PM Missed NASA 911-Type
Airliner Crash 20 Years Ago

From Jon Carlson
Popular Mechanics totally ignored discussion of the 'conspiracy theory' that remote control guided the airplanes of 9/11. The only question the RC conspiracy theorists leave open is: Where were the airplanes controlled from? NASA does more than spaceships pioneering the remote control of airliners. IT SHOULD NOT BE IMPLIED THAT NASA WAS INVOLVED IN 9/11. CLEARLY THEY WERE NOT INVOLVED.
Excerpts from:
* Before the final flight on December 1, 1984, more than four years of effort passed trying to set-up final impact conditions
* NASA Dryden developed the remote piloting techniques necessary for the B-720 to fly as a drone aircraft
* The 15 flights had 15 takeoffs, 14 landings and a larger number of approaches to about 150 feet above the prepared crash site under remote control.
* On the final flight (No. 15) with no crew, all fuel tanks were filled with a total of 76,000 pounds of AMK and the remotely-piloted aircraft landed on Rogers Dry Lakebed in an area prepared with posts to test the effectiveness of the AMK in a controlled impact.
* The CID, which some wags called the Crash in the Desert, was spectacular with a large fireball enveloping and burning the B-720 aircraft.



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