The Spraying Continues
With Nary A Peep From The Lemmings Below

Jim Mortellaro
A number of years ago I wrote to Jeff, explaining that Barium was being used in Chemtrail spraying. Barium is an insulator. It does not conduct electricity, which is why it is used in circuits as a substrate, in capacitors as an insulator and in many other applications.
Add certain elements to Barium and voila, you've got any number of properties which exhibit varying degrees of electronic properties.
Unless we know exactly what the consistency of the barium salts and compounds used in the spraying, we cannot determine the properties. We haven't a clue as to what this spraying is all about. Sure, there are many possibilities, but no sound conclusions to be drawn.
Let's take a look at what we do know. The skies are being sprayed before a front comes through. Day and night, the spraying continues. Occasionally, the spraying continues even if there is no front on the way. And to add insult to possible injury, the skies remain clouded even during non spraying times.
I've been an amateur astronomer for many years. I moved to the country, the REAL country, three years ago. The skies here are unbelievable for viewing. No light noise at all. None. We are far enough from cities and shopping areas to have a clear look at the Milky Way on a clear night.
Lately though, there is no such clear night. The moon has a halo around it similar to the sun after spraying. Enough to cloud up the telescope with sufficient light filtering to take the joy out of being outside in four feet of snow and subzero temperatures so that I may see the Seven Sisters and various nearby bright galaxies. No longer. So the spraying has left it's mark on our skies even when there is no spraying.
Not good. Not good at all.
Radio communications appears to be affected as well. Whilst there is no firm proof that spraying is the culprit, the evidence points in that direction. Bizarre radio communications glitches take place all the time; such that we've never seen this happen before under any condition of the sun spot cycle. To say this is strange is an understatement.
Perhaps the combination of spraying and HAARP combine to effect these bizarre happenings. I don't know for sure.
On March 4, 2005, the spraying was very heavy. Attached is a photo for your viewing.
Believe it or not, that bright spot in the middle of the fourth wire from the top, is the sun. Really.
And we began the day with the wonderfully blue sky shown above.
There are several damnably interesting things about the aircraft leaving these trails. For one thing, they are flying at a phenomenal altitude. Even the jumbo jets on the way from Boston and New York have reached altitude and these commercial jumbo jets are well beneath the chemspray aircraft.
Even so, these aircraft are flying at a very high speed. You can tell this because the commercial airliners are traveling much slower than the spraying aircraft. And they are well under them.
In addition, the aircraft are not only flying at a high altitude, but they leave NO NOISE behind. None! This in itself is most amazing, as even the jet aircraft flying from Europe to the West Coast of the United States, also flying at a high altitude, always leave their sound behind them, reaching the ground long after the plane is overhead.
But not the spraying aircraft. This equipment must be very special indeed. No sound, flying much faster than their commercial counterparts and at a much higher altitude and completely silent.
This is what we know. We know lots more, but the point to be made here is what we don't know. And what we don't know is why they spray, what they are spray and how the equipment used is so vastly different from commercial equipment. Silent. High flying. Fast. Leaving behind God knows what. For God knows what reasons.
Seems to this writer that the screen of secrecy on this phenomena is higher than usual. We want to know why. We are entitled to know why. Yet, the lemmings who are citizens of this and other nations remain silent. Rarely looking up. And rarely giving a rat's behind. Maybe these planes are spraying lemming juice. Maybe.
Jim Mortellaro



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