Pope John Paul II - Behind
The Media Hype

By Joel Skousen
World Affairs Brief April 8, 2005
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Excerpt -
Typical headlines read: "Pope John Paul Dies, World Grieves" ... "Pope Championed Communism's Collapse, Mideast Peace" ... "Bush Hails Pope as 'Hero for the Ages'". A tremendous piece of disinformation has been foisted upon the world: that Pope John Paul II was a champion of human rights, a defender of liberty, and an ardent anti-Communist. I don't take this contrarian view lightly, but something is very wrong when the liberal/leftist media goes to such extreme lengths to praise a world leader who appears to represent every moral and political principle that same media despises and denigrates on a regular basis. This simply does not happen unless the leader either doesn't really represent those values, or he serves an ulterior purpose for a hidden media agenda.
As Polish Cardinal, Karol Wojtyla (Pope John Paul's real name) collaborated with the Communists, even while appearing to oppose them. Polish dissident Adam Reed (probably a pseudonym to protect his real identity), who escaped Polish Communism and started a new life in America, describes the early collusion that the Polish Catholic Church (under the guidance of Cardinal Wojtyla) engaged in with the Soviet occupiers. "This bit about Wojtyla having to do with the fall of Communism is a bit of puffery. Poland had a different kind of Communism, a Communist state with an officially established, tax-supported Roman Catholic State Church. Its Communist Party was run from within by PAX, a Roman Catholic lay organization whose role was similar to the role of Opus Dei in Franco's Fascist Spain. The head of PAX, Boleslaw Piasecki, was generally regarded as the country's unofficial dictator, appointed by the Soviet NKVD/KGB, with the official Communist government largely front men for PAX.
"PAX was not organized by the Polish Communist Party, but by the Soviet NKVD/KGB. At the close of WWII, Piasecki, a long-term admirer of Franco (his pre-war organization was called the 'Falanga'), convinced the NKVD representatives in Poland that Poland would be most readily governed through a close copy of Franco's Roman Catholic totalitarianism. PAX was set up by Piasecki on the model of Opus Dei, under NKVD control. Korbonski (who was then the Homeland representative of the Free Polish government-in-exile in London) writes in his history of this period, that 'Piasecki became the Soviets' most trusted tool in Poland.' The Communist leaders of the government and the party came and went over the years, but Piasecki (on behalf of NKVD/KGB) stayed in control of Poland from 1944 through the 1970s.
"When I [Reed] was growing up in Communist Poland, lessons in the Roman Catholic catechism, taught by Roman Catholic priests, were compulsory in the Communist government schools. Regular attendance at Mass was compulsory in the People's Army. And so on - there was hardly any place in the world where the Church was more established than in 'People's Poland.'
"The Church's relationship to the party and the government on the one hand, and to KOR [Worker's Defense Committee] and Solidarity [Lech Walesa's false anti-Communist labor union] on the other, was always flexible and complex. Once it became evident that Solidarity had some chance of success, the Church first hedged its bets and then turned around. And, as in the case of other fallen dictatorships, the Church eventually re-wrote the textbooks to give itself credit for their fall." [End of Adam Reed quote.]
After the Pope's death, Lech Walesa made an astounding comment in an interview with NPR, according the Pope over half of the credit for the rise of Solidarity. Of course, what he didn't say was that the Solidarity movement was a false opposition movement designed to harness the growing Polish opposition to Communism and give it an outlet that would protect Communist direction as it went underground.
Other sources from Poland have stated that there were many Marxist priests who participated in KOR and Solidarity, who were considered dissidents against both the state and the Church (which was still trying to maintain its image as anti-Communist). But, in fact, they were acting with the approval of the Church hierarchy, just as the Catholic Church has allowed Latin American Jesuits to foment radical Marxism throughout South and Central America without restraint.
Reed proffers the following explanation for the Church's selection of Wojtyla as Pope in 1978: "At the time of Wojtyla's election as Pope the cardinals were concerned about the likelihood of a global Communist takeover, and selected a pope who was experienced in collaboration with Communist authorities. It was a smart thing to do, but hardly a sound foundation for moral authority."
