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From Breton Navarro
Jeff -
Most people think Mr. Bell's contrived attack on you was spontaneous...spawned of spite and jealously. I'm sure you suspect, his assault was anything but. It was a textbook diversion, obviousy an effort to slow down your site and program growth.
First, as some have pointed out, you do possess, in fact, most everything he never did and never will. Oh, he enjoys the free ride of automatically being on hundreds of Clear Channel stations and so forth. But you, Jeff, are a journalist with more courage, wisdom, integrity and fairness in your little toe than Mr. Bell will ever have. Bell presents as a superior product huckster and competent talk show entertainer, who has diligently been engineering the minds of millions for years. Bottom line: he is part of the control Rush, like so many others in the media. You were the first to present Operation Northwoods to the public on national radio as far as I know.
From Northwoods (and many, many of your guests) we learned many things, not the least of which is that the CIA had powerful influence and control over most of the mainstream media nearly 50 years ago.
Also, in his email reply to 'Lordbarton', he completely exposes himself...and it doesn't take a genius to read between his vapid, childish, hateful rhetoric: this is not a spiritually advanced soul. Au contraire.
All the above and more notwithstanding, let me hasten to point out that his masters have, no doubt for me, put out a character attack order on you. If my years in the industry have taught me anything, it is that public assaults on other professionals at this highest level just don't happen...they are planned and performed for a reason.
Your work is bothering 'them'...don't stop. Your strength is encouraging many others who watch your site and listen to your guests.
Oh, and Art's comment about you having 'unknown' guests is truly a measure of his desperation. I cannot begin to count the number of brilliant, provocative people you *introduced* to the American public which Bell and others have then later, often years later, had on as guests. No one in radio has ever matched your panorama of material and guests. No one.
So, again, view this ludicrous attack as 1. acknowledgement of your effectiveness; 2. a compliment; and 3. free publicity that you could never afford to buy. 4. a form of broadcasting suicide...ravaging his own listeners who disagree with him is simply cuckoo.
Keep on rolling!

Lordbarton's Email Exchange With Art Bell
Hey Jeff!!!
Check this out, I can't believe he actually answered me back!
This particular correspondence was started when I emailed Art concerning the now infamous interview with Popular Mechanics' Ben Chertoff.
The first email I sent him stated how I respected his opinion, but thought that he was way off, and completely out of line pulling you into all this somehow. Then one night - a week ago(?) - he made a few more comments, and told listeners to go check out his web cam to "see just who" he was referring to.
As you know by now, he held up a page with your site on it. I really don't understand the irrational behavior displayed by Art. I have listened to Art for over 10 years now, and now, all of a sudden, he seems content on dragging you through the mud for some maniacal, insane, INANE reason.
But, this past weekend, he started commenting on you, your show, your web site, and us "wingnuts" again, hence the e-mail to him.
I was listening to another radio station which rebroadcasts many GCN programs, (including yours, and has for quite some time now, and I appreciate it!), and this station was playing a "classic art bell" show.
It was dated in 2003 sometime. I didn't know this, but he was bashing you back THEN. (and even before?) I find his rhetoric nauseating.
Anyway, I thought you may like to know you have many backing you and what you do, so have fun reading the following email, and keep up the good work!
Sincerely, an avid and awake listener.
P.S. I don't listen to Art Bell now, for the record.
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From: Art Bell
To: lordbarton
Sent: Monday, March 14, 2005 5:48 PM
Subject: Re: no longer
Oh please don't leave, I need you wingnut's! You are so important to the show with your sharp wit and that wonderful ability to write a literate letter as displayed below.
You are truly breaking my heart. I may not sleep tonight, I may never sleep well again knowing you have started listening to that Rense guy with all his wonderful Guest's that nobody ever heard of. i hope you are in range of one of his (2) stations! Oh wait I forgot, he now will allow you to pay to listen, something he said he would never do.....oh well. I am sooooo desperate to keep you, whatever shall I do?
I guess I will have to do without you.....bye bye! I have to attend a Illuminati pot luck in the morning so must cut this short....ta ta
From Warren Palin
Hi Jeff,
As a perennial loudmouth, I can be counted on to have an opinion on just about anything. Up front, I have to say I did not bother to listen to the Art Bell Broadcast because we got exactly what I expected. It was as predictable as the Sun coming up in the morning. The only thing that I couldn't and didn't envision was Art's lashing out at you.
