Second 911 ST Airliner
Remote Control
Antenna Verified

By Jon Carlson

A SECOND Avionics specialist has detected a SECOND REMOTE CONTROL ANTENNA on the airliner that was crashed into the South Tower. She agreed with the other avionics expert that the blade antennas circled in yellow are not found on a commercial airliner. In the photo, note the yellow circled area on the Tail section. Called a PLANAR PHASED ARRAY ANTENNA it replaces a dish satellite antenna that would be impossible to lock on to in a fast moving aircraft.
Excerpts from her emails:
* The blades antennas (circled in yellow) in the photos look too large to me to be a standard VHF type aircraft blade. The size would indicate a lower frequency... they could be high gain microwave antennas.
* Microwave is highly-directional but the very short wavelength would make very fine control possible.
* I concur with your assesment re: anomalous antennas shown in 9-11 photograph. I was involved in downlink telemetry and guidance for years/
* I had not seen the photo before that you analyzed, but they certainly look like VHF (or perhaps even lower frequency HF) blades (antennas). The planar antenna on the vertical stab (Tail section) is also very interesting. It looks like they just glued it to the stab (Tail section), no concealment at all....what arrogance! They didn't seem to take a lot of time to conceal the avionics, someone must have felt that there was not a significant risk of the A/C (aircraft) being photographed, and the speed would blur the image if it was photographed.
* A planar antenna is a flat plane antenna (like a pizza) and the one that I'm talking about appears to be on the vertical stabilizer (vertical fin). It could be a logo, but it doesn't look like a UA logo. I WISH =that we had the technology to define the picture further, perhaps using adaptive neural artificial technology..... way out on the bleeding edge
A Spanish University has scientifically analyzed the ST airliner photos. THE UNIVERSITY ANALYST MISSED THE TAIL PLANAR ANTENNA BUT THE PHOTOS DIDN'T. Concentrate ONLY on the vertical tail section in the following photos.
Mataró (Barcelona, Spain)
March 26 2003
The images obtained in the news report on the attack show certain changes in luminance on the underside of the fuselage. Because all commercial airliners have a cylindrical fuselage, in principle, these variations in luminance make no sense.
In order to try to explain what can be seen with the naked eye, the images were digitally processed, without altering the information, to account for the changes in luminance.
Professor Carrasco notes (Since) "all commercial airliners have a cylindrical fuselage, in principle, (there shouldn't be) ...variations in luminance The following photos show the normal pattern of luminance on a Boeing 767.
Further explanation of the planar antenna technology:
KARL SCHWARZ has the big Pentagon picture in hard-hitting analysis at:
Note the html ending.
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In the hardest hitting journalism since 9/11, THE POWER HOUR RADIO SHOW has totally revamped and added new analysis to an earlier video. 911 IN PLANE SITE, The Director's Cut. Visit to order. A quote from their South Tower airliner video analysis: "...there was some sort of incendiary or explosive that would serve as a match to ignite the enormous amount of fuel (when the plane hit the ST.)" has the full story.
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