Black UFO Hovers Silently
For 5 Hours Over OZ Town
UFO Captured On Film Hovering High In Australian Sky

By Linton Besser
Daily Liberal - Australia
UPDATE 3.11.5

It appears a kite was responsible for the unmoving here
"A black triangular object that made a number of movements and then speared off out of sight behind the trees."
That's how police have described footage claimed to be of an unidentified flying object (UFO) that was reported to police, and shot on a video camera, by a Dubbo family last Sunday night.
"I've never seen anything like it," Suzanne Fuller said.
"It was hovering there for five hours, and it was completely silent."
The police arrived to the scene at 8pm, viewed the videotape, and filed an official report to Air Services Australia (ASA), a federal airways monitoring bureau.
"It looked like a bird, but much larger, the size of a car, with a flat top and a deeper shape at the bottom."
Mrs Fuller also put a call into the UFO Researchers Independent Network, and described what they had seen to Moira McGhee.
"They said it looked about 40 to 50 miles away to the south-east," she said.
She said the family saw something between 7pm and 8.15pm. At first a male family member saw what he described to Ms McGhee as something "that looked like a stationary chopper".
"Now remember, it was still daylight at 7pm," she said.
Mrs Fuller said that together with her husband, and three daughters, they continued watching until after 11pm.
"Once the sun set, there was a light like from a lighthouse flashing on and off, every couple of seconds," she said.
"The police were here, and they said they had never seen anything like it before."
"Every now and then, it would move to the left again, and then back to the same spot again."
Duty Officer Inspector Alan Cusack commended the family for reporting the incident.
"We take these calls on their merit," he said.
"The family were genuine in their concern, they called the police and they did the right thing.
"We have proceeded in investigating the matter by referring the incident to the ASA and sending them the videotape for inspection."
Inspector Cusack said the ASA told police that there were "numerous reports of objects flying in the southern regions of Australia".
The sighting is not the first one in Dubbo. In 2002 a woman reported seeing an object "as large as a house" hovering in the sky about 500 metres off the ground, and allegedly moving and changing colours.
Ms McGhee said another sighting 10 years ago had a number of people in Dubbo report seeing an object "as big as a supermarket" in the sky.
From Ronit Cohen
Hi Jeff,
Regarding your article today about the Ausralian Black UFO. I just googled it and verified that it was posted in Australia on the internet just 9 hours ago.
I would like to congratulate you for finding and posting it so fast.
However, unfortunately, our Australian Journalistic UFO Police also found this article and already forced its removal from the internet, as usual. Even though, Australia has probably the worlds highest numbers of UFOs sightings, most Australians live in the cities and never know about it because of the worlds fastest strict censorship. My friends who live in the bush told me that at least half of the people in their town saw UFOs at least once.
UFO stories are not allowed to be published on our Australian media and Internet, I have verified it by talking to a veteran journalist. God bless you Americans. In spite of Bush and living in the darkest times in your White House history, you still manage to keep a certain amount of freedom and civil rights to express yourselves.
Keep up your wondeful work, the Jewish community here in Sydney is reading every word that Barry Chamish is posting on your website and we copied his interviews with you from your audio archives. His tapes are now passing like hotcakes among us Jews.
Thank you very much,
Ronit Cohen



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