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Release Date: March 27, 2005
Sasquatch Encounters Outside Prince George, British Columbia
I would like to know if it is you or an associate of yours that I would talk to about Sasquatch. Two experiences have been eating away at me for years now. On two occasions I am, without any doubt, sure I have called in Sasquatch while moose hunting.
On the first occasion I communicated with {him?} for about half an hour. Then I finally saw him. On the second occasion, while moose hunting, I unknowingly called him in to within 50 yards of me. Then he tried to imitate my calling. When he became wise to my presence he took off at a speed that a moose would have trouble keeping up to. A short while later I heard him in the timber again. Then I realized that he had been watching me for about an hour earlier in the day.
It would seem logical to assume from the experience that he might have had food or something important in the point of timber where I think he was in originally because that is where he returned to. When my brother went to investigate he realized that there was something going on that he became very uneasy about and backed off out of there.
Recently a very upstanding professional confided in me about sounds that he listened to at his parents cabin on a lake not far from Prince George, this past October/2004. I have always been fascinated with Sasquatch since I first heard of him in the
1950's when I was a young lad. The last three or four years I have been doing a lot of studying on Sasquatch from the giant library of the internet.
I would like to talk to someone who is an authority in Sasquatch investigation work and actually request the privilege to work in this field myself. There is no longer any doubt in my mind that these beings are very much human or about as close as could be. I do not believe that one should be shot or captured to be exploited as a specimen. I think that they deserve to be treated with respect and communicated with in a proper manner.
From my own experiences and what some other people have told me about what they experienced, along with what I have learned, brings me to a great desire to be in the presence of one of these beings to attempt to create a communication link.
If you are not the one for me to be talking to could you please tell me who that would be. I feel a bit uneasy about writing to you about this, but, at 57 years of age I am finding it harder every year to keep this to myself.
Especially because I have such a desire to do something worthwhile with what has been put into my life. Good Lord willing I will still have 20 or 30 years of usefulness ahead of me. Perhaps I could use some of that to benefit the study of our furry friend. I suppose that I could be considered as being self centered in my desire, but I have experienced Sasquatch first
hand and need to follow up on that. A fellow that I used to work with experienced a close encounter with Sasquatch and when I asked him if he would take me to where it happened he said that he was so afraid that he will never go back there as long as he lives. This seems to be the reaction of a lot of people. I guess this makes me a bit strange because I want to
find one for the intent to communicate.
Anyway I have rambled on long enough. If you or someone else would like to contact me I would appreciate that very much.
Thank you to the fellow for his interesting story which can be heard in full, told by himself on the Jeff Rense show in the archives. The date the gentleman appeared was March 18, 2005 under "hour one - Brian Vike - UFO Phenomena. So you can check it out of the Jeff Rense website at: <>
Again I would like to thank the gentleman for contacting me and the report.
Gaspe, Quebec, Fast Moving Lights Make 90 Degree Turn
Date: 1980
This happened in the early 1980. Was on vacation in Gaspe. After having a late supper, my friend and I retired to our motel room. He decided to go to bed, and I decided to spent some time on the outside porch. Our room was close to the sea. I was looking up at the stars and noticed 2 bright lights, fairly high in the sky, side be side, moving at great speed, before I could do more, the light on the left (still going at great speed) took a 90 degree turn and moved on. The light on the right kept going straight and disappeared.
Thank you to the witness for their report.
West Central, Louisiana Bright Oblong Shaped Object
Date: Summer of 1990
Time: Early evening.
This happened in the summer of 1990 in West Central Louisiana.
We saw a UFO disappear one time while the sky was still light in early evening, it was amazing. I have not seen this before or since. I mentioned this one time, it was very strange and it was clear. The object didn't just speed up and fly out of sight. We were coming home from fishing, something on the boat had come loose so my husband stopped to fix it, my Dad and I waited in the truck and I saw this bright oblong shaped object moving toward the east flying slowly. The sun had set but the sky was still very bright, this thing was not very high, and I'm not sure how far away it was but could been couple miles. We watched and it as it slowed even more and kind of backed up a short distance, when it backed up a huge light appeared in front of the UFO, it had a extremely bright white center.
