The Overthrow Of The
American Republic - Part 71
Bill Of Rights 'Obsolete'?

By Sherman H. Skolnick

There are various versions of History. There is the Establishment type, that comes out about the time of a current event. Then, the "powers that be" in books supposedly detailing the period have their say.
And then, there is the non-Ruling Class report condemned at first, but later believed. Such as after one or two participants, with direct knowledge, have their Diaries or Memoirs published after they are too old to care or are already dead.
So for the use of the peons, the press reports that in March, 2005, there was a meeting of the Judicial Conference of the United States. They dealt with a current growing problem, so the press whores told us. The gathering of Judges dealt with the growing number of attacks on Judges or their families.
Naturally, such a conference would deal with supposed remedies. None of the press fakers, however, would dare raise questions:
Such as, have the American Secret Political Police orchestreated some, if not all, of these happenings to falsely shape U.S. domestic policies? And if so, then, WHY? The "for sale" pundits are silent, acting as mere stenographers on behalf of those who rule us without the consent of those governed.
So, at the selfsame Judicial Conference, the high priests of jurisprudence met behind closed doors. Even under such circumstances, they did not for the entire group, divulge what was REALLY on their mind. For the real purpose, they met before, during, and after the meeting in very small, hushed groups, pledged to the utmost secrecy, their ideas not to be in any way divulged or hinted at in their later press blurb.
What was it that was troubling these lawless heavyweights of the Bench? Some examples:
[1] With a sneer, the Bench and the Bar refer to a class of persons, that to the high and mighty, are considered lowlifes, in their real world, not worthy of attention. This category is labeled "pro se litigants". Referred to are persons who come to the courthouse without a lawyer, just representing themselves.
The spy-riddled, oil-soaked, massive tax-cheating Monopoly Press do not see fit to remind us of the history of this land and nation. In the Colonial period, the Lawyers and the Judges were generally pledged to uphold and support the Crown, the certifiably-insane Monarchy in London.
When the mercantile class in the Colonies rebelled---"No Taxation Without Representation"---they painted black the chimneys of the Crown's colonial Judges and Lawyers, who fled to Canada. Even in the colonial period, and thereafter, it was perfectly alright for a would-be litigant to have a trusted non-lawyer present the claim or defend the litigrant, such as a spouse, another family member, a friend, or business associate.
Plainly, lawyers were the enemy, loyal to the Crown and their Judges who, on occasion, delayed remedies, if at all, twenty years and more.
[See, "the long Train of Abuses and Usurpations", in the "Declaration of Independence".]
The idea of having a mouthpiece, a Lawyer, became prevalent in the latter decades of the 19th Century.
To further isolate laymen and business associates from being able to speak for themselves, the Anglo-American aristocracy introduced the idea of Corporations. And arbitrary, hide-bound laws were passed that Corporations can only be in Court by way of a Lawyer. Even corporations consisting of only a husband and a wife as corporate officials, MUST hire an attorney to speak for their business.
Certainly, this promoted the welfare of the Attorneys Unemployment Bureau.
[2] What has been upsetting the Lords of the Bench, is that they are faced with exposure of their criminality at the hands of a growing squad of laymen, non-lawyers, some quite astute at digging out the stinking dirt of America's corruptible, corrupted Federal Judiciary.
The liars and whores of the press particularly protect the Federal Judges from being scandalized. Why? First, because such Judges are considered as part of the "Holy of Holies". The Federal Judiciary protects Big Business. When you carefully examine what such Judges are linked to, plainly they are not routine Traffic Court Judges.
Secondly, the really important Federal Judges we call Banker-Judges.
For example, in Chicago sits the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 7th Circuit (appeals from U.S. District Courts in Illinois, Indiana, and Wisconsin).
There have been sitting three judges originating from Rockefeller's University of Chicago Law School. 7th Circuit Judges Richard A. Posner [(312) 435-5806 ] and his virtual shadow, Frank H. Easterbrook [(312) 435-5808], formerly professors at the Law School; and Circuit Judge Diane P. Wood [(312) 435-5521 ], formerly the Dean of the Law School.
