Interpol, The Vatican
And The Jesuits - Part 1
The Nazi Connection

By Sherman H. Skolnick
Some time before World War Two, Adolf Hitler took over the International Police. A top official of INTERPOL, with dual capacity was the Director of the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation, J. Edgar Hoover. His office as Vice President of Interpol was in the U.S. Treasury Building, Washington, D.C.
I am one of the few that dares mention the dirty little secret of the FBI. They were formed in the 1920s, in what I describe, as from the mists and vapors of antiguity. Then and now, it operates without a Charter. It has no statutory or other authority to exist at all.
Whatever you conclude about the American CIA, good or bad, but THEY operrate under a Charter that formed them in 1947. I perhaps offend some by saying that know-nothings and naive people from time to time demand that I answer why someone does not stop the FBI from proceeding. That requires a long, perhaps philosophical answer which I do not wish to burden anyone with. Plainly, I do not have the power to stop FBI.
As to Interpol, toward the end of World War Two, Nazi officials, some of them having committed war crimes, had their escape from Europe arranged by the Pontiff. As a cover he arranged for them Vatican passports. Dressed in garments befitting priests, they escaped down what some authors described as "The Ratline".
Many of these Gestapo and other Nazi officials were on an Allied list of those to be questioned and presumably prosecuted at the Nuremberg Tribunal and elsewhere. Most of them ended up in Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay, Bolivia, AND A SUBSTANTIAL PORTION IN THE UNITED STATES.
To understand South America, it must be understood that by1910, some thought Argentina might well out-distance the U.S. in business and other developments.
During World War Two, Argentina was pro-Nazi. Having become a shipping magnate prior to the conflict, Aristotle Onassis during the war used Argentine ships, immune from German U-Boats and Nazi "pocket battleships", to transport war goods to Germany.
The Patriarch of the Kennedy Family, Joseph P. Kennedy, returned from London in 1940 having been U.S. Ambassador. [Kennedy, despite being Irish, was acceptable to pro-Nazi British royalty. As a major bootlegger criminal with paid-for corrupt immunity in the 1920s, he heavily smuggled Scotch Whiskey items into the U.S. to benefit the British Monarchy.]
Kennedy tried to tell President Franklin D. Roosevelt to remain neutral, not to get involved in Europe's war, because, said Kennedy, Hitler was winning. As having been highly corrupt Maritime Commissioner in the Roosevelt White House, Kennedy already was into lucrative corrupt deals with shipping tycoon Onassis.
With the war-time Nazi complicity of Argentina and that of "Founding Father" Kennedy, Aristotle became fabulously wealthy.
With the aid of the Pope's "Ratline", and aid and comfort provided by the pro-Nazi Catholic Church and Jesuit Hierarchy in Argentina, Buenos Aires became a protected haven for war criminals.
So, for many years after the war, Hitler's brain-child, Interpol, was dominated principally by escaped Nazi war criminals.
What was Interpol's specialty? Using their worldwide telecommunications empire, Interpol sent out, throughout the planet, urgent bulletins to law enforcement authorities: That WANTED as fugitives from justice, were various persons, principally small-time and medium businessmen. A revealing compilation of these WANTED orders showed that many of those thus fingered and to be held in custody until further notice, had Jewish surnames. Upon further scrutiny, the offenses that these Jews were wanted for, were mostly petty matters most possibly not at all valid crimes. Certainly such small-time deeds did not warrant worldwide declarations as if they were all bank robbers and such.
Bluntly put, these post-War surviving Nazis, supported by The Church, and the Jesuit Hierarchy, were continuing their blood-lust. "Jews killed Jesus. We are going to get YOU!"
J. Edgar Hoover, in his role with Interpol, certainlky was beset by strange cross-currents. A highly corrupt booze baron named Rosenstiel, to bribe Hoover set up a foundation to profit Hoover under the table. Purportedly a Jew, Rosenstiel ran Schenley. Even more strange, Rosenstiel's firm had as a secret owner pro-Nazi Joseph P. Kennedy.
For further reading, supporting and related matters:
"Interpol Exposed", Nexus Magazine, July/August, 1991;
"The Nazi Connection To The John F. Kennedy assassination" by Mae Brussell, Rebel Magazine, 11/22/83, very extensive details about the Nazis;
"Official and Confidential: The Secret Life of J. Edgar Hoover", by Anthony Summers
"Aftermath" by Ladislas Farago
"RATLINES: How the Vatican's Nazi Networks Betrayed Western Intelligence To The Soviets" by Mark Aarons
"Hitler's Pope: The Secret History of Pius XII" by John Cornwell;
"Nemesis: The True Story of Aristotle Onassis, Jackie O., and The Love Triangle That Brought Down The Kennedys" by Peter Evans.
More coming in this series. Stay tuned.

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