A Return To The O.K. Corral
Or, The Beginning Of Lockdown

By Jim Kirwan

In the depths of the southern desert, 118 miles north of the Mexican Border lies the town of Tombstone Arizona where possibly another hoax is working its way into our future. Tombstone, "the town that is too tough to die," was the scene of "The Gunfight at the O.K. Corral, in October of 1881. Today the town claims a population of 1,504 people, that are soon to host an incoming crowd of "Minutemen" that claim to have over a thousand volunteers, whose numbers continue to expand with every passing day.

The purpose for this gathering is supposedly to assist the U.S. Border patrol in apprehending illegal aliens that are crossing into the United States from Mexico. This begins on April 1, 2005 and is scheduled to last a month. In some circles this is seen as a set-up for an attack upon this country, or as cover for near-term international events. This may look like a farce, but assuredly there is a potential for serious and violent confrontations in this "civic exercise."

Word of this spread when the publisher of The Tombstone Tumbleweed, announced that the Minutemen would help the Border Patrol with the job that isn,t being done, of detaining and returning illegals as they come across the border. Initially only a few "signed up to help" with this effort, then shortly after - word came from the notorious MS-13 gang that they would show up on April first to confront the Minutemen.

On 04-01-05, this unholy meeting between very different people will be joined, and what will flow from that meeting will not be good for anyone involved, because this is not a schoolyard exercise in civics - this will be where the politics of the street and the theories of the classroom will come face to face: at the border which has become increasingly fraught with death. As news of this event has spread so too has word of new participants, almost daily. Representatives of many stripes will attend, each with their own issues to be resolved, and all with something to prove or disprove in the hostile desert between the border and the town.

No doubt the media will attend this live and unscripted event. President Fox of Mexico has expressed misgivings, and no doubt the Federales shall be monitoring events from that side of the border, just as the U.S. Border Patrol less the 4,000 agents recently fired, will no doubt be on alert on this side of that fence that prevents only the faint of heart from crossing over.

Inquiries were made of the Arizona Attorney General's office and the governor of that state. The AG's office suggested that if real trouble occurred the governor would call out the Arizona National Guard. But the question that no one will answer is whether the guard is in Arizona or Iraq at the present time. If there is no national guard to call, then where does that leave the law and order crowd - if things turn really ugly? What about help from Washington, if the Guard has been called to fight in some foreign war? Why is the White House not "worried" about this kind of lawlessness (proudly announced and obviously against both the law and previous conventions)? Isn,t it illegal for citizens to act as armed law enforcement personnel, when the taxpayers have provided funding for border guards? How can this not matter to Congress, or to the US Attorney General, who is the man charged with keeping order in this land? Yesterday Bush met with Fox and with the Canadian leader in a mini-summit - where this topic was not specifically raised. Yet it appears that this modern day shootout will take place.

Much was made of the powers given to our new National Security Czar, so where is he now, when there is a pre-announced action about to happen on his watch? The border has always been a sieve and all who buy food here know the reasons for that laxity - but this raises the whole affair to the level of a national farce. For all our talk of security, all those airport screeners, all the fear and paranoia generated by HOMELAND Insecurity - where is all the muscle when the government is facing heavy-duty opposition. Did George W. inherit the "wimp" gene from Poppy or is he just willing to ignore this little "intervention"?

Today came word that large numbers of heavily armed men were seen passing though, yet there is no mention of any confrontation with the Border Patrol. The report also mentions that when questioned the detainees appeared not to be able to speak Spanish: "71 suspected illegal aliens were apprehended; among them were 53 males of middle-eastern decent. According to a Border Patrol field agent, the men were suspected to be Iranian or possibly Syrian nationals." Here is the full report in which it seems that blame for any future violence has been pre-assigned to probable terrorists from the Middle East.

Given the reports that US forces are now moving into position in the Middle East, for an attack upon Iran or Syria or both - it would appear all too convenient to have men from those same countries, just now crossing over into the US at this precise point in time. If this is a black-ops operation, it is really sloppy work.
This is either a hoax or some slight of hand intended to focus the attention of this nation, on a fear that has not shown itself since 911. In seven days perhaps the players involved in this charade will be much easier to identify - until then perhaps the most that anyone could wish for - is that this is nothing but another lie, another misdirection or yet another farce!




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