Remarkable UFO Photos

From Dennis
Photos ©2005

Monday, March 28, 2005, 11:15pm MST.
Ann and I spotted this at the same moment.
We both estimated it to be between Las Cruces and our house. This would be a distance of approximately 10-15 miles due east of us.
Again, this object was moving faster than an airplane. While it was climbing, I managed to get seven photos of it. In the eighth photo, it just disappeared.
We live in a restricted flight area. Airplanes flying overhead are either already at their flight altitude or if they are lower, they are military. Did the object produce any sound at all?

Dennis: There was no sound any time we saw this how did the object look to the eye compared to what was captured on film? Are we seeing some exposure streaking? Or was it this same elongated strand of light?

Dennis: What is on the photos, is what we saw. It was an elongated light moving at an extremely high speed. Was its movement jerky or straight as it climbed?

Dennis: The movement was not jerky. It was smooth and fluid right up to the second it disappeared. Did any part of it seem to flash, blink or shimmer?

Dennis: There was no flashing, blinking, shimmering or strobing with this light.
Dennis & Ann Bossack
The Shots



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