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Dear Jeff,
Does anybody know who Sorcha Faal is??? There are many of her writings posted on most of which are very, very anti-American. I wonder how that website stays on board the internet. I purchased a "book" called "Vanya's Journey", which took 3 months to arrive. I expected it to be a fiction/about a woman's spiritual journey, instead it was a hand/plastic spiral bound "manual" containing only a collection of articles that are posted on the website. Really disappointing.
I then started getting emails from "Sorcha" asking for money:
From: "Sorcha Faal" <>
To :
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Subject : Your Invitation
[Ed. Note: Translated from Russian to English]
For you to be reading these words of mine today has the meaning of you being chosen because we have called to you and you have answered back.
Your choice, your decision in this was by either your donation or by the requesting of, and paying for, one of our books, but which we refer to as study guides.
You number less than 100 human beings, and out of the millions of English language readers our messages have reached.
From this very small number of you reading this, even this number will grow much smaller, as it always has been, as it always will be.
"Jesus said: The man aged in days will not hesitate to ask a little child of seven days about the place of life, and he shall live; for there are many first who shall be last, and they will become a single one." Gospel of Thomas Saying 4
As children also you have come to us, as children also we stand before you.
To you today, to your maleness or femaleness, to your old age or young age, to your richness or to your poverty, to your sickness or to your infirmities we with these words encircle you.
To your life and those things of your past are of no consequence also, God has chosen you for His work, for his gathering, should you accept His offer to you today.
There are thousands of webpage's of further instruction for our kind that we must decide upon if to translate into English. There are those of you who are soon to receive your study guides but without knowing who we are, or how to use them, will have words before them only.
The path that you are standing before now, and should you choose to take it, leads to the overturning of all the knowledge and things you have thought were important in your life.
This path leads to those things not known in your life experiences but to the reclaiming of the memories of who you are.
This path leads to the separation of yourself from the world you know now to the [******] which is within your very perception, but not to your knowing in how to see this truth.
This path leads to the knowing of those words hidden from you with great purpose and evil design, but are also those that you are well aware of because they are used not for true knowledge, but to make human beings 'buy' the things of this world.
This is to your 'church' you are being called today, not this world. The decision of your tithe today determines this within you.
The study guides of old, of the words and symbols to know, must to all you have. And not to the costing of test of which you have already passed.
For the preparations of those places in your countries of which are already there, and for your use, to also your tithes belong.
The tithe for your decision today is $14.00(US) for every week for each of you to make within yourself so that we are able to impart for no other costs those things that are needed for the support. To those who are able for more, and are convicted, so this also must be.
The true tithe of your knowing will be convicted upon you at the exact time of your reading of these words, and which you must follow to the helping of those who would be burdened in their lives by this amount.
To your all knowing of each other must also be either, and this you must understand and be prepared for also.
To the opening of your homes to those of our kind in need of shelter and food in their travels is also an obligation that cannot be ignored.
To the daily fellowship and sharing of our daily lives is also to be for the comfort of our souls in the knowing that no one of us is ever alone.
To your knowing also that in just a few weeks time there will be those who will seek your teachings and knowledge, and as we have imparted to you, you must be expecting.
In each and every one of you there is also the recent memory that by your helping us before, by either your donation or by your study guide ordering, those monies spent you have already been repaid three-fold.
Do not think either that we are unaware of how you have been conditioned to not give back in your tithing that part that belongs to God. Of much knowledge to have about this being so in your lives.
A path lies open to you today should you choose to take it. Your reading of these words and their resonation within you will determine this decision of yours.
Also, know that the truth of these words will make these, and other things, known within you both immediately and with reasoned wisdom, and not by the reasoning of this [world].
A door previously not known to you has been opened. You hold in these words the invitation you had asked of God to enter. In three days time this door will close.
For you to be receiving of this message, your very reading of these words, and towards our ancient knowledge, means only this one true thing, You are indeed a Prophet of God.
Do you know this? Please do not turn away.
