The Railroading Of Matt Hale

By Edgar J. Steele
I've held my tongue on the Matt Hale case until now because I have agreed with him to serve as defense counsel in his anticipated retrial.
You see, Hale was declared a domestic terrorist and has been held incommunicado under provisions of the draconian and woefully-misnamed Patriot Act. Those associated with the case have been required to sign "SAM" (Special Administrative Procedure") documents which require their public silence. The Feds mean business, too, as lawyers are sitting in federal prison cells right now, accused of violating SAM agreements in other cases. I haven't signed a SAM document in Hale's case yet because I have not taken on an official role. Of course, I haven't been given direct access to Hale, either. We have been forced to communicate in writing, by letter...when my letters haven't been denied to Hale and returned by the authorities, that is. Even so, an attorney-client relationship has existed between Hale and myself for some time now.
I bit my tongue throughout my defense of Richard Butler and the Aryan Nations several years ago, too, following conventional wisdom in the legal field. That was a mistake and the last, I vowed, that I would make in using media available in a high-profile case. While I sat and watched, Butler was tried and convicted in the media. Mind you, in retrospect, it is clear he was a goner before I ever took on the case, but it didn't help that I didn't sally forth on every TV and radio show I could find, to make his case and try to level the playing field.
Because of what I am about to tell you, the Feds can be expected to use this SAM business in an attempt to bar me from handling Hale's case if he manages to persuade an appellate court to give him the new trial he deserves. Nevertheless, someone in the legal field has to stand up for Matt Hale before things go any further. Nobody else will do so, it seems, so I take it upon myself even though it means that Hale likely will have to represent himself in any retrial. And I'm going to continue to speak out on Hale's case to all who will listen. He deserves a defense and he simply hasn't been getting it. In fact, Matt Hale has been on the business end of one of the most massive railroad jobs I have seen occur in modern American courts (and that is saying something!).
Obviously, what motivates me to change position today is the lynching Hale is receiving in the media as a result of the murder of Judge Lefkow's husband and mother.
First, I offer sincere condolences to Judge Lefkow. Nothing could possibly justify what has been done to her family and herself. Nothing. Illegal acts as heinous as murder are the final resort of those both brutish and misinformed. I cannot more clearly condemn what has taken place, regardless of who is responsible (and I think I know where to point the finger, as you will learn shortly).
Having said all that, let me next say that Matt Hale is innocent. He is innocent of having anything to do with the Lefkow murders. Furthermore, Hale is innocent of the charge of conspiracy to murder Judge Lefkow, for which he was convicted and now sits in jail, awaiting sentencing. Additionally, Hale is innocent of the original charge of trademark infringement which supposedly led Hale to take part in a plot to kill the judge. Please pay close attention, because I am going to prove all these things to you today, in this very essay, with but a smattering of simple logic and the application of a couple of well-founded principles of law.
At every turn, for years now, Matt Hale has been railroaded, ramrodded and gulled by the very system which now presumes to pass sentence and punish him for crimes he did not commit. Matt Hale is a political prisoner in every sense of the word. Keep an open mind for the next few minutes and see if you don't agree.
Let's take things chronologically:
1. Matt Hale headed up the World Church of the Creator (WCOTC), a branch of the "Creativity" religion. Creativity is a bona-fide, court-recognized, non-Christian religion, despite its highly-controversial and self-avowed White Supremacist nature (see Peterson vs. Wilmur Communications, 205 F.Supp.2d 1014, 2002 - go here for court's opinion). Founded in 1973 by Ben Klassen, Hale resurrected WCOTC in 1996 and ran it continuously under that name through 2002. Violence was a hallmark of Klassen's stewardship, whereas under Hale WCOTC members generally behaved themselves...with one notable exception (see 3, below).
2. Matt Hale was wrongfully denied the right he earned to be a lawyer. In June 1998, Hale graduated from the Southern Illinois University School of Law and soon thereafter passed the Illinois State Bar. He was denied admission to the Bar, and the license to practice law he had earned, though his record was spotless. The denial was on the basis of Hale's racial beliefs (part and parcel of his court-recognized religion, don't forget), though Blacks in prison for racially-motivated murders of Whites have earned law degrees and been welcomed with open arms to the practice of law upon their parole.
3. A WCOTC adherent went on a killing spree on July 2, 1999, the day that Hale announced he had been denied admission to the Illinois state bar by an administrative appeals board. Though the timing is more than suggestive, there never has been a hint that Hale suggested or countenanced the murderous rampage by Benjamin Smith directed at Blacks, Jews and Asians, which left two dead and nine wounded.
4. WCOTC's very name was stolen by the ADL, with the aid of the courts. In 2000, an Oregon corporation, Te-Ta-Ma, secretly founded and funded by the ADL through its Regional Director, Richard Hirschhaut, applied for and received a trademark on the phrase "Church of the Creator." Shortly thereafter, in May 2000, the ADL filed suit in Illinois Federal District Court through its straw man, Te-Ta-Ma, against Hale and WCOTC for trademark infringement. Judge Lefkow ruled against the ADL, which appealed her ruling and persuaded a three-judge panel to issue an order directing Judge Lefkow to reverse herself and grant judgment to Te-Ta-Ma. Lefkow followed orders, as she legally was bound to do, and subsequently threatened to hold Hale in contempt for failing to turn over every publication which bore the WCOTC name. Hale responded that he possessed none, as he had stepped aside as head of WCOTC to concentrate on the court appeal of his bar admission denial. As Hale prepared to defend himself on the contempt charge, he was arrested by the FBI and charged with conspiracy to commit the murder of Judge Lefkow...the very Federal judge who previously had ruled in his favor, not of any of the appellate justices who sided with the ADL against him.