Else Loeser, another Polish skeptic concerning the Pope's ostensible anti-Communism, points out another indication of duplicity on the part of Cardinal Wojtyla. She hearkens back to the reactionary environment within Poland in the 1920's and 30's, when in response to the surging threat of German nationalism, the Polish government forced all Germans living in Poland to change their names to Polish variants, and confiscated much of their property. Loeser reports, "Cardinals Wyszynski and Wojtyla, in their so-called 'Letter of Reconciliation' in 1965 [a reconciliation of the Polish bishops with the German bishops over German charges that the Polish church enforced these Communist edicts upon German Catholics in Poland], claimed that the Germans were permitted to retain their names, that nothing was taken from them." This was a brazen falsehood, boldly contradicting a fact amply documented in history. Loeser asks, if Wojtyla could make such a bold-faced lie, what can we trust about the rest of the Pope's rewriting of history during the dark days of Communist occupation?
I would add, how can we trust what the media says when they publish such statements and fail to offer a word of challenge to the obvious historical falsehoods, known to millions of German Poles still living?
There's more. The courageous Czechoslovakian defector Jan Sejna (who has in his possession copies of the secret Czech intelligence files with names of Communist agents posing as reformers:a list which Vaclav Havel's government and others thereafter have tried to suppress, because their names or friends' names are on it) writes that the Catholic Church was very much involved in the false "fall of Communism" in his country. Jan Malina, reporting on Sejna's evidence, writes, "In regards to 'reactionary sects', Czechoslovak [communist] intelligence had three clerical agents within the Vatican in the late 1960s. They were located, Sejna asserted, within the sections responsible for foreign policy, finance and ideology.
"While you're swallowing the truth about this evil communist strategy, I would like to point out to the fact that communism is still very much alive, only now it is successfully pretending to be 'tame' and 'not a threat' to our western Christian societies.
"After the 'collapse of communism', the STB secret police and its cadres remained mostly untouched. The communist military intelligence service ZS GS [Intelligence Service of the Supreme Headquarters] was never cleaned up from communist officers. Their files are to this day classified, and the West, NATO and the United States are being deceived into believing that these communist criminals, the communist military espionage officers, are somehow the thing of the past. Not so...
"This policy [to 'subdue attempts of the reactionary church officials to activate political clericalism that's supportive of the right wing opposition movements and groups'] was applied to many aspects of the religious public in the Czech Republic. For example, [in] the Ecumenical Council of Churches (the Czech Catholic Church is an observer of this communist founded and still operational group), the chairman till recently was Mr. Vladislav Volny. [Here Mr. Volny's STB secret police file information is listed, including his numbers and code name Rudolph]. To become an agent or secret collaborator, the person had a controller and was recruited to further the communist cause, to cause any problems to the enemy [in this case it would be religion and people who trust in God] and to help bring such people to the communist 'justice.'
"What is also alarming, when we take a look at the Czech version of the Catholic Church, with the blessing of the Karol Wojtyla's Vatican, is the fact that till his death in 1992, the Prague's Archbishop was one Cardinal Frantisek Tomasek. [Also on the STB registry of agents:code name Novak].
"Many priests participated in Solidarity, many cooperated with communist secret services. But didn't [Pope] John Paul challenge the politicians in Krakau and even protect the first free 'union of workers?' [Answer is yes, but the Solidarity Union was a front, not a true opposition movement.] Through Wojtyla's relationship, the CIA was able to send millions of dollar through the Vatican to support the 'Solidarnosc.'" [End of Malina quote.]
This false image of the Pope being an anti-Communist works primarily because the media primed the public to consider Solidarity in Poland as the real anti-Communist opposition. Everyone was saying it, so how could it not be so? Thus, American conservatives ignorantly assumed that anyone associated with boosting Solidarity must also be on "our" side.
Conservative anti-Communists should have known, after the Jan Sejna revelations about Czechoslovakia's fraudulent "velvet revolution," that only false anti-Communists are allowed to rise to public acclaim. This applies now to the case of the constant world-wide media campaign promoting and praising the Polish Pope. I'm surprised by how many solid constitutional conservatives have been taken in on this barrage of generalities without substance that praise the Pontiff. They obviously don't know about the facts presented by Polish defectors. The media knows what conservatives want to hear. Even Congressman Ron Paul, the champion of US constitutional conservatives, read a eulogy of the Pope to the US Congress. He is usually savvier about these kinds of deceptions, but not this time.
I realize the risk I take in challenging something so universally accepted by the world, but that's what I must do when deception is present. I think, perhaps, that conservatives have been enticed by the illusion that here is their chance to honor one of the few anti-Communists that has been lauded by the world. They don't seem to see that this strange anomaly is actually too good to be true.



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