabric? All our money plus whatever they can borrow goes for "war, war, and lots more war!" That does not constitute a society or a nation - that is a barbarically criminal empire that borders on a feudal and fascist state.

Which would you rather have: Social Security or Fascism Incorporated - because we cannot have both?




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