Terri Hospice Nurse Appalled
At What Is Being Done

From Cheryl Ford, RN

I have just finished a conversation with a nurse named Nora...a nurse who has worked with Terri at the Woodside Hospice and knows her well. Nora and I spoke for a long time. She has come forward because she is appalled that they are doing this to Terri.
She told me Terri laughs when she has told her jokes.
Yesterday, Nora was told by the agency she works for that Woodside Hospice did not want her back working at the facility. Nora has been working there for two years as an agency nurse and had disagreed with the staff on Sunday with regard to what they are doing to Terri.
I commend the nurses in my profession for coming forward like Nora just did.
Cheryl Ford
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