Global Landgrab Coming
Soon To Your Neighborhood

By Judith Moriarty

The people perish for lack of knowledge. Like turtles, people have tuned out, and retreated into the manageable (so they think) spheres of their private lives. Unable or unwilling to grapple with the chaos of the times; of billions going for never-ending war, funding being cut (to pay for war), from various programs serving their communities, rising taxes, outsourcing of jobs, shuttered mills, obscene prescription costs, unaffordable medical insurance, rising fuel costs, immigration issues (draining coffers of local communities), and the mantra of FEAR and suspicion; which lurks at airports, malls or your once friendly neighborhood; a paralyzing, apathy and general malaise; keeps people from inquiring, questioning, debating, or becoming informed on how the greater issues of the world; i.e. trade agreements, economic summits, environmental gatherings (global), Goals 2000 or No Child Left Behind et al, will affect their lives, their communities and their futures (and children).
While we are being dutifully distracted with the threat of social security being privatized, the Oscars, sports stars on steroids, Presidential glad handing in Europe, the newest sensational murder, mud slides in California, flu shots, and a new strain (?) of AIDS, etc, there are other things afoot (globally) going on with no national or international news coverage of any merit.
Without a grasp of the larger picture having to do with Agenda 21, Sustainable Communities, Regional Governance, Public Private Partnerships (they play we pay), Water, Non-Governmental Organizations, the Rewilding of America, etc; local citizens and politicians are at a loss in presenting any informed arguments or objections. You can't argue a global plan on a local level without having all the pieces. Every citizen and politician should take the time to understand that which for the most part is being presented in lofty, altruistic, and buzz word rhetoric; "Protecting world resources, biospheres, Heritage Sites, Buffer Zones, Corridors, Sustainable Communities, Regional Governance, (more efficient-ha), diversity, etc." You should care because the global land grab is coming to your neighborhood. Be prepared with the knowledge you need. Not possible? Think again.
"We have got to share this planet with the other living creatures, and sharing means not merely preserving them in zoos or National Parks, but setting aside huge areas. Whole regions perhaps that will be free from human interference (too bad African villagers' jm). Ideally, I would like to see certain areas of the planet set off-limits to human entry of any kind, even aerial over-flights". Edward Abbey-Deep Ecology for the 21st Century: An Ecocentric World View
One would like to think that local/state officials are aware and informed on the greater issues going on in various global environmental seminars, treaties etc; which trickle down to the local level in insidious, fragmented pieces affecting us all. One doesn't take into account (at least locally) that many of these officials are working people, and obligated to a myriad of meetings, paperwork and various committees. On the state/national level; it's a matter of fact, that gosh, not all politicians are altruistically giving of their time to protect and champion the interests of citizens. True, there are the rare few, who take very seriously their votes and listen attentively to citizens (this is rare). Some are there to further their move on up the political ladder and on to the big time in Foggy Bottom (Washington D.C.), while others are satisfied to remain big fish in a small bowl, servicing the demands of special interests (loopholes-subsidizes-tax breaks-exemptions etc.). Some yawn; see politics as a reprieve from the boredom of their lives, or an extension of their jock status, from days gone by. The manipulations-wheeling and dealing-intrigue-compromise-and gamesmanship of it all; gives them that daily 'rush' of testosterone power!
One wonders (outside the few men/women of integrity) attending the various committee meetings in Concord, NH; and listening to the political jabberwocky going on in the small cliques in the hallways; with the none too (not all) subtle, lackluster enthusiasm, of representatives; hurrying citizens along in testimony (citizens are always LAST), just who's minding the store? Tax exemptions etc, (anything for industry) are slam dunked and passed without a question. Meantime, citizens who have the audacious gall, to address a regulatory agency; having no problem with approving tons of lead to be dumped on their community, toxins choking others, or toxic sludge dumped on farmlands, et al; are many times treated with hostility or benign indifference!
