Peter Jennings Gives
UFOlogists A Hand

By Charlette LeFevre
"More than 80 million Americans believe the earth has been visited by extraterrestrials"
"More than 40 million Americans believe they have seen or know someone who has seen an unidentified flying object."
Peter Jennings feels the answers to UFOs may be in these statistics, a subject for his upcoming ABC Special "Seeing is Believing" to air Feb. 24th. A ground making special itself as this will be the first time the subject of UFOs has been taken on personally by a major network anchor. Jennings said "This is one of the most interesting subjects I've worked on" when he was taping for a Northwest Afternoon program in Seattle February 16th in front of a small audience.
Investigative Reporter
The show provided a format which highlighted Peter Jenning's broadcast career starting from the age of nine, his notable interviews with foreign leaders and presidents, a clip of him stating tenaciously to the American public "We are going to stay on the air until NASA has told us what it knows" and a clip of him holding a piece of the Berlin Wall. The program also commented on his recent trip to Iraq and his first interview with Bill Gates just that morning. The show gave him a chance to show himself, his witty humor behind his handsome smile and indeed that he can even blush when a female audience member called him "hot, suave, elegant and awesome". Everyone agrees with applause which makes Peter turn even more red and smile. Yes, he is hot.
He is also inquiring and a bit of his drive might be indicative in his last special on the JFK Assassination. I believe Peter Jennings doesn't want important information to be overlooked to leave future generations wondering why media didn't responsibly ask the questions.
When asked why a UFO special, Peter Jennings stated he didn't know as much about this subject until about a year ago when he started filming this special but "as I keep telling people I work for the news division of ABC not the entertainment division and when 80 million people are interested in something, I wanted to investigate."
On the show a sneak peek of his special was previewed which showed UFO photos, a sighting case involving police and statements from abductees. I was able to ask Peter Jennings if he himself has had any personal sightings or experiences. Peter Jennings related no but stated he raises an issue in his program that if he did have a sighting who would he call? Who would he tell? He urgently pointed out the government would say they are not in the business of UFOs and dismiss the call but might be referred to a man called Peter Davenport. Peter Jennings then excitedly announced Davenport's presence in the audience. Jennings has been working on his special program and had previously contacted Peter Davenport, the Director of the National UFO Reporting Center which was founded in 1972 by retired Seattle firefighter Robert Gribble.
Davenport stated the ABC special on UFOs may be a "landmark program" and significant in the sense it may allow people to feel more comfortable to discuss this issue as he felt there was a certain degree of suppression of this subject.
First Responders
Peter Jennings mentioned " Because so many of the people we interviewed actually turned out to be the very kind of people who in this day and age - the first responders we rely on - airline pilots, both commercial and military, people who work in the police and I was very struck by the seriousness of the people who believed in this and talk about it.
I was also struck - and you see alot in the program - how government failed, all the way from the 1940s when the first UFOs became an issue, how government failed to take this seriously."
Jennings then stated Davenport at least may like that they took the issue seriously and the people involved in UFOlogy seriously.
Without a doubt this is what every UFOlogist and interested person in UFOs has been dreaming about - serious recognition on the "six-o'clock" news.
Groundbreaking and relieving that this breakthrough has occurred in our lifetime. We can now sit our kids in front of the TV in the same way our parents and grandparents watched the moon landing and tell them they are watching something historical.
But something else happened that should be known.
The Handshake
When the film stopped rolling between segments, Peter Jennings unexpectedly got up from his chair, walked across the stage over to where Peter Davenport was sitting and respectfully shook Peter Davenport's hand. Then he quickly sat down.
Wow. I think something happened here. Something monumental
A feeling that a wall between people and the media regarding UFOs that has been in place for years just shattered
I believe at that very moment of the handshake, UFOlogy was suddenly recognized by mainstream media and along with that to some degree the importance of sightings and experiences of millions of people was acknowleged.
I didn't hear a chorus of angels or see a beam of light shine down from the heavens - it was after all a simple handshake but I would like to think that whatever prompted the handshake, with an exchange of kind words, there was a silent acknowlegement of respect for a fellow reporter, perhaps a common feeling of understanding of our humanity or even if you will an imagined cosmic cellular transfer of information. In any manner, I believe our understanding of asking the question if we are alone in the universe just got a helping hand.
Charlette LeFevre
Director Seattle UFO/Paranormal Group
Co-Director Seattle Museum of the Mysteries
ABC Special - UFOs Seeing Is Believing



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