I think there is a simple explanation: You are what Art wanted to be and cannot be - someone who actually challenges with facts and rational analysis the staid presumptions upon which people are wont to operate. Art's soul and words are now no longer his and are owned by others. The price he paid for material success was spiritual agony. No one knows in more gruesome detail the ethical compromises which have brought Art to where he is now than Art. What we heard was Art Bell screaming in pain as his tortured conscience tried to escape the inevitable conclusion: his material success is a hollow and pointless success. He was screaming in agony at the man he wanted to be but no longer is.
Truthfully, I think it was you, and your program, those 7 or 8 years ago when I began listening that caused me to expand my own horizons and caused me to see Mr. Bell for what he is, and it is not a friend of the truth. In his favor, I think at one time there was an interest in the truth, but that was quite a few compromises ago. He knows that, you know that, and anyone with any discernment who has listened to you both for any length of time knows that.
Have you noticed that Mr. Bell no longer has a sense of humor? That there is no longer any joy in his voice as he comes on air? Now it is a forced gaiety - that of someone trying to convince themselves. I pity Mr. Bell but I have no sympathy for him.
Art can scream Anti-Semite at the top of his lungs and through his electronic megaphone into the wee hours as much as he wishes. That does not make it true. In fact coming from Mr. Bell it is a prima facie case that it is not true. He is reduced to casting slurs and rambling forth, parroting the talking points he is given.
My respect for you, which I have stated before, remains undiminished by the hollow screechings of one who has sold his soul for a hand full of silver.
Thanks for all you do.
Sincerely Yours,
Warren Palin
From Kathy Fisher
Ya know I hate to burst every one`s bubble but I did start sending Artie boy some pretty (I'm so pissed off at you letters) well over two years ago. Jeff Rense knows because I would always send him a copy and he would write back to me about it. Back then, Art was not making any personal attacks on Jeff.
I just had it with Art`s rotten attitude about the war in Iraq and anyone who thought Bush & company had any former knowledge of an attack about 9/11 and so on.
Jeff would always answer (and I'm paraphrasing now) "I never like to criticise another talk show host, it's just not a nice thing to do."
I could understand and respect Mr. Rense for that, and it's because Jeff is such a gentleman that I wouldn't expect him to have any big reaction back then.
I have been busting Bell's balls for over 3 years; I will find a few of the letters and show you. I have been warning people that he has sold out, but they weren't listening then. Art sends so many mixed messages to his listeners; he is such a hypocrite.
Anyone who listened to Art Bell for at least two straight weeks in a row would know he has mastered the art of double talk. Someone out there have a tape recorder?
Jeff Rense on the other hand has mastered the art of telling it like it is. He is the master when it comes to getting the truth out.
I have sent Art Bell My home phone number. I would debate him any time he wants, and I think he knows it. We'll start with all the times he said he knew the war in Iraq was about oil.
I'd ask him why, then, the very next week he said that the People in Iraq were not grateful. Then a week later, he said he wasn't sure why we attacked Iraq. Then, on another weekend, he would ask where are these weapons of mass destruction? And so on.
He plays bumper music like Eve Of Destruction and War, What Is It Good For? (yes that is Art playing the music on his shows). Like I said, Art likes to confuse people. It's time somebody rolled the tapes and exposed him for what he is...and isn't.
I wrote him time and time again asking him about the PNAC and sending him everything I could that explained what is was, if indeed he had not heard of it. I sent him Meresca's statement at a meeting in the late 90s where he said how important it was to make Afghanistan a stable country before they could begin to extract any oil. I sent him many lists of questions from WRH and on 9/11.
I said why do you only focus on people who think Bush gave orders or authorization on the Sept 11, 2001 attack?
You know that's not what 99% of the doubt and questioning is about. I asked him why he didn't comment at length on the 9/11 hearings, and I said "You don't even address the needless killing of innocent Iraqi children!"
I know one thing now for sure since listening to Bell these last few months, and that is I can question almost anything in the universe except this President and his administration's foreknowledge about the biggest event to happen on American soil since Pearl Harbor.
While you remind your listeners, Art Bell, that you love to tune in to Fox News to get the updates on the war and current events, on the other hand you say you get a lot of your news from the BBC and Pravda.???
At one time I told him that I was worried that his enormous ray of antennas just might be making him lose his mind.
The night he ask us all to pray for Rush Limbaugh my suspicions were confirmed.
My husband laughed at me saving so many CTC tapes. Now who's laughing?
Kathy Fisher

From Scott T Davis
Dear Jeff,
I just wanted to congratulate you on a very Intelligent, and well articulated response to Mr. Bell's "Open letter."
