Entire US Column Wiped
Out By Iraqi Resistance

The Seventh Fire News
Editor - Allen Aslan Heart
Translator - Abu Nasr
A US military column was completely wiped out in fierce fighting with Resistance forces according to the Mafkarat al-Islam correspondent in the town of al-Mundhiriyah, near the Iranian border, east of Ba'qubah.
The correspondent, who was at the scene of the battle, wrote that a US column made up of eight vehicles came under Iraqi Resistance attack in the Jalabiyah area, known as the at-Tilal or hilly area, at 10pm Friday night. The Resistance fighters holed up in strongholds in the hills unleashed a sweeping attack on the US column, using missiles, pipe rockets, bazookas, and land mines that they had planted in the path of the American forces before their arrival.
Four US tanks, three Humvees, and one armored vehicle were destroyed in the fighting that lasted two hours, the correspondent reported. He said that US dead were in excess of 60 men. An adjutant commander of the Iraqi border guards confirmed that the entire US column was wiped out.
The correspondent wrote that the smell of blood and burning flesh pervaded the smoldering wreckage of the US vehicles and all the other remains of the large column.
US helicopters arrived on the scene 20 minutes after the battle and began revenge attacks on the local people. The US aircraft rocketed four houses, killing 19 Iraqi civilians, including 11 women and children, according to the account of al-Mundhiriyah General Hospital.
The Squadrons of Abu Dajjanah al-Ansari announced its responsibility for the attack that it called "the Battle of 'Khaybar is Ruined'."
When the correspondent filed his report posted at 11:10am Saturday morning Mecca time, US forces had imposed curfew on al-Mundhiriyah since the early hours of the morning. The Americans arrested the local puppet police commander, charging him with helping what they referred to as "terrorists" - meaning the Iraqi Resistance. They have also prevented journalists from coming from the Provincial capital Ba'qubah to al-Mundhiriyah.
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