With the focus on privatization, public-private partnerships, (dismantling local control); anyone with any common sense about them can see that; incrementally the power of the people is being given over to corporate control through various venues. Once upon a time we were subjects, then citizens, and now consumers. Everything is for sale. TV 'programming' is set up to entice "consumers" through the 3000 daily ads to buy, buy, buy. Utilities-waste-nursing homes, and even the people's water (once in local control) is open to the highest bidder or those with the most influence. In "public private partnerships or privatization" (despite the lofty high pitch sales rhetoric) means only one thing.a plundering of the people's money. Profits take precedence over any and all health or environmental concerns. It's pigs at the trough time, locally-state wise and nationally. This is not just happening in one or two isolated places but across the nation. Because we are narrowly focused (many times only one newspaper) parochially; we have little to no idea of the larger picture and what is being set in place.
As I read of various happenings across the nation; I am struck with the usage of terms and language being introduced into the public arena; with no explanation as to their meaning (if any). I asked a state politician a few years back what this terminology we're hearing lately of, "regional or regionalization" meant? He brushed the whole thing aside as inconsequential and told me that is was of no importance. Obviously, for me, that was an unsatisfactory answer. Most especially, since on the local level, I could see that it meant a great deal. It appeared to me, that ever so insidiously, local control was gradually being usurped by "regional" control of unelected officials. Consultants (strangers) were replacing local people in places of city government (at lucrative salaries). The sense of community (calling city hall etc.) was being replaced by various business entities, having little to no attachment to the heartbeat of the people. How could they, being strangers, with no sense of native pride or concern? Words like "regional, stake holder, empowerment zones, enterprise committees, visioning councils, smart growth, sustainable development etc;" had replaced understandable language! I didn't imagine that the usage of these terms across the nation (if you look) meant "nothing".
Regional: Without much fanfare (vote) or input from Congress President Nixon through Executive Order 11490 and Executive Order 11647 divided the nation into TEN REGIONS. It really is amazing how little citizens know of the workings of their government and things set in place by Executive Orders. But then we're kept mesmerized by Super-Bowls, the Oscars, the latest sensational murder, or the ripping and tearing of Red vs. Blue politics. Presidential and Executive Orders are legal documents and have the same effect as laws. Executive Orders are authorized by the President's statutory or constitutional powers. Proclamations are issued by virtue of the President's office, by law, or in response to Congressional joint resolutions. Although there is no legal difference between the two documents, most Proclamations address the general public while Executive Order are generally used to direct government agencies or officials. It's sort of like a secret government within a government. You never hear the latest Executive Order or Proclamation on the news, and I daresay (in today's climate) few have little to no idea what they are. You might be surprised at what is set in place. Since they effect us all you'd think people would want to know? See
Regional Governance:
Region One: Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Vermont. Regional Capitol-Boston
Region Two: New York, New Jersey, Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands. Regional Capitol-New York City
Region Three: Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia, West Virginia, District of Columbia. Regional Capitol-Washington.
And on across the county to Region Ten.
Also, not on the 'news', is the fact that six Regional Commissions are in place, pending final approval, which impact states from New York to California; from Florida to Washington. Few people realize that these regional commissions even exist, or the growing influence they have over the lives of ordinary people (us) by providing the mechanism through which appointed individuals, rather than elected officials, develop public policy.
The Columbia River Gorge Regional Commission was set up in 1986. This Commission has become a nightmare, beyond the reach of either state government, or Congress, short of repealing the Act altogether. This appointed commission has absolute authority over all land use within the designate counties, with the authority to override both county and state officials. The Regional governance concept began in earnest with the Clinton-Gore administration. On the heels of the President's Council on Sustainable Development came the Community Empowerment Board, chaired by Vice President Al Gore, which included 26 federal agencies. Through these initiatives, the Delta Region Study Commission was formed. For eight years, this study commission, funded by Congress, defined and catalogued every facet of economic, social, and environmental activity throughout 240 counties in eight states.