Your response to Mr. Bell's letter shows what many of your readers and listeners have known for a long time: you are more than capable of defending yourself and
The one glaring question I have after reading Mr. Bell's letter is what is he really frightened of besides Nuclear waste in his back yard!? Or, is his back yard the only thing he is concerned about?
He claims to be a libertarian...but he voted for John Kerry! That must make the Libertarian presidential candidate feel good. I wonder if Mr. Bell would argue the fact that President Bush can be directly linked to 1500 (and counting) of our young people being killed in Iraq, plus 20,000 minimum wounded and crippled? Or, is that 'yellow journalism' too?
Jeff, the only thing I see that's yellow is the stripe running down Mr. Bell's back.
From David Chu
Dear Mr. Rense,
I want to commend you for your civilized debate with Mr. Art Bell. I used to think your site and some of your views as "wacko", but now I have come to my senses and realize that "truth is indeed stranger than fiction!" Your response to Art Bell's open letter says it all. Congratulations on standing for the truth and being open to ALL views! That was what made the Art Bell show so refreshing in the old days when he did 7 hour shows! I am so glad that Coast to Coast AM also has George Noory as he is much more open minded about issues such as 911.
I don't know if it is in the realm of the possible, but it would be really fascinating show if George Noory and you got together on this singular issue and just talked about this 911 issue! This would be THE dream round table on 911 on talk radio!
All the best,
David Chu
Comment by Alfred Lehmberg
Alright Mr. Bell -- assuming acceptance for an erstwhile defense regarding your ~fatuous~ and unintelligent performance (which I do not!), where is an explanation for your Jew-baiting intimations regarding an anti-Semitic Mr. Rense? Seems as you may lack a little ~sack~ in that particular area... and I think an apology to Mr. Rense ~must~ be forthcoming, Sir.
Moreover, your strident whining that you refuse to be part of the "blame the US first," crowd is specious and immature and is the kind of thoughtless and reflexive faux-*patriotism* that has this nation sliding into Hell in a neo-con hand cart... remotely piloted by the same dry-drunk-double-deserter with delusions of grandeur (complicated by an inferiority complex) even _you_ refused to vote for, by report.
Additionally, your problem is ~not~ that you would refuse to blame America *first*, Mr. Bell, it is that you are apparently incapable of allowing her any blame at all! That's childishly insentient and suspicious behavior on ~your~ part, Sir. Oh, and don't wave our flag at ~me~, boyo! I'll match my patriotism with yours line for line as a retired combat aviator with a Bronze Star and 4 Meritorious Service Medals.
That's all, and said over my shoulder, Sir... as I would ~keep~ my back to you.
Signed -- just another "wing nut"... looking askance with arms akimbo at C2C and _not_ listening to Art Bell... -:|:-
From Carlanne Hall
Hi Jeff -
Just wanted to tell you what a great rebuttal you wrote in response to what that jackass shill Art Bell had to say.
I never held Mr Bell in very high esteem - but it now seems he has totally sold out to the "establishment" and has also targeted you as the enemy. While both your show and his are on way past my "bedtime" considering I have to get up at 5AM EST - I can only imagine what the broadcast was like wherein he totally "sold out".....
There is just so much going on lately that it boggles the mind - between 911 and the massive coverup, the flu "thing" that I am certain is going to be unleashed on us this coming winter (noted Patty D's article on the little "air testing" they are going to do in my "hometown" of NYC - remind me to stay out of Manhattan), the neverending war in Iraq that is sure to soon be expanded to other Arab nations, and on and on - that is sometimes becomes quite depressing.
You are to be commended for never letting up on the "powers that be" and keeping us all informed of what is REALLY going on - just don't "let up" nor let idiots like Bell discourage you.
Your #1 fan.......

Sad Commentary On An Otherwise Good Career
From Lee
Dear Art,
Used to love your shows and your objectiveness...that's gone now, I see. I listened to your show on the 911 incident.
You needed to challenge this man more. Perhaps GWB didn't have alot to do with 911, but the aftermath was dealt with in a most minimal investigative way...there is ample evidence that something is terribly wrong with the governments' version of the truth. You ARE smarter that that.
It appears your mind was made up long before the show. Too bad...I used to respect you. If you are a shill for the NWO, may God have mercy on your soul. You have apparently sold out. Isn't Ramona worth more than that...doesn't she deserve more than that from you?
And as for Jeff Rense...he and his site are not the issue. I will no longer listen to you, Art. George's show is a lot better. He is what you used to be....too bad, so sad. This letter pains me, as I don't think you care how many like me you have alienated.
And you have disappointed me, and many like me, greatly. Time for you to retire. Good bye Art.
Lee - Portland, OR



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