Mars Case For
Liquid Surface Water
From Norman Bryden
Hello to All,
The following sections of images are what in my opinion are clear examples of liquid water on Mars. I discovered and processed each image myself. May you all enjoy the following examples.
Norman Bryden
The sections below seem to show blue liquid water collected on the surface in craters. There is also the color green which is an indication of possible vegetation.
Link to ESA Image:
The sections below show what looks to be a large crater filled with clear clean water. Around the edges are structures that could possibly show indications of life on Mars.
Link to NASA Image:
In the section below there is what seems to be a group of dark blue liquid water lakes.
Link to ESA Image:
In the image section below there is what looks to be a stream or river of liquid water. There are also forms that look like live surface vegetation.
Link to NASA Image:
The section below seems to show a pond of liquid water in a gully. Indications of running water can be seen on the upper edge of the gully.
Link to NASA Image:
In the following section there is what appears to be a river flowing into a large body of water. There is what looks like rapids at the deltas near the edge of the rough terrain, and cut channels closer to the top of the image. There is also what looks like foam on the surface of the open water near the lower half of the image. In the full image are indications of surface modifications and structures.
Link to NASA Image:
In the following sections there is what looks to be large areas of open water. The surface is smooth compared to the rougher higher terrain. When enlarged other features can be seen such as sandbars and waves on the surface near the lower shores. When enlarged and resampled there are also many indications of structures that could be possible evidence of modification by life on Mars. The lower section has what looks like a lake of liquid water with connecting rivers and many interesting formations.
Link to NASA Image:
In the sections below you can see what looks to be blue liquid water in a riverbed.
Link to ESA Image:



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