Using the data collected over the years, the Delta Regional Commission directs federal funds to projects/organizations it deems appropriate, and which meet the principles of "sustainable development" Projects are developed by "stakeholder councils" and proposed through "empowerment zones" and "enterprise communities". These "stakeholder councils" are often the same people, and the same councils, that serve as "visioning councils" in communities where; Smart Growth, Heritage and Historic areas, scenic byways, recreational trails, and ecosystems restorations are being planned. Other Regional Commissions are awaiting approval by Congress; which include seven states from Florida to Virginia and the Southwest Border Region (HR 1071).
While these quasi-governmental regional authorities have brought new federal dollars to many communities, they are also eroding the authority and accountability of local and state elected officials. Moreover, they are slowly transforming the processes of representative government.
The Governors, who sit as co-chairs of these Authorities, are mere figureheads; the work is done by appointed staff on loan from state and federal agencies. Because these Authorities are multi-jurisdictional, they operate beyond the control of any county or state. They are controlled only by Congressional appropriation to the various agencies that supply money to the regional authorities. Since the Clinton-Gore years, virtually all federal agencies have worked to advance the principles of sustainable development as set forth in Agenda 21.
Stakeholder councils are driven by activists at the local level, promoting their particular agenda assignment, such as: Heritage areas, Historic sites, open space, mass transit, watershed protection, wilderness restoration, and growth boundaries. Typically (the great % of those involved, are unaware of the overall objectives of Agenda 21) these councils consist of representatives of special-interest, non-governmental organizations, and employees of local, state, and federal government agencies. Ordinary taxpayers are systematically discouraged from participating in these groups, although the councils are said to represent the public. These are the groups that dictate public policy through the design of "sustainable" projects they know will be acceptable to funding agencies. Local officials can either accept the projects, or be ridiculed for rejecting federal money.
Because officials don't have or take the time; to study how Regional-Sustainable Development-Agenda 21 will impact their locales or states; they really are at a great disadvantage when the newest flim flam man, in the guise of found money, comes to town. Be it 'water privatization', the newest 'partnership', 'privatization', scheme; or that pot of grant monies. Local officials, deal only in narrow realms, and do not come above to see the total picture. Cash strapped cities are only too happy to buy the latest "win-win, we'll bail you out of your financial dilemma" marketing pitch. Like one our councilors said, "It's easy for city lawyers to fool a bunch of farmers".
A blanket was thrown over the states and they were grouped into regions. Yes, indeed it means something! Nixon didn't bother to explain at the time (but then we had Watergate to deal with)but actually his Executive Order created an additional government, a top-down government which was called, "regional government". This regional government consolidated the states into Ten Regions. Many elected officials who took an oath of office to protect and defend the United States Constitution and their state constitutions sanctioned and even promoted this usurpation of their authority. In all likelihood few gave any thought to the implications (and still don't).
Much of the money collected in taxes by the federal government is sent back to the states, counties, cities, towns, and school districts and individuals. Certain businesses and organizations also receive financial incentives for special types of cooperation. When the regional government was created it was made the vehicle for the distribution of federal funds. While most officials in state and local government thought they were merely receiving grants, they were in effect selling their authority to the regional government. Instead of being under local authority the states and communities were answerable to the administrators of regions. The naïve elected officials, who believed that regionalism was no more than a different system for distributing federal grants, (more efficient) were easily deceived.
Regional government, a bigamous form of government, is complicated (deliberately so), expensive and devious; but the situation is further confused, because it does not stop at our borders. It is a worldwide setup under the United Nations. This means, laws, policies, executive orders and administrative rules adopted here are often the result of recommendations made by self-appointed international 'decision makers'. Most (not even politicians) people have no idea that the bigamous international regional government exists, much less the tremendous influence its administrators have over our lives and communities. But the sad fact is; that we are rapidly being drawn into this world administrative system, and many among us are members of groups/organizations sanctioning the process. This is because hundreds (follow the money) of civic, social, charitable, educational, cultural and professional organizations in the U.S. with millions of members (stupidly) support regionalism rather than constitutional government, demonstrating once again what the Greek historian Herodotus, observed nearly twenty-five centuries ago: "It seems indeed to be easier to deceive a multitude than one man".
