Roswell Was NOT In
Review Copy Of
Jennings' UFO Special

NY Daily News
"The tape sent out for review by ABC News was missing the final portion, on the events at Roswell in 1947, but the remainder is enough to rank the show far below Jennings' usual standards for expanded prime-time studies. It's not complete, and it's not compelling. It doesn't blaze much new territory, and it doesn't even tread well over the beaten paths."
NOTE - Read the 'Skeptic Reviews ABC UFO Special' and ask yourself if the writer saw the SAME program you did. Assuming he wrote his review on February 21, he probably saw a review copy of the program on the 20th or earlier. His rage - and his quotes of Jennings - suggest he might have seen a substantially different version of the program than the one which aired nationally on the 24th. - jr



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