Lyme Disease -
A Biological Weapon?
By Marjorie Tietjen

First let's begin with a discussion of what properties constitute an effective biological warfare agent. The Media, The Centers For Disease Control and The Department of Defense would have us believe that the most threatening biological agents are lethal microbes which cause acute disease and then death...such as anthrax and smallpox. It appears that we are being intentionally misled as to where the real danger lies.
Government biological warfare documents speak of incapacitating agents as being the most effective at disabling a nation. When a population is infected with a lethal agent, it is very obvious that measures need to be taken such as quarantine, antibiotics, etc. This helps to curb and abort the epidemic.
A much more discreet, diabolical and effective method of disabling a country would be to employ a moderately infectious organism or combination (Russian Doll Cocktails) which would pass slowly through the population unnoticed. Some of the criteria for effective disabling agents are:
1. A biological agent which lacks objective signs that can be determined by medical testing. Many patients who are extremely ill with mycoplasma or lyme infections are told all their tests are normal therefore their problems must be all in their heads. Many people labeled with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia are told the same thing....if they would only get a new job, hobby or begin to excercise...then they would be fine.
2. An agent which would produce so many symptoms throughout the body that it would appear that the patient was malingering or faking. This criteria prevents the medical community from taking the disease seriously and in the meantime it passes quietly through the population being labeled as many separate diseases and conditions.
3. If the disabling agent is a combination of several diseases, some of which could be genetically engineered, then it becomes very difficult if not impossible to diagnose and treat.
4. Diseases which are spread by insect vectors are very much sought after. This makes an epidemic much easier to pass off as a natural event while concealing the identity of the perpetrators.
Dr. Donald MacArthur who was in charge of the developement and testing of biological weapons for the Pentagon had this to say at a Hearing before a Subcommittee of the Committee on Appropriations in 1969.
"Incapacitating agents are a more recent developement and are largely in the R&D phase (in 1969). In fact the prime emphasis in agent R&D is on developing better incapacitating agents. We are synthesizing new compounds and testing them in animals. I should mention that there is a rule of thumb we use before an agent can be classified as an incapacitant, we feel that the mortality should be very low. Therefore the ratio of the lethal dose to the incapacitating dose has to be very high. Now this is a technical job. We have some of the top scientists in the country working for years on how to get more effective incapacitating agents. It is not easy." He also tells us that an incapacitating agent "imposes a greater logistic burden on the enemy when he has to look after the disabled people."
When a large portion of the population is sick and unable to work, this puts an enormous strain on the economy. I predict that if we do not make this issue an immediate priority, our country will indeed become quickly disabled.
The next logical question would be...does Lyme Disease and it's coinfections fit into this scenerio? Certain doctors and researchers feel that lyme disease and it's coinfections....such as mycoplasma fermentens (patented by the U,S. Army) are actually microrganisms with excellent credentials for qualifying as disabling biowarfare agents..
Much controversey surrounds the diagnosis and treatment of Lyme Disease and mycoplasma induced illnesses such as Gulf War Illness. Professor Garth Nicolson and Lieutenant Joyce Riley....among others...are seeing evidence everywhere that one cause of Gulf War Illness is microbial and that it is spreading to the families of the veterans and then on to the public in general. Many who become ill with this mycoplasma and or the lyme spirochete are being divided up into separate disease labels such as Multiple Sclerosis, Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Alzheimer's, Bi Polar Depression, Lupus,, ALS, etc. Most of these disease labels have no known definitive tests, causes or cures...only symptomatic treatments.
The Lyme Spirochete (borrelia burgdorferi..Bb ) and mycoplasma fermentens are both extremely pathogenic and can cause problems in every body system. In fact they present with symptoms so similar to each other that one has to wonder what the connection is. Sufferers of Lyme Disease are very often coinfected with mycoplasmas, babesia, erlichiosis, Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever and certain viruses. We are told that Lyme Disease has been around for hundreds of years and that ticks are filthy organisms which can spread many diseases in one single bite. This apppears to be true but is this due to a natural evolutionary process or is this sudden proliferation of countless coinfections a process which has had some help from biowarfare researchers? Are all these ticks carrying multipathogens naturally this way or are they the result of The Russian Doll Cocktail concept? Have ticks themselves been modified to endure harsh weather extremes? The ticks that carry Lyme Disease appear to be surviving in climates previously inhospitable to this species. In fact this disease is becoming endemic in many parts of the world at once and seems to be just as controversial everywhere it spreads. Why is this? If Lyme Disease is an unaltered ancient organism then shouldn't the medical community be aware of it's very diverse symptom complex? Shouldn't they know that it is a Great Imitator such as it's close relative Syphilis? Global warming always seems to be one of the excuses used when insect vectors cross their climate boundaries...but maybe it's due to genetic engineering. For example...Ades Japonicus is a genetically altered strain of mosquito and is purported to be the most efficient vector for West Nile Virus. It just happened to appear over here....out of it's native habitat...just in time to be an efficient vector for the West Nile Virus outbreak.