The leaders of these organizations have transferred their nation loyalty from the USA to the world management system. They have done this by signing up with the Economic and Social Council (ESOSOC) of United Nations as non-governmental organizations (NGOs) consulting with and pledging loyalty to the United Nations (agenda). More than 200 NGOs are pledged to support UN power over internal affairs of their own countries. The united regions of America have nothing to do with our history or the U.S. Constitution. It is an administrative top/down system of control. When regional government is involved ordinary citizens have little to say. They and elected officials are used merely to sanction decisions made by international (usually blindly and dumbly) regional government administrators.
The promoters of world regional government care little how much they put the USA into debt or under obligations so long as they can have control. They have changed the rules. They divide citizens into groups favoring some groups over others. Right means to support regional government goals. Wrong is to have personal goals that do not support regional government. I wouldn't hesitate to say that there is nary a citizen or public official that you could have a discussion or debate with on the particulars of Agenda 21 and what they mean to our state and local communities. One would think that such an all encompassing Agenda with world wide implications on everyone would merit some attention? The reality is, there's an elitist school of thought that the 'masses-human resources' are too stupid, too busy drinking, doping, carousing or partying; to know what's really in their best interests.let alone discuss it. Who knows, maybe they're right; given the general malaise, apathy, passivity in seeking out information. Heck.even our President and some local politicians tell us they don't bother to read the papers. Maybe they should, because like it or not, every citizen will be (and are) impacted by the decisions being made for their futures and their children! Forget the silliness of Conservatism-Liberalism or the Red vs. Blue buffoonery. Red-Blue-and all in-between will be affected and they'll ask; "Who let this happen?" Believe me it's not those gays or lesbians that everyone was in a lather over (election PR brouhaha) that will do them in.
It is simply breathtaking; the issues that go unreported (except locally) and never make it to the national news media. For news we get Donald Trump and his goofy TV show, the specter from Never Never Land, bleached Michael Jackson, or rampaging painted fans at some sports event. On June 17th ('97) the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) conducted a public hearing (not on national news) in Bozeman, Montana regarding the Grizzly Bear Recovery Plan. That plan would create 32 million acres of "protected recovery zones" in at least six regions, which would be connected by migratory corridors, one of which is 240 miles long. The FWS did NOT bother to inform any of the affected parties (property owners in this region) Seeing is believing:
Sustainable Development: Now who could possibly be against the altruistic, lofty, pontificating verbiage of protecting, setting aside, thousands, millions of acres across the nation; for the, sniff, reason of "protecting the world resources for future generations". Across the nation, in every state, you'll see the Nature Conservancy -Audubon Society and numerous other entities (Foundations-Trusts-Conversation Organizations) buying up huge swaths of land for supposed protections. One should check out the source of any and all entities money backers (no matter how environmental they sound). I have a feeling (no proof) given the magnitude of these millions of acres being gobbled up; that each state (in some cavernous meeting) were directed in the number of acres they were responsible for setting outside the public domain? It's just too organized to be mere coincidence. People should check their own states to see those places named Heritage sites, bio-sphere preserves-conservation areas etc.
Indeed it might be laudable if it all weren't a lie..but per usual, a conditioned, programmed society, will buy anything without checking the validity of the organizations, or the larger agenda taking place worldwide. These buffer zones, corridors, and islands of sustainable development are not about 'protecting' but about 'controlling the world's resources'. That wouldn't go over too big, so dress it up, under save the air, land and water (for corporate interests of course). Most of those involved in the numerous organizations-governmental agencies-and activist groups are what are called "useful idiots". Not knowing or having studied the larger agenda, or taking the time to connect the dots, they willingly give over their lives to set in motion this control; believing wholeheartedly they are doing the will of Gaia, Mother Earth, et al.