The three of them have ostensibly perjured themselves by not revealing financial links as required in their mandatory annual Judicial financial disclosure form. On the bench, they reportedly represent the several Billion Dollar stock and investment portfolio of Rockefeller's University of Chicago. They do NOT disqualify themselves when the businesses in the portfolio are litigants in their Court. Guess who wins?
In the same reputed perjured situation is U.S. Supreme Court Associate Justice Antonin Scalia likewise a former professor of the same Law School, and likewise, on the bench representing the selfsame portfolio and not disclosing the same as required by law.
Scalia is one of five judges on the U.S. Supreme Court corrupted by clandestine funds from Coca-Cola and others, in Bush versus Gore, December 2000, arbitrarily and corruptly installing George W. Bush as the occupant and resident of the Oval Office.
[Visit Home page links <> as to parts 9, 10, 14, 15, and 16, of series, attaching sent-to-be-court-filed documents relating to the High Court corruption suppressed by the FBI and Homeland Security, the American Gestapo, "Coca-Cola, CIA, and the Courts".]
[3] The Judges are concerned that thoughout the nation, particularly in the Federal Courts, are examples of Federal Court corruption dared to be put into the court records by "pro se litigants".
Without seeming to brag, we must point out a fact. Most all the judges ever sent to jail for bribery in the history of the nation, were prosecuted and jailed as a result of our work as a court-reform group over the last four decades.
[4] So a small, secret panel of the Judicial Conference, pledged to denial if now revealed, are setting about to institute the following "remedies" to be used against "pro se litigants", that is, would-be whistle-blowers who are not members of the Bench and the Bar:
(A) "Pro se litigants", starting at some not too far off future date, will not be allowed directly into the federal courthouses. Such persons must show up at a separate facility, not the courthouse, to be first of all "screened". "Star-Chamber" like examiners will grill such would-be litigants:
(B) Are such "pro se" types of "sound mind" (and HOW is THAT defined?);
(C) Can such would-be "pro se litigants" be shown to be "cranks", "malcontents", with "frivolous" claims or defenses?
(D) Are such would-be "pro se litigants" supposedly "without a basis" digging into possible corruption of Federal Judges and would confront such Judges in the court records? Have such "pro se-ers" already accused federal judges of specific wrong-doing, such as Judges issuing rulings where the judges perpetrate a fraud upon their own Court by inserting fairy tales instead of actual undisputed court-record facts?
(E) Have such :"pro se litigants" in the past embarassed federal judges by pointing to big law firms arbitrarily winning rulings at the hands of a federal judge whose immediate relatives hold partnerships and other positions with the large law firm? And in the past, have such "pro se litigants" refused to shut up when the federal judge told them to regarding such issue?
(F) Such panel "screening" the "pro se litigant" is to determine that instead of permitting such litigant or would-be litigant into the federal courthouse, that such person instead be sent to a mental health facility to determine if they are "criminally insane". The federal courts already have such a facility in Springfield, Missouri, where inmates are shot up with thorazine and other mind-numbing chemicals to make them listless and "peaceful".
[5] In this series on Overthrow, we have given the rationale for what is happening. So the secret panel of Judges, linked to the finance, clout, and power necessary to carry out their commands, designates themselves, at least in secret, as sitting ABOVE THE CONSTITUTION and BILL OF RIGHTS. Their excuse, bluntly put, is that America has too great a population to have everyone guaranteed the rights in those documents which they, by their actions to come, declare to be obsolete. And that the fundamental documents of this nation were designed for a relatively tiny population in the 18th Century and not useful in the 21st Century.
Thus cancelled in secret and such orders carried out, relate to the following:
Up to now forbidden is "abridging... the right of the people... to petition the Government for a redress of grievances". Since the federal judiciary has already lawlessly taken upon themselves to be a super-Legislature passing laws, the First Amendment prohibition applies to both Congress and the Federal Courts. How can you pursue your claims or defense in the Federal Courts, if, because you are a "pro se litigant", you are not permitted to go into the Federal Courthouse in your District or Federal Appeal Circuit?
Are the High Priests of the Federal Courts reacting to emergencies about which they are in a position to know the truth?
More coming. Stay tuned.
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