Borrelia burgdorferi...Bb...the causative agent of Lyme Disease presents with persistent infection and is many times incurable with the standard antibiotic regimes. While usually antibiotics are necessary in controlling and improving the lyme infection, it appears the organism may never be totally erradicated. It is known that there are techniques used to enhance bacterial resistance to antibiotics. So....while on the one hand the medical authorities are warning us of the dangers of the overuse of antibiotics and even limiting their valid applications...on the other hand they are creating and perhaps even letting loose antibiotic resistant germs.
In 1984 Secretary of State Casper Weinberger reported "Normally harmless, non disease producing organisms could be modified to become highly toxic or produce disease which an opponent has no known treatment or cure." (Soviet Military Power, 1984, p. 73.
Patients are being denied antibiotics for chronic persistent lyme. Doctors who are treating these chronic patients are being investigated and many have already had their licenses removed. Many are told they are malingering...that they either have antibiotic seeking behavior, depression or autoimmune disease.
One could say that Bb is most definitely an excellent candidate as a biological warfare agent. Bb has been shown to pass from mother to fetus. Many feel that it can be sexually transmitted. Why are no studies being done in this area? It has been found in semen, tears, breast milk and other insects in addition to ticks. With lyme disease there is no immunity. One can be infected and reinfected. The disease is responsible for neuropsychiatric problems, marriages are often disrupted and patients are losing their jobs and their homes. Many of our nation's children are being labeled with learning disabilities when the cause is often lyme disease. I am also wondering if vaccines are contaminated with Bb and or mycoplasmas? Is there any way vaccine batches can be independantly studied? Well, there should be , don't you think?
I recieved an abstract the other day put out by Brookhaven National Labs. I am including it below and will let readers come to their own conclusions. It sounds to me as if it is felt that Bb, erlichia and babesia are biological warfare candidates.
Grant Number:
PI Name:
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Project Title:
Rapid Detection and Identification of Zoonotic Pathogens
Abstract: DESCRIPTION (provided by applicant): Zoonotic pathogens including those transmitted by insect vectors are some of the most deadly of all infectious diseases known to mankind. In the past, wars and natural disasters were the main catalysts that promoted epidemics of these ancient afflictions, which are normally transmitted by fleas, lice and ticks.
Many of these diseases remain endemic in various regions of the world and therefore pose serious threats to U.S. armed forces troops and civilians who might enter endemic disease zones. A number of these agents have been further weaponized and are widely recognized as being the most significant biothreat agents.
Study of disease agents and development of rapid means for their detection take on added importance in light of the use of anthrax for a bioterror attack on the U.S.A. The aim of this proposal is to modify a novel DNA-based methodology we have developed for profiling genomic DNAs to permit rapid, cultivation-free differential detection and identification of biothreat infectious agents in their natural environments, including intermediate infected hosts, and clinical specimens from humans or infected animals.
We plan to use Borrelia burgdorferi, the arthropod-borne etiologic agent of Lyme disease and Yersinia pestis, the etiologic agent of plague, as our principle test agents to work through the systems. We will begin with B. burgdorferi since although it has a complicated life-cycle involving both arthropod and animal intermediates, it is easy to grow and we have extensive experience in working with it in different complex environments including ticks, rodents and human samples.
Thus it gives us the opportunity of detecting this pathogen in a variety of complex environments. We also have significant experience with characterizing and identifying subtle changes in the genome of Y. pestis utilizing genomic signature tags. We will use these methods as the foundation of new, high-throughput sequence-based systems to detect zoonotic and/or vector-borne biothreat agents such as Yersinia pestis, Francisella tularensis, Rickettsia ricketsii and other human pathogens such as Ehrlichia and Babesia species.