A guest column in the Sun (Florida) by Warren Nielsen entitled "In the spirit of sustainability" (May 31-'97) attempted to present a warm fuzzy picture of the sustainable development concept. Mr. Nielsen stated that "A loosely organized assembly of local citizens with widely diverse backgrounds drafted a definition of sustainable development in the early fall of 1996" Why waste time when the United Nations Council on Sustainable Development already published the definition in the Global Biodiversity Assessment (1995) on page 1118, as "development that meets the needs and aspirations of the current generation without compromising the ability to meet those of future generations".
Sustainable Alachua County is not "a citizens' movement" in the sense of a grass roots movement, but has been actively promoted by the UN in Agenda 21, and the Global Biodiversity Treaty which was presented at Earth Summit II, held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil in 1992. The concept of sustainable development and sustainable communities is being implemented in every country on Earth, as part of a global plan.
Maurice Strong (the mover behind all this) Secretary-General of Earth Summit II, said, "The concept of national sovereignty has been an immutable, indeed sacred, principle of international relations. It is a principal which will yield only slowly and reluctantly to the new imperatives of global environmental cooperation. What is needed is the recognition of the reality that in so many simply not feasible for sovereignty to be exercised unilaterally by individual nation-states, however powerful". Reference:
Sustainable Communities: (all one happy family in sustainable towns-reservations). Where Did the Concept Originate? Map
While we get the smoke and mirrors theater of Washington D.C.; with its bizarre theater, nonsensical hearings, and monumental expenditures for war, debt, private favored contractors, etc.; the real business of the world is going on elsewhere. We got the bleacher seats to second rate players. Rest assured Maurice Strong and his ilk are not going to be residing in perfectly controlled communities, where everyone bikes or walks, works and recreates, together in acceptable cracker box houses. No, Maurice lives on some 200,000 acres in Denver over a major aquifer (so much for sustainable eh?). Ted Turner another great advocate of herding people into pens called sustainable development areas owns the most land west of the Mississippi. No noisy neighbors for him. Really what we have afoot here is the construction of a global plantation-with the few controlling the world's resources. Who would believe it? And that's the charm of the whole thingbeing insidiously and incrementally put in place, with the help of "useful idiots" (unpaid for the most part) who think they'll be hiking, camping, or river rafting in these pristine, protected areas! Boy, have they got a surprise in store! Here's Maurice-not seen on the daily infotainment programs. You should know who is shaping yours-your children's and grandchildren's futures!
The reason (at least some) that most citizens are totally unaware of what is happening on the national scale; is that the only news one receives from other states, is if there's a crisis of weather (hurricanes-earthquakes-mud slides), an orchestrated Presidential visit, a train wreck or some sensational crime. Confiscation of lands, grazing issues, or issues surrounding the National Heritage Corridor project are unheard of. Without media attentions, or any semblance of investigative reporting, TV documentaries, or discussions taking place (town hall meetings); people are hardly aware of happenings in their own state; let alone problems in the West or in Cuyahoga Valley near Akron, Ohio. Issues of this rewilding of America are kept local with common folks left to grapple with the mammoth bureaucracy of it all.
Mostly people are totally unaware of terms like; Agenda 21, Biospheres, Sustainable Communities, Heritage Sites, Buffer Zones, Corridors, Rewilding, Stakeholders, Partnerships, Consensus, Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs), Regional Governance, or that they now live in Region one, five, or seven et al? Because they don't have (nobody is telling them) the overall global picture of their issue; they end up trying to deal with their water or property issues, as if they were dealing with local officials; just trying to talk common sense. Global issues have a peculiar language; which is not meant to be grasped or understood. Sometimes it's just made up words; like "win-win, state-of-the-art or due diligence".
