Aerial Spraying Over
Our Cities - Part 1
By Brenda Livingston
***This Aerial Spraying Operation Is Occuring at LOW ALTITUDE (below 500 feet) And Is Carried Out By Small Aircraft -- The Spray Most Often Not Visible -- Not To Be Confused With High Altitude "Chemtrails" -- Although The Operations *May* Be Connected***
An aerial spraying program (pesticides/chemicals) without public awareness or warning is currently underway in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex. All agencies contacted - federal, state and local - deny any knowledge of this spraying. Only populated areas are covered (residential, schools, recreational areas) with the likelihood that all cities/populated areas are included in this clandestine program.
Whether a mosquito control program or some other type of "project" - multiple aircraft & perhaps UAVs are involved spraying multiple types of chemicals right over the public's heads. Our children walk to and from school with these chemicals raining down upon them - this aerial spraying occurring almost every hour of the day every day. Those with health problems are experiencing worsening symptoms - some no doubt being pushed over the edge.
Even those cities in this area who have essentially banned aerial and ground spraying of pesticides to control for West Nile Virus are being sprayed with pesticides or other chemicals non-stop via small to mid-sized aircraft outfitted with exterior or interior tanks with atomizer nozzles.
Witness accounts have described patterned overflights of low-flying aircraft and on some occasions have even seen a 'white rain' of chemicals being sprayed downward from nozzles located under the wings of certain types of aircraft (I have personally witnessed this). After these flights, witnesses report respiratory problems, allergies, high blood pressure and palpitations - which gradually improve until the next round of spraying...different chemicals causing differing health effects.
As of January 2005 (there is some evidence that this program has been in effect at least since 1997), the aerial coverage has become ubiquitous - communities being bombarded with swaths of a variety of chemicals. This "total coverage" spraying of chemicals is undoubtedly dangerous to both the general public and the environment - and is especially of grave concern to those afflicted with multiple chemical sensitivities, GWS and other diseases (caused by enzyme deficiencies and resultant chemical injuries).
Suffering from severe respiratory and neurological effects, many of those with MCS--who have become aware that the cause of their debilitating health problems is due to ongoing aerial spraying--have disrupted their lives, quit their jobs and some considering moving out of populated areas. (This "total coverage" spraying is no doubt violating the Americans with Disability Act which ensures a chemical/pesticide free work environment for those with MCS). Even with great concern for their health, some with these devastating illnesses have chosen to do all they can to reveal all that is happening and fully inform the publicour true clarions.
What is needed now is "Total Public Awareness" of the dangers of pesticides and chemicals; more air monitoring and chemical detection; more tracking of the aircraft involved (N#s, routes, owners, chemicals); informing, investigating and pursuing local, state and federal agencies to get more information about this program; and organizing a campaign to stop this poisoning of the American public.
If this is a program to control for WNV - then why is it happening year round 24/7? What could possibly justify spraying dangerous pesticides on the public in this way with no information or public involvement or warnings? (See "West Nile Virus: The Scourge of Pesticides" at for information on the dangers to the public from spraying pesticides). If this spraying has another purpose - because it does effect the health of the public and very likely the environment (air and water resources) the public must demand to be informed fully with due haste!
If you have any information regarding this aerial spraying program or wish to pursue finding out if this is occurring in your locale please to contact me at (Stop Aerial Spraying).
Part 2 will describe my own attempts to uncover this program and the obstacles before us.



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