Minute Man Project Now
Over 1000 Volunteers
From Frosty Wooldridge

The Minute Man Project now encompasses all fifty states and over 1000 volunteers for the biggest event protesting against our president and Congress doing absolutely nothing to stop illegal aliens invading our country. This will be known in history as the 21st century's Boston Tea Party. It features its own air force, com center, web site and dedicated men and women from 21 to 81. They will make a statement on the Arizona border that will be heard around the country.
All volunteers will become the largest 'Neighborhood Watch' group in the history of the United States. They will be doing the jobs that our president and Congress won't do. They are known as 'undocumented U.S. Border Patrol officers'. For one month, they will get the job done to show that it can be done and it must be done in order to protect America's sovereignty. For radio or TV interviews, please contact: Frosty Wooldridge or Jim Gilchrist or Chris Simcox
April 1, 2005 will go down in history as date where Americans took a stand for their country against foreign invaders.
The MinuteMan Project currently has 956 volunteers from the following 50 states:
Alabama 4; Alaska 3; Arkansas 10; Arizona 212*; California 261*; Colorado 35; Connecticut 3; Delaware 1; Florida 26; Georgia 13; Hawaii 2; Idaho 3; Illinois 19; Indiana 8; Iowa 4; Kansas 3; Kentucky 8; Louisianna 6; Maine 2; Maryland 2; Massachusetts 7; Michigan 10; Minnesota 8; Mississipi 3; Missouri 6; Montana 1; Nebraska 3; New Hampshire 5; New Jersey 13; Nevada 31*; New Mexico 11*; New York 18; North Carolina 10*; North Dakota 1; Ohio 16; Oklahoma 8; Oregon 13; Pennsylvania 14; Rhode Island 2; South Carolina 4; South Dakota 2; Tennessee 12; Texas 77*; Utah 11; Vermont 1; Virginia 12; Washington 21; West Virginia 2; Wisconsin 5; Wyoming 4; (plus 2 from Canada) *includes 40 pilots with 16 aircraft.
The MMProject has 40% participation from women and minorities.
The minority classifications follow:
31 Native American Indians (Apache, Cherokee, Comanche, Sioux, Blackfoot, and other tribes);
17 American Mexicans; 5 American Armenians; 5 American Russians; 1 American Lebanese; 1 American India (the continent); 1 Asian; 3 American Cubans; 3 American Africans.
15 LEGAL immigrants from six countries.



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