UFOs Over Phoenix, Vol. 1
DVD Review

By James Neff
Jeff Willes
UFOs Over Phoenix
Vol. 1 - DVD Review
If you haven't been exposed to the incredible footage of Jeff Willes out of Phoenix, Arizona in the last five years, you've been in a UFOlogical cave! Now available on DVD, UFO Over Phoenix, Vol. 1 contains what amounts to a UFO-sports highlights montage due to the sheer volume of incredible shots Jeff has captured and catalogued. How does he get so many UFOs on tape? Simple. Jeff never stops videotaping the skies. He thinks we all might find our own skies just as plentiful with visitors if we also dedicated ourselves to the same vigil. Jeff has made this his lifes work and the payoff has been some of the best UFO footage ever taken.
'Inexplicable' might be the best adjective to describe what Jeff has captured. They cannot be balloons, birds, specks on the lens, super-imposures, reflections, refractions, jets, satellites, swamp gas or flocks of geese. Some may very well be US Government experimental aircraft; but one gets the eerie impression when watching these UFOs -- 99% of which are caught in broad daylight -- that the bulk of them are of extraterrestrial origins. One excellent aspect of this DVD is that, unlike the VHS version, the digital imagery is extremely crisp and one can do frame-by-frame forward and backward jawdropping examinations of the clips without the usual buzzy, jerky effect most videotape players have when attempting a decent freeze frame. This is a clean, fast functioning DVD encoding and very well produced and edited.
One will see glowing spheres, strangely morphing UFOs, colorfully glowing egg-shaped and canister/column shaped UFOs, tandem orb UFOs, distinct discs both solo and in formation, as well as one stunning shot of a sphere releasing something highly reflective or glowing from its underside. Plus, the now famous 'daylight' Phoenix footage and a great night shot of a triangle shaped craft taped shortly after the night-time Phoenix lights event. Jeff also shoots plenty of common commercial craft, balloons and jets as an excellent comparative for the UFO material. Having that side-by-side analysis from the same camera, same location, same skies really helps one get a grasp on the other-worldly shots which simply defy explanation.
This DVD is a must-have in your UFO evidence arsenal, right up there with the Secret NASA Transmissions Smoking Gun material.



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