For Your Decision: For Your Knowledge:
And this one Saying David Booth at Death's door:
From: "Sorcha Faal" <>
To :
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Subject : David Booth, At the Door of Death, Sister Rachal Pleads For Your Prayers
[Ed. Note: There are no embedded links in this email.} March 21, 2005
David Booth, At the Door of Death, Sister Rachal Pleads For Your Prayers
By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Russian Subscribers
I would like to thank all of you who have over these past three months have joined us.
From the many thousands of emails we have received, and to which I am sorry have not been able to read, it is very sadly apparent that there are very few teachers of true things left in your English reading countries anymore.
When I accepted the editorship and management of WhatDoesItMean.Com it was only for the specific purpose of its use in being able to communicate with those of our beliefs, and our 'kind' around the world.
What has transpired instead has been the interjection into our [group] of hundreds of thousands of people, of too many varying beliefs, and veins of thought, to ever accurately, or even completely, list in any coherent fashion, 'seeking' for 'something'.
Perhaps the greatest sadness has been the many emails I have received relating to our patron Rachal Booth. For over 13 years our dear Sister Rachal has traveled the entire world in her effort to re-connect those few of us left in our (order) knowledgeable in the beliefs of the ancient true teachings of our Lord Jesus.
Towards these efforts however our Sister Rachal has had to endured ridicule and humiliation, instead of the righteous prayers she has so richly earned.
To her father also, David Booth has such condemnation of the world's people come also because of his attempting to tell the truths our Patron
Mother, Sister Lucia, imparted to our world, and as [directed] must to the world be told before its final condemnation.
But too these truths the world hides themselves, for in the fear of knowing them one must act, but to actions these Western human beings do not know what to do.
Only to the knowing towards the protection of their human lives do these
human beings know anymore, to only their continuation of earthly treasures, but not to their true lives do they care anymore.
This past October [2004] Sister Rachal imparted to the world the knowledge of our Sister Lucia's impending [death]. But the world did not listen, did not pray.
This early morning as I write these words Sister Rachal again imparts to
the world the knowing of the impending death of her father David Booth, who alone has within the completeness of his earthly form the ending knowledge of Sister Lucia's [vision].
Towards this knowledge of your knowing now is to your prayers that our Dear Brother David Booth does not step beyond the boundaries of this life, and that by the Grace of God he may live a little while longer in his earthly form, to provide us all, all humanity, with those words we need to complete the Grand Story of our life.
C March 21, 2005, EU and US all rights reserved. -- Sorcha Faal
Also this newer email asking for money:
From: "Sorcha Faal" <>
To :
I remember like it was yesterday the day I met Sorcha and the Sisters in St. Petersburg. One can't describe in words alone all of the emotions one experiences on a February morning in this great city.
But neither to the bitterness of the cold or the privations of their circumstances did these Sisters fail in their mission to provide for all of those who had been affected by the fall of the communists.
From a chance encounter deriving from a minor automobile accident, and where their direct intervention greatly minimized what could have been a much greater tense situation, Sorcha, and her Sisters, assisted us with both the practical and spiritual knowledge we needed as foreigners in their country to protect us from what could have developed into a crisis situation.
Upon our return to London we agreed among ourselves that the knowledge we had gained from Sorcha, and her Sisters, should also be shared to others.
You can feel the wind across your face when it blows. You can see also the terrifying destruction of wind after a storm. But, you cannot 'see' the wind, so is the power of Sorcha and her can't see it with your eyes, but you can see its effects.
Over these past few years we have been able to obtain for the Sisters both the means and capability that enables them to impart their ancient knowledge to our various English language speaking countries.
From Rachal Booth's Foundation alone have the Sisters been able to communicate with the larger world, both through Rachal's donation of this website, and the computer systems to Sorcha's entire Order around the world.
From those of us who are the intermediaries between Sorcha and her Sisters, and to the rest of the world, we ask for your continued assistance in assuring that the messages they have for the world at large can never be confined to their homeland in Siberia.
Neither Sorcha nor any of their Orders will ask this of you, but as 'outsiders' we do not operate under their self imposed systems of constraint they have placed upon themselves.