Then it spread out in long pointed shards of light in every direction, sort of like looking at the sun through a crystal. The ship began moving again and as they usually do move very fast flying into the middle of this white light, once it was into the light it appeared to suck all the light in after it went through the hole and both the object and the light were gone in seconds. It was very strange, neither of us said any thing and my husband didn't see it, he got on and we drove on home. Take care
Thank you to the witness for the interesting report.
Rockville, California Crop Circles
Hi Brian,
Finally, here are some photos my wife and I took of the crop circle formation out by Rockville, CA. An aerial view of the formation and some general info can be seen here:
All the fellows photos can be viewed by clicking on the full report below. General lay of the biggest circle:
A close up of some of the bent stalks. The wheat is bent AT THE NODES and is NOT broken. Also, the wheat is very dry and brittle and you can't bend the stalks without breaking them. This was taken on July 4, a few days after it was formed, at the periphery of the larger circle with the rings in it, on the North-Eastern side of that circle near the long connecting pathway from it to the largest circle.
Another close up, but of the plants in the largest circle, taken toward the periphery but not right at the periphery of the circle. I moved some stalks aside to get a better look underneath the plants to see if I could find some bent nodes. All the stalks seemed to be bent right at the ground in the biggest circle, many stalks were broken because of all the visitors wanting to see the formation and trampling on the wheat. The reason I say this is because the wheat stalks at the very periphery of the circles, where people had not walked, were bent, NOT broken, at the first or second nodes.
A shot of the general undulating pattern of the crop, again in the biggest circle.
A general shot of the field. What I've noticed with these photos are quite a few "scratches" or "dirt" on the film. However, they only seem to appear in the sky, never anywhere else on any of the photos (i.e.: below the horizon or tree tops). Also they're not present on other photos on the same roll of film, i.e.: photos not related to the glyph. Those were clean.
Photo taken facing South / South-East, showing the glyph end farthest from the biggest circle.
Poor photo of the bent stalks we picked up. You can see that the stalks have not been broken, but bent at the nodes. Please keep in mind that the wheat stalks were very dry and brittle so "bending" them was not possible just using mechanical leverage. They would break very easily and had to be handled with care, but the bends at the nodes were solid.
Photo of the ringed circle, again taken with a different camera. Difficult to tell in the low res images, but more "dots of light" in the sky. There were other dots of light taken with the other camera as well.
Another photo of the large circle taken with the second camera. That's me in the middle looking lost. Also note the "squiggles" in the sky.
The history behind me winding up in this formation is a bit interesting. For a year prior to this event, I had had a very strong urge to go and see the crop circles in England and my wife and I had planned a trip. The urge was incredibly powerful, that I must go. But at the end of that year (2002), my wife and I both lost our jobs in the same month, and so our plans for a trip to England were scuttled. Then, we decided in June to sell our house and move back to Canada. We listed our house with a realtor on July 1 which, according to witnesses, was the day or the day after the formation was made. So, for me it was as if the fact that I couldn't get to England to see the formations had the circle makers reply by having not only one, but three formations in the same area made within 2 weeks and made just when we had decided to move, seemingly so we would have a chance to see them.
Also, in the Rense article with the photo of the formation, a comment was made that this was not a genuine formation because it was not geometrically perfect. This is factually incorrect, since many real , non "perfect" formations are made (and photographed). It's only that the geometrically "perfect" and stunning formations receive the most publicity.
There are 10 photos of the circles which can be viewed at:
Thank you to the person for the interesting report and photos.
Surrey, British Columbia Pilot Baffled Over This Strange Flying Craft
Date: Not given
I used to aim my old camera towards the southwest from the home we were living at on 90th. Ave. in Surrey, We had a large vacant field across the street so could see quite a bit of sky. I do recall taping something which looked like a flying car coming up Nordel Way, flying just over the Hydro Lines it made an abrupt turn about Scott Rd. and went north and out of my camera range. We had a Commercial Pilot staying with us and he said it was not any kind of plane or chopper that he was familiar with. I used to see lights on the tape which appeared to be street lights in the vicinity of White Rock but when the tape was viewed at high speed, you could see the lights slowly drift off to the west. Our pilot friend used to fly out of Boundary Bay and he had no idea what those light were and neither did I.
Thank you to the witness for the interesting report.
Big Round Lake North Of McGregor Minnesota Delta Shaped Craft
Date: September 2003
Time: 10:30 p.m.