Under the deceptive guise of environmentalism these rewilding or Wildlands Projects; dealing with reintroducing bears, wolves etc; dismantling damns, draining lakes, shutting off lands; people are led to believe that the protection of forests, rivers, plains, and parklands is for the benefit of all and a noble-altruistic endeavor to save us from ourselves. It's true that many well meaning (and some not so well meaning) environmentalist groups are most vocal and supportive in assisting these various NGOs and Governmental Agencies.
Many are sincerely and legitimately concerned for clear cutting of whole mountains, and the salacious greed of those (multi-nationals) who could care less what eco-systems they destroy or communities; in their rape and pillaging across the world. The harm comes, for all concerned about their local environmental issues, when rabid environmental groups get center stage on the news; burning down ski resorts, destroying labs, burning SUVs, advocating forced sterilization, ending food aid to starving people, and welcoming diseases such as AIDS and smallpox. They proclaim that this is the Gaian solution to overpopulation. "Eco-brutalist" thinking is its own form of religious fanaticism. Is it any wonder that responsible stewardship and protests by local citizens, against toxic poisonings, hog farms,(manure lagoons), etc, are seen as part and parcel of extremism? Violence of any sort, or the wanton destruction of property, is hardly a way to get one's message across. FUNDING? Here's an interesting assortment of the various Trusts and Foundations giving big bucks:
But in the end, this is not about the protection of the environment but rather about controlling the world's resources. Environmentalism is simply a useful ploy (for now). The promise of tourism, yuppie backpacking, hiking, and environmental education won't last. The corridors are part of the triage of the culture. Elites will decide which region survives. As the population and power shift to the cities, triage of rural America can be accelerated. The corridor program is a way of creating habitat for biodiversity. Beyond: biodiversity" the corridor program is a way of centralizing power. The corridor program is not to promote culture, but to put culture in mausoleums. In the end, the visits by environmentalists, urbanites and the tourism will go, too.
The (not on news) rewilding of America is a very well funded effort to lock up as much as 50% of the United States into wilderness or wildlands protection reserves and corridors known as the Wildlands Project. Although preposterous to most Americans (aware that is), federal, state and non-governmental (unelected) organizations are gradually implementing the strategy by calling it a host of innocent sounding names; gap analysis, open space, conservation areas, conservation easements, linkages, greenways etc.
The Wildlands (from Agenda 21) Project is being implemented before your eyes (if we weren't so distracted)
Where farms, towns and industries now flourish and falter, bears, wolves, jaguar, puma and wolverine are to range freely, according to plans published in the journal of the American Association for the Advancement of Science.
Structure of Biosphere Reserves:
Public Trust Doctrine: Rockefeller charities paid the salary of the head of the State greenway agency.
Sustainable Communities:
Sustainable Communities, without much fanfare or explanation are cropping up all over the nation. Nobody seems (at least its not public knowledge) that non-elected, non-governmental agencies are basically running the show; with local officials basically unaware that this is not representative democracy. They (if involved) are merely the rubber stamp or hasty vote needed, proclaiming that all is well. A Corridor-Buffer Zone-or Sustainable Community will be heading your way (if not already there) with regional honchos running the show. You should at least have all your pins in a row knowing that whatever the terminology it tracks back to Agenda 21 and darn you didn't have a voice, vote, or representation of dismantling our government. So much for all this brouhaha of fighting for "democracy-freedom-liberty-and oh, elections"
Appalachian Coalition For Just And Sustainable Communities:
Delaware REGIONAL Valley Planning Commission:
National Strategies for Sustainable Development:
In the end the elite will have their tens of thousands of acres to recreate/live on in Wyoming or wherever.and the human resources can live in designated model towns (no cars), with various councils and committees; making sure nobody paints their house the wrong color, has those required solar panels, and gathers in the communal kitchen for that weekly pep talk on all living happily ever after; on assigned ice floes; well-oasis of approved regulated, monitored land. Doesn't appear to be any room for the poor in these communities (they can't be cheap) but then maybe those unsustainable developments aren't being promoted? Jaded me.



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