This Year's Holy Week
Atrocity: Kill Terri Schiavo

By Jim Condit Jr.
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In case you haven't noticed -- the occupation Government of Judeo-Masonry tries to commit some atrocity against Christ, Christian Civilization, and civilization itself every Holy Week.
A number of years ago it was the release during Holy Week of the queer "Art-fest of the pervert Mapplethorpe, of unhappy memory. Prosecuting Attorney Simon Leis (Catholic of German descent) shut down the hellish display here in Cincinnati, Ohio , -- only to be met by several vile Jew lawyers (including ACLU's Lou Sirken and Marc Mezibov) and a vile Jew Judge (Carl Rubin).
Rubin, also of unhappy memory, held court on Sunday while all the Christians were at church in order to be as insulting as possible, and ordered the pig pile of Mapplethorpe queer "art re-opened.
A few years ago during Holy Week, the entire US establishment watched as Jew tool Janet Reno sent machine guns in to point at Elian Gonzales and take him back to a communist country instead of giving his father sanctuary in the USA while he was here in this country a few weeks earlier. Little Elian was snatched in the overnight hours on Good Friday/Holy Saturday of year 2000 --- as the satanic Ruling Elite of Judeo-Masonry stuck a finger in the eye of Christians everywhere, daring us to do something about it. (Elian was in the U.S. under the longstanding law saying anyone who made it to shore from Cuba could stay in this country.)
Another year during Holy Week, the anti-Christ Jews running the big TV stations ran a quasi-soft porn multi-night series called the Thornbirds. That was a bad year for the modern Jewish Sanhedrin which constitutes the animus behind the Invisible Government of the USA, as the insult to Christ and Christians was there, but relatively small that year.
But -- in this year of 2005, it looks like Judeo-Masonry and its agents are going to starve to death a physically healthy but severely disabled woman named Terri Schiavo by withdrawing food and water from her so that she dies of a cruel starvation and dehydration.
And the starving of Terri Schiavo and the strangling off of her food supply is symbolic of the strangling of America at the hands of the same Jewish Network that was strangling of America.
* * * * *
The traditional Catholic teaching and the public de facto government policy until now is this:
* You do not have to continue extraordinary means to keep someone alive. Extraordinary means is defined as, for instance, a ventilator to keep someone breathing who can't breathe on their own, or a machine which artificially keeps the heart beating in a person who's heart would not keeping beating on its own. Such a person is dying, and there is no requirement to use these extraordinary means to keep them alive.
* On the other hand, once food and water is begun, it is never morally permissible to cut off food and water. Terri Schiavo, for instance, was not in any way dying her body was perfectly alive and healthy -- until her Frankenstein husband, the murderer Judge Greer, and a cast of dozens of anti-Christ Jews on the media teemed up to murder her.
If the Invisible Government succeeds in murdering Terri Schiavo then every severely handicapped person, every severely retarded person, every autistic person, and every critic of the Invisible government that gets into a severe accident (such as a car accident) is at risk if they end up in a hospital or one of those abominable hospices. (The hospice movement was founded by all the anti-life and physician assisted suicide ghouls and witches; in Cincinnati, the computer elected Councilwoman, Bobbie Sterne, was unctuously supporting the hospice movement while rabidly supporting murdering unborn children by abortion up to the ninth month.)
* * * * *
Judeo-Masonry has so far proven its dominance over all governmental players who should be intervening to stop the cruel starvation of Terri Schiavo.
It looks like the plan is to finish off the murder of Terri Schiavo on Good Friday. I have been told by a long time family friend and activist for Terri's life that she fears they will simply up the morphine dose until she dies at the appointed moment. ALREADY Terri Schiavo is in a weakened state she has been without food and water for over 6 days her food and water were withdrawn at 3 PM last Friday, March 18, 2005, by order of the murderer Judge Greer.
What The Modern Jewish Sanhedrin is doing is this: they are wanting to make the world watch as they starve a perfectly healthy, but brain damaged and severely disabled woman to death. This is the opening shot of OPEN physician assisted or induced murder (what the evil forces like to call euthanasia) of the severely disabled, retarded, as well as opponents of Judeo-Masonry.
Furthermore, as the world watches while Judeo-Masonry commits murder on this woman, we are also being made to watch those occupying the positions of government authority who could save Terri stand by as if they were completely impotent. The hope is that, if this murder of Terri succeeds while legislators and the executive branch stands by, -- that the world will be more enslaved mentally to the grip of our Satanic leaders, and further softened up for the next steps in their pre-mapped out program.
There is still hope that Governor Jeb Bush of Florida will act in manly fashion and go in with the national guard and rescue Terri Schiavo and begin feeding her food and water again.
TO REPEAT: IF no one acts to save Terri Schiavo, and if the Judeo-Masonic forces succeed in starving her to death in front of the whole world --- then this is the opening shot of OPEN euthanasia in the USA --- and from this point forward you can expect the invisible government to begin in escalating fashion -- boldly murdering in hospitals and hospices any one they want to get rid of, as well as people they deem as useless eaters.
We will follow up with an e-wire soon and in that e-wire we will list all the relevant facts of the Terri Schiavo saga, as well as all the Jews who have crawled out of the woodwork on the national stage to SELL the murder of Terri Schiavo -- in case some of you have not been able to follow it closely.
The head murderer in this case is Judge George Greer, and here's how intent this moral monster, and the Invisible Government behind him, is on murdering Terri Schiavo.
When Terri's parents, Robert and Mary Schindler, go in to visit their daughter this week, they are bodily searched to make sure they don't have any vials of water or ice chips to put in their daughter's parched mouth. CAN YOU IMAGINE?
Soon our conference calls will begin, and we will be asking you to take bold action with us in the action program through the precinct project to take back this country from the satanic forces of Judeo-Masonry. There is hope if Americans of good will can rouse themselves from the unnecessary paralysis which, as a body, we have been stuck in for the last generation.
Jim Condit Jr.
Network America e-wire service
Citizens for a Fair Vote Count



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