Number of witnesses: 13
Number of objects: 1
Shape of objects: Delta
Full Description of event/sighting: Brian, I'm 50 years old and live in a rural area 2.5 hours north of the Twin Cities and 60 miles west of Duluth.
Labor Day weekend in 2003, thirteen of us were sitting around our nightly campfire on the beach, talking and watching for satellites, as we are want to do. I heard what sounded like a high-flying airliner coming from the southwest, over my shoulder. My older brother suddenly stood up and said in a very concerned voice, "Mike, what the heck is that?". I looked up and saw a huge, black delta-shape coming right over the trees, directly over our heads. Everyone became very agitated. It was three inches wide at arms length and sported five very large and very bright red lights that were constantly on, spaced evenly across the leading edge. It had none of the 'normal' marking lights of an 'regular' aircraft. We're not used to seeing many aircraft in this area, especially after dark. Never this low to the ground.
It passed between us and at least two stars, and as the stars were completely covered, I know the craft had solid structure. It was flying much too slow for any airplane. I've seen the B2 bomber and this was similar in body shape, but again, the B2 would have fallen out of the sky at the speed this thing was moving.
Directly over our heads it made a very sharp 90 degree turn toward the east. This turn would not have been possible by any aircraft I know of, except for a helicopter. It didn't bank in the turn, just smoothly went through a 90 degree radius. I've never seen anything like it. It then began to rapidly pick up speed as it moved out across the lake and headed directly east, toward Duluth.
Suddenly, from across the lake, came two fighter jets, impossible to misidentify, due to their unique sound and speed. One of the witnesses, my nephew, was stationed in Germany years ago, and he flatly stated that the jets were using afterburners. They obviously had been scrambled from Minot ND to chase this thing down. Boy, were they moving!
We subsequently observed a total of 26 (!) military aircraft that night, which is totally unbelievable for this rural area. Just to be sure, I got out my binoculars and identified them as being fighters. They were flying so low that they were easy to see in the glasses when their lights would blink. Several of them came directly over our heads in two separate formations spaced one hour apart, as though trying to emulate the triangle itself (misdirection?). They didn't do a very good job of it, as they moved too fast and weren't in a tight enough formation.
I reported this sighting to NUFORC and later read accounts there from two separate witnesses 60 miles west of us, in Brainerd and Nisswa, that were very similar to our own. The sightings there were approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes prior to our own.
Subsequently, my younger brother contacted the Duluth News Tribune and managed to convince a writer there to contact both the Air National Guard in Duluth and Minot Air Force Base. He was told there were NO EXERCISES on the night in question. He wasn't told it was classified information, or that something was going on, or that they didn't want to, or couldn't, comment. He was told nothing was in the air that night! The writer was intrigued by this and stated so to my brother.
The Duluth News Tribune also received calls from over 50 people in the Duluth-Superior area of similar sightings. The newspaper actually ran a small article detailing what had happened, and even used my brother's name in the article! He wasn't thrilled about that, but sometimes you have to suck it up.
One other very strange thing that happened the same night, about thirty minutes before the sighting, was that we heard what sounded like wolves or coyotes out in the woods, perhaps a quarter of a mile away. We have never heard this before or since, and we've been in the area for over fifty years. We later speculated that perhaps the UFO had landed in the woods, although we have no way of knowing whether this is true. When it came over our heads, it was so low, and flying so slowly, that you could certainly make a case for it having been down on, or near, the ground.
Was this UFO actually a 'new' terrestrial aircraft, or something else? It certainly was not a B1 or B2, a helicopter, or a dirigible. This UFO was sighted along a 120 mile line from Brainerd to beyond Duluth, by many witnesses in many different situations. The sighting was accompanied by many military aircraft that were "not in the air" according to official sources. The sighting was subsequently researched by a reputable reporter for a good-sized newspaper and an article was published. All told, this was a very strange experience for us all, and I wish I could find someone who was interested in looking into this sighting more thoroughly. My wife was very afraid for several months following this, and still does not care to talk about it. The subject of 'our UFO' comes up often in conversations and we all still marvel at the uniqueness, and the power, of it. As I write this I get 'fresh' Goosebumps!
Please feel free to publish this on your website, as I welcome feedback from any interested party.
Thank you to the witness for the report.