This technology can ultimately be adapted as a sensitive method to detect specific DNA signature sequences from both known and unknown pathogens in a wide variety of complex environments and since it is PCR-based it has the advantage that only minimal quantities of starting material are needed for analysis.
Thesaurus Terms:
biohazard detection, communicable disease diagnosis, diagnosis design
/evaluation, genetic technique, high throughput technology, method
Borrelia, Yersinia pestis, cooperative study, informatics, molecular
biology information system, nucleic acid sequence
biotechnology, bioterrorism /chemical warfare, clinical research, human
tissue, laboratory mouse, microarray technology
UPTON, NY 11973
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It is interesting to note that many of the first outbreaks of these diseases occurred in areas adjacent to military or biological testing facilities such as Plum Island. In fact Erlichia Chaffiensis, one of the tickborne coinfections, is actually named after Fort Chaffi where it was first isolated. The United States has a long history of conducting field experiments on it's own citizens without their knowledge or consent. The U.S. Code, Sec. 50 states it is legal to do so.
When I speak to others concerning the possibility that our country is already being intentionally decimated by several insiduous pathogens, they find it hard to believe that certain officials in our government may be allowing this to happen.
In relation to this concern I would like to include part of an e-mail which was sent to me by one of those government officials. I had written an article concerning the fear mongering surrounding the flu vaccine issue being promoted by The Powers That Be. Someone from the government saw my article and posted it to one of their private lists. A congressman on this list then temporarily added me to this list because they were discussing my article. It was being sarcastically criticized and I responded back to them. The gentleman who had been the most negative with his comments was surprised to find out I had been able to read his comments. Part of his response to me, which follows, is an indication of the mindset of some of our leaders.
He was asking me if I really thought that the article "Manipulation Through Fear...And It's Working" would really wake people up. While he agreed that the press was manipulating us....listen to his other thoughts. "If someone is stupid enough to wait in a 2 hour line for a flu shot or withdraw half of their child's college savings to buy 6 years worth of non perishable food and gas masks for their Y2K bunker, don't you think they deserve it? Perhaps the real question is, why are Americans so stupid and gullible to believe everything we read in the media, or to go further, every piece of forwarded chain e-mail we read spurting off the latest conspiracy theory? The way I see it, it's social Darwinism baby. And the more morons that leave this God forsaken earth, the happier I am. After all, I don't want to be sharing my rations with anyone in my WMD bunker. By the way, I am one of those "Powers that Be" :=) You must infiltrate before you can make the system capitulate."
I wrote back to him briefly expressing my sadness that he must have had many difficulties in life to harden his heart so.
I have spoken to a Red Cross pathologist who admitted that the Red Cross does not screen it's blood supply for Lyme Disease or Mycoplamsa Fermentens. Our Department of Defense knows that these pathogens are spreading through the population. Instead of taking preventative actions our government is actually blocking proper research, education, testing, diagnosis and treatment.
We need to make these institutions accountable for their crimes against humanity.
COMMENT on Lyme DIsease article--Plum Island Connection
From Bob Anderson
Hello, Jeff
This IS interesting, and I have known for some years that "Lyme Disease" is a man-made illness.
My ex-colleague John Quinn -- who as you may recall wrote a book on the so-called Montauk Project activities at Montauk Air Base on the east end of Long Island New York -- wrote that he was informed UNEQUIVOCALLY by project operative and subsequent whistleblower Preston Nichols that Lyme Disease was DEFINITELY developed by the US government at Plum Island Animal Disease research facility, directly offshore from Montauk in Long Island Sound. Nichols told Quinn that the disease was first engineered in the mid-1960s and was initially released at the Montauk base itself and the surrounding communities. Nichols averred that there was frequent collaboration between the two facilities.
It is a FACT that the earliest victims of the disease were not in Old Lyme Connecticut but at Montauk. The disease rapidly became fairly widespread by the late 60s among the many farmers and fishermen in the area and was known at the time as "Montauk Knee" -- as it primarily affected major joints such as the knee.
Even more disturbing: Nichols informed Quinn around 1999 that the Lyme Disease spirochete was a PRIME COMPONENT of the materials being spewed from the aircraft spraying CHEMTRAILS across the length and breadth of the PLANET EARTH!
Comforting, No?
Bob Anderson




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