5. Hale's entrapment was engineered by the FBI. An FBI plant, Anthony Evola, wormed his way into Hale's confidence and was named head of WCOTC's security force (Hale and his followers regularly received death threats and had been the targets of multiple assaults and property vandalizations through the years). Evola secretly recorded conversations with Hale that were, at worst, noncommittal concerning Evola's offer to "exterminate...the Jew rat" (a male Jew rat, as transcripts made clear). At one point, Hale was recorded as saying, "I'm going to fight within the law." Also, note that, while Judge Lefkow is married to a Jew, she herself is not Jewish, a fact known at the time to both Hale and the FBI.
6. Hale's trial was a sham. The FBI plant, Evola, testified that, during a conversation wherein he asked if Hale wanted him to "get the rat," Hale nodded affirmatively. Never was any evidence presented other than that single bit of testimony concerning Hale's alleged approval of the FBI scheme. A good deal of circumstantial and highly prejudicial evidence, especially concerning Benjamin Smith's rampage, was allowed, however. Directly upon the State resting its case, Hale's attorney, noted Chicago criminal defense lawyer and former Federal prosecutor Thomas Durkin, rose and rested Hale's defense without calling a single witness or introducing a single shred of evidence. Durkin reportedly made numerous remarks derogatory to his own client throughout the trial both during the State's case and during closing argument. I understand the ploy: by acting has he did, Durkin presumably hoped to make plain the weakness of the State's case. Problem is, Durkin didn't understand how juries respond to politically-incorrect defendants (though, prior to the trial, Durkin personally assured me that he well understood the situation in which he found Matt Hale, an assurance I passed on to Hale's family and that played a large part in their retaining Durkin; an assurance that retrospect now shows me to have been either a lie or merely incompetent).
I can just imagine the conversations in the jury room during deliberations:
"He never took the stand to defend himself, so he must be guilty."
"His lawyer kept putting him down and then didn't even present a defense, so he must be guilty."
"The Feds never lie, so he must be guilty."
"Nasty White Supremacist - he must be guilty."
Remember the composition of the jury: Black, Jewish and Asian, the very sort of people previously targeted by Benjamin Smith; the very sort of people that Hale repeatedly was shown to have denigrated down through the years.
Why was there no change of venue sought and granted, in order to get the trial moved out of the highly-inflammatory Chicago area, where the jury composition was highly predictable?
Why did lawyer Durkin put his own client down in front of the jury and then decline to put on even a bare case?
Why wasn't Matt Hale called to the witness stand? After all, Hale is a lawyer and could be expected to carefully couch his answers and be on the lookout for prosecutorial traps.
Why would Hale solicit the murder of the only judge who had ruled in his favor?
How, exactly, did Hale engineer the murder of Lefkow's family members, while his own family and lawyers, including myself, have been denied access to him?
Judge Lefkow ruled correctly in Hale's favor in the first instance - it was the appellate panel that was wrong. I studied intellectual property law extensively at UCLA under the man who quite literally wrote "the book": Professor Mel Nimmer. If Mel Nimmer were alive today, he would tell you about the established practice in this sort of case of disallowing such a trademark in geographic areas in which prior usage of it by another could be established, just as had been done by Hale and WCOTC.
Elementary law supports Hale in his quest for a law license and to protect the name WCOTC. Elementary logic disputes any inference that he wanted Judge Lefkow dead. If he wanted a judge dead for the trademark ruling, he had three candidates that apparently he never considered. Why, then, would he consider Judge Lefkow?
That brings us to the Lefkow murders this past week. Judge Lefkow's husband and mother were executed in the basement of their home with a .22-caliber weapon. The weapon's caliber is of significance because the .22 is a favored weapon of the highly-skilled assassin. When used with subsonic ammunition, a .22-caliber weapon makes only a slight "pop" in the background, usually not noticeable, even, to people standing nearby. It requires extreme accuracy to be effective, which, in turn, requires extreme closeness to the victim. Having personally had to shoot pigs with a .22 rifle, preparatory to butchering them on my Idaho ranch, I can attest to how precisely even a brain shot must be made. In short, it requires a trained, seasoned assassin to kill others with a .22-caliber weapon.
Furthermore, two men with "military-style" haircuts were shooed away from an area adjacent to the judge's house earlier in the day by someone who noted that they were parked illegally in a red zone. Go here for CNN's article today, which includes a sketch of one of the men.
Recall all the hoopla about Mossad hit squads roaming the world, including America, committing murders of those considered to be enemies of Israel? Recall how they have been fingered in more than one "false-flag" operation lately? Recall all the Israeli "art students" and "moving company employees" in the past two or three years, deported from America before they could be prosecuted for crimes they had committed?
Cui bono (who benefits)? In reality, who benefits from the execution of the Lefkow family members? Who are the alleged mortal enemies of Matt Hale, the man now being lynched by the media?
Cui bono? Look at the CNN sketch. Does that man look Semitic to you? He does to me.
New America. An idea whose time has come.
"I didn't say it would be easy. I just said it would be the truth."
- Morpheus
Copyright ©2005, Edgar J. Steele
Forward as you wish. Permission is granted to circulate among private individuals and groups, post on all Internet sites and publish in full in all not-for-profit publications. Contact author for all other rights, which are reserved.



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