Kaufman County, Texas Triangular Shaped Object
Date: March 24, 2004
Time: Between 7:30 and 8:00 p.m.
Hi Brian,
It was between 7:30 and 8:00 pm when I saw this blinking light moving from the northeast to the southwest on 03-24-2004. I started not to even tape it because of the blinking lights, thought it was most likely a jet. I was watching it and I realized it was moving two or three times faster than jets I've been observing so I locked on it. As I was taping it, it was flat zipping past stars at an incredible speed, several hundred miles an hour I would imagine. As I zoomed in on it, guess what? It was another triangle shaped object! It was about 11 o'clock high in the sky coming across in front of me. I had a lot of clear sky to tape it in. I didn't hear one peep of a sound coming from it as it passed. There were lots of jets in the sky mostly going and coming from Dallas. There was a jet coming from Dallas heading east on the regular flight path and I noticed what looked like another jet a fairly good ways behind it on the same route. I noticed it wasn't blinking at all, so I locked on it. It was a glowing ball of light like I've sent you before, blue color. Here are some grabs for your inspection of the triangle.
Thank you to the witness for sending in the report, footage and photos.
© Lawwalk 2005
Kaufman County, Texas Triangular Shaped Object Photos can be viewed at:
Central Minnesota Floating Object And Shapes In Our Lawn
Date: July 31, 2004
Time: Approx: 7:00 p.m.
Hello Brian. I have attached the Photos for you. Thank you. and I do look forward to the results of you opinions.
What happened is as follows.
A very strong, loud thunder and lightning storm was making its way though Central Minnesota. It was about 7:00 pm on July 31, 2004 and was still light outside. The photo's I took appear as if it is late night. I was standing out on my front patio watching the storm get nearer when literally it seemed in the blink of an eye an Orb with a radius of about 3 to 4 feet with a glow to it was floating in my front yard. (For about hour). It happened so sudden but felt like hours had passed. I can account for some of the time but not all of the time.
I also felt as if I were floating (vertically) like walking on air when I was taking the pictures. No matter what I did to get true lighting, the energy of what was there seemed to drive it out of the picture, again the outside was light.
I was a bit stunned to see this Orb so close and so radiant, yet silent without motion. I ran indoors to get my Sony Digi-Cam and asked my wife to come look at the Orb. Oddly enough she said what's new when it comes to us and she paid more attention to the storm.
What few pictures (because of remaining disk space I had) is all I took. You can see the approach and then the very direct picture is what I can only say the only "Real Entity" photo I have ever seen.
I have provided you with the Original Untouched Pictures along with a few enhanced ones as well to draw out details. What is in the picture (aside what is in the event) is: to the left, a Street Lamp) The Orb in on the right side) The Being is next to the Street Lamp.
The day after this event I was mowing my lawn and I noticed there were many, many frogs all over my lawn and some salamanders too. You would think that is a common thing in Minnesota, but not for this area. I spoke to a few (not about the pictures) but about the frogs and salamanders. I was looked at strangely when I said how many I had in my yard and was told that it was extremely odd. As in "Out-of-Place".
My daughter who is 4 years of age began saying the "Red-Man" is here and he beats his drum. (The Redman) moves very quickly. And how his long skinny arms make him move faster. Our 14 year-old says she too see "Someone (a female type figure)" often. I can only think of the oddities of recent contribute to whatever it is that visits on occasion. The home is a year-old. As anyone would figure new homes make settling noises, but ours comes with mist, odors and movement. Again, on occasion, you can see whatever this thing is, some would call it a grey or something like that I suppose, but it is here.
It almost seems (and it really took some time to weigh out the rationally of it all), that somehow and for whatever reason out little spot we live on is some kind or type of portal.
We still have shapes in our lawn that appeared after this event. And not to lose you on this like some who can only fantasize. We have experienced one particular area of 3 in our yard where very plush green 1.5 foot circles exist (the freeze and snow have not effected them) and an almost (Tron) looking thing/being that zips through them every now and again. It is very difficult to explain the exacts.
Photos are © 2005 CodeM
To view the photos:
Thank you to the witness for the interesting report.
