Pentagon Accused Of
Lying About US Casualties
Puerto Rican Facilities To Start Receiving
Overflow Of Wounded Soldiers

Prensa Latina - Havana Cuba
NEW YORK (Prensa Latina) - The US Pentagon has failed to make public all the human cost of its war against Iraq, especially regarding soldiers with mental disorders, according to an article in Wednesday's El Diario/La Prensa.
The newspaper noted that the international press is reporting the total number of US casualties in Iraq and Afghanistan between 42,000 and 142,000 -- including all those killed in action, wounded, or suffering illnesses.
It added that Puerto Rico is about to start to receiving wounded and sick soldiers as part of a program to ease cramming in regular medical installations.
The decision to use Puerto Rican facilities coincides with an international controversy that threatens to reveal the disastrous situation the Pentagon would rather not make public, the newspaper said.
Puerto Rican authorities stated they do not know if the Pentagon has delivered complete data on Puerto Rican injured or sick soldiers, which it was calculated it could be over 200.
A study made by the US Army said the real number (close to 100,000 soldiers with mental disorders) due to the war has not been revealed yet.
The US Army said the program would start at the first three-month period of 2005, because an increase in casualties was anticipated.
The official number of US military casualties in Iraq is over 1,400 killed, more than 10,900 injured and an undetermined number of medical casualties of all kinds.



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