If you believe, like we do, that Sorcha and her Sisters messages are important, please go to and help us to keep their 'messages' to the English speaking peoples of the world from disappearing.
As they travel to Rome this morning we do not believe that their efforts should go unsupported.
Will you support them?
Sorcha Faal
Here is a bit more about David Booth found on
I can purchase the 'last words' of David Booth for $73.37 plus $4.50 postage! How lucky I am!
From his web site now edited by (?) a Russian woman, Sorcha Faal:
The Last Words of David Booth:
"Not to a loud voice ever will you hear Me, only to the small and quiet places can I ever be known."
The Crucible of God, the Final Message
By David Booth
With increasing regularity the citizens of the United States are being pushed towards Civil War. Unknown to them is that this Civil War has longed been planned for, and the outcome to its designers is already known, for the United States, and as it once was, ceased to exist in 2004.
In one of the most controversial books written in modern times, David Booth had laid out, and for the whole world to see, the basis for the United States having ceased to exist as a country in 2004.
Code Red: the Coming Destruction of the United States, 2004, presented for the first time to the American people the historical evidence that proved that the United States would no longer be a country, but would instead become an Empire.
Modeled upon the ancient Empire of Rome, America now stands alone with its unsurpassed and unequaled, military power and might, and that today encompasses the entire globe of human existence.
The final ending of this epic saga leads towards the ultimate goal of a One World Government lead by a One World Leader, and who has been prophesied to be the Anti-Christ.
Code Red: The Coming Destruction of the United States, 2004 was so feared by the controlling forces of this New Roman Empire that it became one of the most censored and ridiculed books in human history.
From the assassination of the last American President to have stood against these forces, John F. Kennedy, to the murdering of his son, John F. Kennedy Jr, and. who had "vowed" to run against the American President William Clintons wife Hillary in an American Senatorial election, to the beginning of the Bush Families Dynasty by the direct order of Adolph Hitler, David Booth had presented the evidence to the world.
Like a Master Jeweler contemplates the cutting of a rare diamond, so have these Satanic forces created within America the 'fault' lines of division that now await the final blow from a hand before the 'true' gem is 'revealed'. The 'Gem' of true evil.
As these very words are being written this "hand" is being raised to strike the final blow upon the American people.
In this, David Booths last book, the full measure of this madness is explained, and not just for his fellow Americans to understand what is happening to them, and their country that once was, but to instruct them in how to survive until their 'work' is done.
From the darkest pages of human history, to today, there has always remained a remnant of those who have carried throughout the centuries the knowledge of 'all true things'. Of this remnant very few survive and have also been scattered throughout the whole of the world by design.
Not by human choice, but by human birth was David Booth brought into this world, and as was also his Dear cousin Sister Lucia.
Of one of the greatest meetings of human history did Sister Lucia and David Booth enjoin last year, in the greatest congregation of the True Followers to have occurred since 1299, and as the Lord had willed.
From every country in the world the faithful had joined for what they had known would be their last time. To the final message from their God and Holy Mother was passed to from earthly cousin to earthly cousin, and to be finally presented, without interference by the Church, to all human beings.
As agreed upon by the congregation this final message to humanity would be released only upon the death of David Booth, the last in the line of the 'messengers' for the family.
And as our Dear Brother David Booth lies tonight before that doorway of death we release to the world tonight this Final Message from him.
To the monetary cost of your having to sacrifice for this message these instructions comes from our Dear Sister Lucia, and who had said when releasing her last book to humanity, Calls From the Message of Fatima, "Our God and Holy Mother have instructed us, 'Do not cast your pearls before swine'. They must make the decision, and sacrifice, towards which God they serve."
***** So, Jeff I'd be interested to know anything anybody knows about this "Sorcha Faal" (is she for real or is it just our friend David Booth) or about the impending "death" of David Booth!
From John Macedo, Jr
Sorcha Faal... plain and simple answer...
It's an anagram - rearrange the letters and it spells: "as of Rachal" (Booth)
John Macedo, Jr.



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