Apopka, Florida An Opaque Object
Date: March 15, 2005
Time: Evening
Message: I live in Apopka Florida and last week I saw something similar to what is displayed in Bloomington Indiana. It was a opaque object moving next to the bright star which is on the left hand side of the bid dipper. Excuse my directions. I was a skeptic, but not any more. This object was very high and moving very fast from side to side. This couldn't have been a jet, laser display, or kite flying at night because it was a body of light. This went on for two hours, I tried to film it but my camera could only pickup the star. I was even afraid to call the police because they would laugh at me. You all probably went through this. I show it to my wife and kids. This thing was in plain sight for everyone to see I am surprised that it didn't make the news. The object certainly looks and moves like the Indiana object. Believe me . I nearly fainted. I guess no one will believe until they see for themselves.
You can add me in on the list of seeing something around 3/15. Thank you .
Thank you to the witness for the report.
Bloomington, Indiana Green UFO Caught On Film
Date: March 19, 2005
Time: 200 - 3:00 a.m.
Hello Brian..
Here's the one I caught last night while talking with John and Rudy on the phone.
Sky: cloudy
Time: 2-3:00 am
Location: Bloomington, Indiana
I was sitting at my PV,talking to John and Rudy on the phone and saw a flash outside my window. I grabbed the camera and went outside. At first I saw nothing, and was going to come back inside. Then next door the dog starts barking. I glance over to the dog, who is east of me and he is looking at the trees behind his owners house. I went to the end of my porch and see a green object in the trees, this is when I started filming.
The object sat there didn't move at first, then began to move ever so slightly, then fade out. It came back on looked as if it was multiplying and then vanished.
I am including some stills I grabbed and the clip.
Thank you to Mark for the footage and photos.
Video footage and photos are © 2005 Mark Evans
Video clip Bloomington, Indiana Green UFO Caught On Film - Video 977 kbs
Bloomington, Indiana Unknown Light
Date: March 21, 2005
Hello Brian....
It's Mark here. Out last night with my son, sky was patchy, time was about 9:00 pm, location, South of my house.
My son and I were standing on our porch. I was looking toward the East, but my son was looking South. He grabs my arm and asks me what that was by the trees. I honestly wasn't going to look, but threw a casual glance that way because there is a couple ground lights over there and he already asked me a dozen times if this object was a UFO or that object which were just stars.
But this object was in the trees. I didn't know what it was at first. So I just looked at it, then it moved up and I had to change positions to see it.
Anyhow, at this time I knew it wasn't a ground light, so I began taping. When I did, it stopped moving, then my son notices a second object, I looked for it, but it's so dim I decide to capture the brighter one. When I went back to the first one I noticed it moved up some more and had to adjust where I stood again.
That's about it, it lasted for a few minutes. I also grabbed it in Infra Red (nightshot) which can be seen on You can see some definition in the night shot mode.
Thank you to Mark for the footage and photos.
Video footage and photos are © 2005 Mark Evans
Video clip Bloomington, Indiana Unknown Light - Video 2.59 mbs
To view clip:
Mistatim, Saskatchewan Extremely Bright Light
Date: March 23, 2005
Time: 10:20 p.m.
Strangest thing I saw last night while driving Highway #3 yesterday evening (March 23, 2005) between Tisdale and Hudson Bay, Saskatchewan. At 10:20 p.m., I was about a kilometer west of Mistatim, heading east toward Hudson Bay. I happened to glance out the driver side window, toward where Vega was in the sky, and noticed a very, very bright light about 5 - 10 degrees above and a little to the east of the star. The light was extremely bright, like looking at a streetlight or the headlight of an oncoming car that's still some ways off but beginning to get too bright for comfort. When I first saw it, it was already very bright - I don't know if it suddenly appeared or had slowly increased in brightness. However, after about 15 - 20 seconds, it began to dim and slowly faded into the darkness of the night sky during another 20 - 30 seconds. There was no motion to it - it stayed in the same place in the sky throughout the sighting. I suppose it could have been a satellite, particularly an Iridium satellite, but I was struck by it's lack of movement. I checked with to see if there were any satellite passes at that time. There were no objects in the heavens-above database for that time (the nearest being at about 4:30 in the afternoon). It could have been a satellite, I guess, but who knows? Anyway, I thought I'd mention it.
I've seen bright lights like this a few times, but never in the northern sky. Usually, there's some movement associated with a satellite.
Thank you to the witness for the report.
To view the video clip:
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