Israel's Broken
Record - Attack Iran

By Kurt Nimmo
It's like a broken record: Israel will attack Iran, Israel will attack Iran. Iran is working on nukes, Iran is working on nukes, even though the International Atomic Energy Agency says Iran is not working on nukes. Now we are told the Israelis have created a mock version of Iran's Natanz uranium enrichment plant in order to practice assaults on the facility. Ha'aretz reports "Israel would use F-15 fighter planes and its air force's elite Shaldag [Kingfisher] unit in the attack." For months now, Israel has sent the same message over and over: Iran is close to finishing construction on a nuke (call it the George Bush effect; there is no evidence Iran is building a nuke; uranium enrichment is not the same thing as building a nuke, thus Israel is exaggerating and lying as a pretext to attack). Another part of the message is that Iran cannot be trusted, it is a nation of crazed Muslims who want to kill all Israelis. In fact, if Israel has said anything consistently, it is that every single Arab and Muslim wants to kill Jews and push them into the sea.
Last year it was figured the IAEA would be used as a cudgel to beat Iran into submission and impose Iraq-like sanctions on the country. But over the last few months the US and Israel have consistently beat the war drums. Every few weeks Israel comes out with another Iran nuke story. "Heading off Iran's attempt to attain nuclear capability is one of the Mossad's main missions, and the foreign media is one of the most important instruments utilized in this effort," Aluf Benn wrote in Haaretz in 2003. "Mossad agents supply foreign journalists with information about Iran's nuclear efforts; such foreign reports, the Mossad expects, support the international campaign to thwart Iran's nuclear weapons program." Lately, however, Iran has been telling the US and Israel to go suck an egg-it will not stop uranium enrichment, it feels uranium enrichment is in its national interest and Israel and the United States should butt out.
Now we have Mossad agents pulling fire alarms, telling the world they are actually practicing bombing Iran. Mossad, the Likudite faction in Israel, and the Strausscons in the United States want you to know they plan to bomb Iran very soon. If they do this all hell will break loose. Natanz is not Ain Saheb. Iran is not Syria. The Likudites and the Strausscons realize that any attack on Iran would solidify the position of the fundie mullahs. "Tehran, experts expected, could move Iraqi Shiite groups to launch attacks against US occupation forces, already facing a hellish situation amid a bubbling cauldron of chaos and anarchy in the war-scarred country. They can also provide these groups with human and logistic support," Islam Online reported last year. "The Islamic Republic could also use Southern Lebanon, controlled by the Lebanese resistance movement Hizbullah which can not stand neutral regarding an Israeli attack on Iran." As the experts cited by Islam Online see it, this "could spill over to a Syrian-Israeli confrontation."
Iran, Syria, and Hezbollah-three targets at the top of the Likudite-Strausscon mafia hit list. Israel wants to start a war-the Strausscons call it World War IV-and get the United States to fight it. The NED and Republican NGO engineered "Cedar revolution" in Lebanon will of course not pan out-not if the Muslim majority in Lebanon, who know a scam when they see it, have anything to say about it-and even if they do manage to get "moderates" (Christian Maronite fascists) back in power, this will not put an end to Hezbollah who understand the true nature of the Israeli colonialist settler state: Israel hungers for southern Lebanon, its land and water, and it will stop at nothing to pitch Lebanon-indeed, the entire region-into war and chaos. Fragmenting and balkanizing the Arab and Muslim world remains a long-held Zionist dream.
In the propaganda campaign for total war (and the Haaretz item above is simply the latest element of this on-going propaganda blitz) we are told "Israel is worried that a preemptive strike against Iran could provoke 'a ferocious response,' including attacks against Jewish and Israeli targets abroad, as well as Lebanese-based rocket attacks on northern Israel," which is of course precisely what the Likudites want, especially among the Shia in southern Iraq who will undoubtedly be agitated if Israel attacks Iran. A Shia jihad declared against the infidels is exactly what the Likudites and the Strausscons want. It will provide an excuse for even more military action on the part of the United States, possibly in Iran and Lebanon as well as in Iraq. Of course, this is completely insane, since the US cannot contain a couple hundred thousand Sunni resistance fighters in Iraq let alone an influx of possibly millions of Muslims from Iran. For the Strausscons and Israelis, bombing Iran is a way to up the ante and set in motion a series of events that will result in total war. In order to for the American people to find the "stomach" (as the Strausscon godfather, Norman Podhoretz, deems it) for total war, a few terrorist events closer to home may be required. Mossad has plenty of experience pulling off such events.
Israel, however, did not learn its lesson in southern Lebanon. "The increasingly effective operational capabilities of the resistance prove once more that it takes a small group of determined fighters armed with light arms and 'weighty' faith to expose zionist pretentious claims to invincibility and omnipotence as nothing short of a hollow myth," Khalil Osman wrote in 1998, before Israel's withdrawal from Lebanon.
It will be a "hollow myth" that drives the Likudite-Strausscon war against the Arab and Muslim Middle East. It is no longer 1920 and the Arabs are not so easily divided and ruled. If Israel attacks Iran, a Hezbollah-styled resistance will spread across the Middle East and may even join together with the Sunni resistance in Iraq, even though the corporate media loves to tell us the Shia want nothing more than to put down the Sunni rebellion. Regardless of what the Wall Street Journal or the New York Times says, at the end of the day the common enemy is the US-Israel alliance.



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