Interesting Chemtrail
Hypothesis Experiment

From James
I know this hypothesis seems impossible by modern physics (current science doesn't explain a lot come to think of it) but science must be based on repeatable observations rather than assuming we know everything. Thus, I implore you to offer this experiment to the community so that we can come to understand or disprove what may be an unexpected effect of chemtrails.
But what brings up my question? Being winter, I occasionally put a pot of soup or bowl of food outside in the cold when there is no room in the fridge. One day I was disappointed to find the vegetable soup, that had been so delicious only the previous night, had acquired a disturbing metallic taste to it. I would describe the taste as aluminium, so naturally I resolved to not leave food in metal pots.
The next time the taste of aluminium appeared it wasn't so easy to explain away. The food had not been made or kept in metal at all, but in a ceramic bowl. Comparing the circumstances with that of the prior incident, the similarities lept into my mind as the dinner conversation turned to the day's alarming level of chemtrails. Both dishes had been outside in the sun with transparent covers.
My experiences thereafter have been watchfully measured and suggest to me that chemtrails alter our light, posing risk to us and out environment. This is not something I want to believe and I think thats why I've put off this message. But the recent articles about a mysterious skin disease provoke me to action.
So, I invite people to test this themselves and report back.
Here's the experiment:
Try this on a bad chemtrail day, and also on a clear day, say, after a good rain.
Cook, say, a sweet potato, mash it and divide it into different bowls.
Cover some with a plasticwrap or glass.
Cover some with something opaque, like aluminium foil, metal or wood.
Maybe leave some uncovered too.
Leave them out all day in the sunlight and then do a taste test. (note: smokers and drinkers may have duller tastebuds)
If you get an aluminium taste on chemtrail days but not on clean days that incriminates the chemtrails.
If you don't get the taste in the shaded ones but do in the lighted ones then there is something wrong with our sunlight.
The uncovered ones can test for ordinary plummet of aluminium oxide molecules.
Yes, I would think that it is impossible for molecules to decend from the atmosphere and pass through solid glass. But my tongue tells me otherwise.
Perhaps we are seeing some sort of quantum tunneling over the sun's rays. Or, perhaps the aluminum oxide molecules in the chemtrails aren't passing through themselves but are simply "imprinting" their frequency on the food via sunlight, bringing out metallic characteristics. (The imprinting of sub-atomic energetic resonances is a serious matter to consider. Ask anyone familiar with homeopathy. -ed)
One way or another, it's not something I want to expose my skin or my eyes to.
I hope I'm proved wrong,



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